Guitar Toes – McKinleyville, California

20 Jul

feet,guitar,toes,closeup,Guitar Toes,McKinleyville, California

Good shot! :)

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El Matador Beach, Malibu, California

20 Jul

There is a magic about the sea. People are drawn to it. People want to love by it, swim in it, play in it, look at it. It is a living thing that is as unpredictable as a great stage actor. – Cecelia Ahern

woman,feet,toes,rock,dog,El Matador Beach, Malibu, California

Great shot! :)

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Street Art by Daan Botlek – Rotterdam, Netherlands

20 Jul

Rotterdam based street artist and illustrator Daan Botlek is known for his minimalist form of character-driven street art. His ghostly white figures painted on old building walls, are depicted to execute daring escapes interacting  with the space around them or  passing in and out of unseen dimensions.

feet,toes,figures, Street Art by Daan Botlek , Rotterdam, Netherlands

feet,toes,art,walls, Street Art by Daan Botlek ,Rotterdam, Netherlands

feet,hands,toes,figures,art, Street Art by Daan Botlek,Rotterdam, Netherlands

steps,ladder,wall,feet,toes, Street Art by Daan Botlek, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Excellent work! :)

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Reading On The Beach – Ostia, Italy

19 Jul

feet,toes,book,water,sand,Reading On The Beach,Ostia, Italy

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Spirit Calls – Mumbai, India

19 Jul

feet,toes,ghosts,Ouija,Spirit Calls,Mumbai, India

Good work! :)

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Barefoot Lawn Bowling – Sydney, Australia

18 Jul

Think of lawn bowls, and you will probably imagine elderly men and women in white, competing in sombre silence. But in Australia the game is being taken over by the young and the hip – who want to have fun and walk barefoot on the grass.

They are tanned, they are twenty-something and they are drinking beer, with the vast South Pacific Ocean stretching off into the distance.

This is the scene at Clovelly Bowling Club in Sydney, one of 2,000 bowling clubs in the country where the game is undergoing a youthful transformation.

There are no dress codes, no rigid regulations and no shoes – think swimming trunks rather than starched whites.

Barefoot bowls, as players lovingly call the new game, has been growing for more than a decade, possibly driven by two Australian pop culture phenomena – a low-budget comedy film called Crackerjack released in 2002, and a Melbourne-based TV show called the Secret Life of Us which aired from 2001 – 2005.

Both featured young people playing lawn bowls, albeit somewhat ironically, and that – says Tony Sherwill of Bowls Australia – started changing the image of the sport.

“For a lot of people the stereotype was that bowls was played by retirees and it was stiff, but those two shows busted the stereotypes that people had,” he says.

Mick Malloy who wrote, produced and starred as the title character Jack in Crackerjack, says he’s glad the film seems to have had this unintended effect.

“Even though there’s a bowls club in pretty much every town I think young people kind of just walked past them and felt it was ‘secret old people’s business’,” he says.

“Hopefully the film showed that bowls clubs by and large are very welcoming, and fun places to be – a game of bowls is basically a front for a social occasion. And, as Jack says [in the film], the drinks are at 1970s prices. That probably helped.”The new clientele has helped breathe new life into a sport that was in decline.

Bruce Hockey, 61, a competitive bowler at the Clovelly Bowling club, says it was close to closing a few years ago, but the influx of new players turned things around.

“At one stage it was going pretty bad, but the new bare footers, that’s why the club is doing so well. We get 200 bare footers every weekend and it’s really big money.”

These casual players generally don’t become registered members of the clubs they frequent, opting to pay by the hour to play instead. They also spend a lot more at the bar than the older generation.

“It’s more about socialising with your mates It’s like a daytime alternative to going out and drinking at a bar,” says Justine Anderson, 31.

“I know I don’t take it seriously. I play it like I am playing 10-pin bowling.”

We have lots of old lawn bowling clubs in Ontario, but some have closed down in recent years. I hope this spreads across the Pacific!

feet,toes,bowl,Barefoot Lawn Bowling,Sydney, Australia

Interesting trend! :)

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Roger Williams Park Zoo – Providence, Rhode Island

18 Jul

feet,sandals,toes,shadows,Roger Williams Park Zoo,Providence, Rhode Island

Nice shot! :)

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Cousins – Bombay, India

18 Jul

feet,toes,drawing,figures,Cousins ,Bombay, India

Great work!

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July 4: Blessings for You – Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

17 Jul

It was taken early one morning in Varanasi. The boy seemed so “above” all the other children – he told me he’s Brahman (the highest caste) and that he would be able to bless me. The 2 other young children I was wandering around with were quite quiet and respectful of him. It was interesting.

Boy,Brahman,July 4: Blessings for You,Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Incredible shot! :)

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Langa Township, Cape Town, South Africa

17 Jul

Children,feet,toes,flipflops,Woman,Smiles,Langa Township, Cape Town, South Africa

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Heat Wave? – The Beach

17 Jul

drawing,feet,toes,people,Heat Wave?, The Beach

Good work! :)

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Modern Times – Charlie Chaplin

17 Jul

Some outtakes from his classic silent film.

feet,toes,tramp,barefoot,girl,Modern Times , Charlie Chaplin

feet,toes,homeless,girl,street,Modern Times,Charlie Chaplin

Paulette Goddard,Modern Times,Charlie Chaplin

A Genius! :)

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Beach Vendor – Umhlanga, South Africa

16 Jul

Here’s another scene from our beach in Umhlanga. The beach vendor must walk many miles every day, as he weaves in and out amongst the sunbathers, trying to sell his wares. At least his head won’t get sunburned, because it’s protected by all the hats he has for sale.

feet,beach,toes,sand,Beach Vendor,Umhlanga, South Africa

Nice shot!

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Weird Shoes

16 Jul


Very weird! :)

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Portraiture of the Self – Arizona

16 Jul

A self portrait. Just chilling. I like spirits with my coke, what can I say. Ba-da-chh. Part of a 30 day art challenge that I am doing might do.

Feet,toes,barefoot,drawing,Portraiture of the Self ,Arizona

Good work! :)

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