Tangled – New York City

25 Oct

woman,mp3,player,people,photography,Tangled,New York City

Good one! :)

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Legs – Wimereux, France

24 Oct

feet,toes,seawall,sand,Legs,Wimereux, France

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Now Trending: Sweatshirts – San Francisco, California

24 Oct

San Francisco is mild year round which means my wardrobe is stocked with cozy knits and tons of boots, jackets, and scarves. Unfortunately, what I don’t have enough of are skirts, dresses, and blouses. But all that aside, my dresser is starting to fill up with sweatshirts! I’m absolutely on board with the sweatshirt trend. They’re so easy to wear and extremely versatile. For a quick run to the grocery store, I pair mine with a pair of leggings. Or for a more work-appropriate look, I’ll wear a collard button-up underneath. This past weekend was sunny with a nice breeze, so I wore my favorite Madewell sweatshirt with a black skirt and sandals.

feet,toes,woman,sandals,fashion,Now Trending: Sweatshirts, San Francisco, California

Looking good! :)

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Monterrosso, Italy

23 Oct

Sometimes, we don’t realize what we have until we say goodbye.

Was missing Italia today. This was possibly one of my most favourite days of 2012.

Photo by Martin Romo

feet,toes,beach,water,sand,Monterrosso, Italy

Nice shot! :)

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Guatape, Columbia

22 Oct

Guatape has just over taken Salento as my favourite little town in the world. This place is tiny, stunning, colourful and surrounded by natural beauty. We stayed in a gorgeous hostel, El Encuentro, with views of the lake and La Piedra. This morning we went against our regular belief system and did exercise on  a Sunday. We climbed the 740 stairs to the top of La Piedra, a huge rock coming up through the middle of Guatape. The views were stunning and worth every step.
This place is just wonderful!

feet,toes,steps,women,Guatape, Columbia

business,colorful,Guatape, Columbia

cliff,stairs,Guatape, Columbia

staircase,walkway,cliff,Guatape, Columbia

islands,water,houses,view,Guatape, Columbia

feet,toes,hammock,woman,view,Guatape, Columbia

Wow, what a place! :)

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Competitive Travel-Yoga – Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia

21 Oct

Competitive travel-yoga guide (for dummies and winos)

It has come to my attention, that travelers now, will take yoga to the extreme, I imagine to show people, “Hey! I’m flexible, AND I travel!”Screw the sweaty hot yoga classroom, or yoga room, or…(I’m not sure what it is exactly), you can do a tree pose? I can do a tree pose in front of the ocean! Child’s pose, ha! Child’s play unless you’re doing it on a mountain top with an eagle eating a fish’s head in the background!

Since this new “competitive travel yoga” has come about, I’ve decided to take it down a notch, and let other travellers know, that it’s not unattainable to compete with these yoga gurus, even if we don’t do yoga on a daily basis, or monthly basis, or ever really. It’s all about inner peace, and wine.

This pose is perfect for those who don’t want to go on a bike ride or run with a friend or loved one. it allows you to blend in to your travel surroundings, avoiding unnecessary exercise. It is also good for hunchbacks looking to “hunch-it-out”.

feet,toes,sandals,yoga,woman,pose,Palm Tree,Competitive Travel-Yoga,Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia

this move is perfect for when you sneak wine into a movie theatre, and no one else is there. You paid $20 to watch a movie, so take advantage by drinking wine and doing a yoga move. Or a kind of yoga move.

feet,sandals,lying,theatre,seats,woman,Competitive Travel-Yoga,Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia

don’t let this pose fool you, it isn’t easy, it takes about 2 hours of afternoon drink, and a hammock. Notice the focus on leg and chin placement. He has found his happy place.

man,hammock,sleeeping,Competitive Travel-Yoga, Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia

Let’s face it. Yoga, traveling, beaches and beer, are all hard things to put together. But this majestic yoga move that I’ve created, allows for all of this to flow easily, while making all of your travel-yoga friends super jealous that you’re on the beach doing yoga and they’re not. Because that’s what it’s all about.

2 cents and the hanky peskatarian 4

Now that you have some tips for a great yoga-travel day, try them out in your favorite travel spot! A trash dump, On top of an elderly person, or even at your local liquor store. Get out there and discover your inner peace!
(My inner peace is wine, when it’s in my belly)
That’s my 2 cents

LOL great post :)

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Street – Madrid, Spain

20 Oct

feet,toes,people,street,street photography, Madrid, Spain

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Istanbul, Turkey

20 Oct

Everything in Istanbul is just so beautiful. On our third day there we, of course, started our morning at an adorable café. I think cafes are always my favorite when traveling abroad. In a city like Houston, we just don’t have the luxury of great outdoor cafes. Between the humidity and the fast paced lifestyle, it’s so hard to just sit and enjoy life and all its beauty. After our coffee we began our fabulous rainbow stair descent towards Istanbul’s Modern Art Museum where we wandered for a while before heading to the Spice Bazaar.

feet,toes,sandals,woman,stairs,colored,Istanbul, Turkey

Nice shot, sounds like a great trip! :)

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Rush Hour – Bangkok, Thailand

19 Oct

feet,toes,people,subway,photography,Rush Hour, Bangkok, Thailand

Great shot! :)

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I’m In Here, A Prisoner Of My History

18 Oct

Photo taken by contributor Carrie Hilgert, a photographer and portrait artist in her thirties from Northeast Kansas. After venturing into digital photography, she became interested in documenting her life with self portraits. This became particularly helpful when her life started to fall apart due to depression. All her other creative outlets left her, but she could always process her very dark feelings with self portraits. While she is doing much better now, she maintains compassion for those going through these hard things and hopes that her photography can give an honest insight into something that makes most people feel very isolated and alone.

About this photo: “This is from a series on fear and uncertainty. Fear seems to be a recurring theme in my life, no matter how hard I fight it. Fear of abandonment, of not being noticed, of my mental illness consuming me, of what people will think if they see the real me, of losing my creativity and worst, of getting to the end of my life without having let all of the wonderful things inside me come out. This image is about the battle against fear. I think most of us recognize that internal war with something. Whether it’s fear or not, no matter how long you’ve been fighting it, there are times when the battle is fierce and for me, it’s usually when I am trying to grow. The ego doesn’t like change.

Find more from Carrie at her blog or flickr.

feet,toes,legs,woman,bed,art,photograph,selfportrait,Carrie Hilgert

Carrie Hilgert

Awesome image! :)

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Goddess – Assos, Greece

17 Oct

Assos has a rich and diverse history.  In the 700s BCE colonists left Lesbos and settled in Assos.  Aristotle visited and fell in love with the King’s daughter, Pythia.  Because he was forbidden to marry Pythia, Aristotle taught in Assos for three years so he could be close to her.  On the acropolis (which means “top of the hill” in Greek) the Greeks constructed a temple to Athena and surrounded the entire city with walls.  In the 14th century after leaving Bursa the Ottomans inhabited Assos, strengthened the city walls, and added a mosque.  Today the slopes of Assos are home to locals who make thyme oil and olive soap.  So far I would have to say that Assos is the most beautiful place we have visited.  Because the elevation is so high compared to the surrounding land you can see across the entire Aegean sea.  We were the only group at the site so we were able to explore the ruins and sit on the cliffs while watching the water.  When you stand on the acropolis you can see why this spot was so desirable, not only because it is beautiful but because of its strategic position and proximity to the harbor.

feet,toes,woman,sandals,ruins,awesome,photography,Goddess,Assos, Greece

Awesome shot, one of the all time great toemails! :)

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16 Oct

Santorini, Rhodes, Dubai, Zanzibar, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, London, Glasgow and now back to the small paradise, back to Nevis. It was a great summer with so many trips and beautiful adventures! I have many photos, tips, adventures, recipes and books to share!


Nice shot! :)

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Art – Kuwait

16 Oct

feet,toes.painting,art,photography, Kuwait

Good work! :)

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Statue – Dallas, Texas

15 Oct

I took this photo at the Dallas Arboretum.

I am coming back to photography after a 50 year hiatus caused by a family tragedy. I am so enjoying taking photos again. I went to the Dallas Arboretum twice a week last spring to photograph flowers and statues.
feet,toes,bronze,museum,Statue, Dallas, Texas
Good shot! :)

She Cuts – Newcastle, Australia

15 Oct
feet,toes,water,surfing,woman,She Cuts,Newcastle, Australia

She Cuts Back

Awesome shot! :)

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