Toast – Linlithgow, Scotland

16 Aug

Very behind.  Who cares? Felt wrong not to complete the project that was meant to get me back to being creative after months of studio work.

Freeda is our friends dog, she came to stay for a few days and lovingly watched Mia eating toast in the mornings.

foot,toes,girl,dog,Toast ,Linlithgow, Scotland

Beautiful picture! :)

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Tree Top – Park City, Utah

16 Aug

feet,toes,drawing,surreal,Tree Top,Park City, Utah

Good work! :)

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my toe made a selfie – Stanford, South Africa

16 Aug

camera,lens,man,my toe, selfie,Stanford, South Africa

Good one!

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Striding Edge – Lake District, Northern England

15 Aug

After climbing Striding Edge in the Lake District, I cooled my feet in an enticing stream.  

feet,toes,water,hiking, Striding Edge,Lake District, Northern England

Must have felt good! :)

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Fallout Shelter – Los Angeles, California

15 Aug

Today’s fallout shelter visit takes us to lovely Los Angeles of 1951, 10333 Santa Monica Blvd specifically. This is the vivacious Mary Lou Miner sitting atop a domed, cinderblock shelter. Those cat-eyed sunglasses in her hand are great. I would wear this entire outfit today, but likely with different underthings.

The original caption for this image notes that the lass is “sunning herself” but it looks more like she’s balancing pretty precariously to me.

It’s a beautiful summer day today, so why don’t you find yourself a shelter on which to sun yourself.

Happy Friday!



woman,feet,toes,sandals,beautiful,Fallout Shelter, Los Angeles, California

Strange, but she sure looks good! :)

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Painting – Andrej Vystropov

15 Aug

The path of life
Is cruel and full of beauty
Who plays at dice?

Pains and joys are the colors
Of this world of confusion.

feet,toes,fantasy,women,surreal,Painting, Andrej Vystropov


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Monkey Temple – Kathmandu, Nepal

14 Aug

I was so enamored with the Monkey Temple that returned to it a second time during my trip to Kathmandu. Instead of a car, I made a long walk to the temple and again climbed the 365 steps. I hoped to again be there for a ceremony and feel the mystical aura with the music and chanting. Unfortunately, that was not to be the case. The temple where the ceremony was originally held was almost empty except for one monk and a man and women in meditation. It was dark inside, too dark to use my zoom lenses so I popped the 85mm F1.8 lens onto my camera and snapped pictures of whatever fit into the frame. The foot of the woman in meditation happened to be an image I captured.

feet,toes,jeans,meditation,woman,Monkey Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal

As still as a statue! :)

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Reading – Hyderabad, India

14 Aug

feet,toes,drawing,cartoon,funny,scale,Reading,Hyderabad, India


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Street Art – Menorca, Spain

14 Aug

Street Art / Graffiti, Mahon, Menorca, Spain – Nicola Joanne Carter

feet,toes,art.mural,bull,head,Street Art, Menorca, Spain

Excellent! :)

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Kitchen – Harlem, New York City

14 Aug

Feet,toes,nude,woman,pans,Kitchen, Harlem, New York City

Fantastic image! :)

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Raccoons – Small Town, Wisconsin

13 Aug

We rescued a few baby raccoons back in the day.  They were very hand’s on!

Girls,feet,toes,couch,Raccoons, Small Town, Wisconsin

Foot,toes,girls,couch,Raccoons ,Small Town, Wisconsin

Amazing memories there! :)

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No Sleep – Hamburg, Germany

13 Aug

feet,toes,drawing,man,bed,dark,clouds,No Sleep,Hamburg, Germany

Good work! :)

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in the (hat) shadow – Holland Village, Singapore

12 Aug

so after several days on-the-go i came home. home to my hostel. it sounds kinda ironic. a hat is the best investment for my living these days. saves me from bad hair days. and the black skirt. do not forget the black skirt. everybody should own one (note: girl). mine is from by malene birger and it is perfect to dress down for school and dress up for drinks.
Fransiska Olivia
Looking great! :)
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Specials – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

12 Aug

Love her expression! :)

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Rest in Peace – Robin Williams

12 Aug

feet,toes,bench,woman,ma,Rest in Peace,Robin Williams



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