Lombok, Indonesia

14 Apr

From Where I Stand III

Eximus // Kodak Colorplus

On the deck of a boat to Lombok, Indonesia

on the deck of a boat going to Lombok, Indonesia

Terrific shot! :)

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Guildford, Surrey, England

14 Apr

Woman adjusting a mannequin in Guildford, Surrey, England

Interesting image! :)

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Naples, Florida

13 Apr

toes on a beach with starfish in Naples, Florida

Nice shot! :)

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13 Apr

Suzy Parker in vintage Christian Dior and photographed by Frances McLaughlin-Gill in 1952.

Suzy Parker in vintage Christian Dior and photographed by Frances McLaughlin-Gill in 1952.

Beautiful picture! :)

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Bali, Indonesia

12 Apr

people walking by monkeys in Bali, Indonesia

Fantastic shot! :)

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12 Apr

“The beautiful thing

that you are discovering

is that you are

already here,

but you have been

imagining that you are

on a journey


- Mooji

old time poster from California

Nice collage! :)

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Munich, Germany

11 Apr

Digging through backlogged collections is fun.  I always seen to unearth a photo, negative or slide that eluded my initial passover.  In this case, I found a poignant negative from 1945-1947 showing two barefoot children who survived the war somewhere near Munich.  The photographer (unknown) had quite the eye for detail as evidenced in his 400+ negatives in my collection.

photograph of two boys after the war in Munich, Germany

Poor boys!

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Why I want to be a cartoon… part 4…

11 Apr

Okay, I am the first to admit that I am not what you would call a ‘fashion’ guy… but cartoons get to wear some cool stuff…

cartoon of a sailor

On the other hand, there are quite a few well-dressed landlubbers to choose from in the cartoon world. I bet I would look good in some animal skins…

man's face on Fred Flintstone

Really fun pics!

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Noosa Heads, Australia

10 Apr

After spending a week apartment hunting on the Gold Coast, actually finding an apartment, and coming within 24 hours of putting down a deposit, we made the completely natural 20-something decision to pack up our bags and road trip north… with a German traveler we found online who had two open seats in her camper-van. We spent two nights camping at Coochan Creek with her and an eclectic crew of backpackers and Aussie adventurists, but our desire for a proper shower overrode our lust for a coastal road trip and we knew it was time to move on.

Hopping on a bus we found our way to Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast and fell head-over-heels in love. The vibe we get here is Europe meets Southern California, with all the positives of both and hardly any negatives. Our evening went something like this: beach, wine, Tim-Tams (the best cookie ever made), wine, live music, beach… you get the idea. We would stay, but we already bought our bus tickets up to Airlie Beach, so we are marking Noosa as a to-be-continued…

group around a hippie bus in Noosa Heads, Australia

Super cool bus! :)

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Seth Globepainter – Street Art

10 Apr

Mural by Seth

Woman posing by a Seth mural

Mural by Seth

Woman pouring water by a Seth Mural

boy looking up at a mural by Seth

Seth Globepainter


9 Apr

I usually just take a shower, so it was so relaxing to take a bath for a change, I just had to take a photo. =D

toes in a bubble bath by Anja Perse

Looks like fun! :)

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London, England

9 Apr

Hi! I got the chance to order something from the webshop frontrowshop.com and I must say I was very pleased with the package I got! I picked out this white scalloped top and I love it, the fabric, the cut, the colour, it’s just very nice and you can wear it with everything. Today I combined it with my favourite trousers that are now 3 years old! I hope you enjoy this outfit and see you later! xoxo Eveline

fashion selfie taken in London, England

Now those are cool selfies! :)

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Kandy, Sri Lanka

9 Apr

Sri Lanka 7: Kandy Botanical Gardens

man and woman posing in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Great shot! :)

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Seattle, Washington

8 Apr

Here’s a photo of me enjoying a mocha and these new minimal sandals, Xero Shoes, in Fremont, a neighborhood in Seattle. I’m at a wonderful local coffee shop, Caffe Vita. I was walking around in these Xero Shoes, testing them out, and they’re so great. I think you guys would love minimal footwear: great health benefits and they’re very cool.

You can check out my observations on that here:
Picture of feet at a cafe in Seattle, Washington
Nice shot, looks like a very relaxing place! :)
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Deenesh Ghyczy – Berlin, Germany

8 Apr

Double vision paintings from Berlin based Artist Deenesh Ghyczy.


painting byDeenesh Ghyczy - Berlin, Germany

Interesting work! :)

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