A River Runs Through It – Trinity River, California

12 Oct

feet,toes,man,fly fishing,A River Runs Through It,Trinity River, California

Great shot! :)

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The Acropolis – Athens, Greece

11 Oct


A hot hot summer in Athens. Take some notes: 1. Do not visit Athens in summer ! (in fact do not visit the Acropolis in summer :p)


feet,toes,flipflops,woman,dress,sand,tourists,The Acropolis ,Athens, Greece

Note 2: Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Bernard Tschumi’s museum of Acropolis. The restaurant on the top of it is just great!

“lt is made of three concepts: light, movement, and a tectonic and programmatic element. Together these characteristics turn the constraints of the site into an architectural opportunity, offering a simple and precise museum with the mathematical and conceptual clarity of ancient Greek buildings.”

Note 3: You can actually take photos with five cores! These are original ones! The sixth is in British. No need to hide from museum stuff and to be embarrassed when they cry out “No photos please!”

feet,toes,flipflops,woman,statues,The Acropolis ,Athens, Greece

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Streetlife – Paris, France

10 Oct

foot,toes,stocking,street,performer,Streetlife, Paris, France

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Weekend – New York City

10 Oct

I had the best weekend in New York and I think the greatest part about the big apple is that just around every corner is a new adventure.

feet,toes,woman,mural,photography,travel,Weekend,New York City

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9 Oct

feet,toes,mural,art,photography,FABIAN LEMAIRE…

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Illustrious by Unknown

8 Oct

feet,toes,art,woman,dress,shoe,Illustrious by Unknown

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Barefoot Running – Philippines

7 Oct
Here’s my toestory:
Barefoot Running, Philippines
Also known as minimalism or natural running, barefoot running is slowly being recognized as a better way of running. And although scientific research has yet to arrive at a consensus on the benefits of barefoot running, many athletes claim that it can help one run faster with less injury.
The other night, I’ve tried running barefooted and really felt the difference in terms of comfort. It feels freer. However, not all surfaces are suitable for this kind of running. Only asphalt ground, such as in ovals and sports centers, can accommodate barefoot running. It is also a must for a barefoot runner to be extra mindful of hygiene and be more cautious about any foreign objects he or she may step onto.
feet,toes,woman,Barefoot Running , Philippines
Nice shot, always good to hear people are trying new things! :)

Each Day Is A Gift – Meryl Streep

7 Oct

feet,toes,photography,quote,meryl streep, Gift,

Beautiful! :)

Opera House, Harbour Bridge – Sydney, Australia

6 Oct

foot,toes,grass,water,photography,Opera House, Harbour Bridge,Sydney, Australia

Two landmarks for the price of one, cool! :)

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Living With Cancer

6 Oct

Some periods of time are too dense with experiences to narrate. Add in the sharpness of the struggles, their lack of resolution, a heat wave, a chemo cocktail designed to knock you on your ass and a bit of silence might ensue. My focus is on putting one step in front of the other. Surviving.

The good news is we are surviving right now and still imagine August as a calmer month. Perhaps I will have vignettes to share then. I pack for my third trip to NYC since June 21st. This trip I do solo, despite my husband’s protests. With an uncertain travel future looming and mounting costs, I need to know that I can make whatever path I follow sustainable.

The last trip really felt vacation like even if we never got much beyond the infusion suite.

This trip will be down and dirty. I will be late to arrive, early to leave, just getting in my 29 hours of infusion time. Turned away at the deluxe, free cancer housing in midtown Manhattan with a terrace to delight and a waiting list to match, I got adopted by an old colleague in West Harlem – a touching kindness and a treasured connection to my non-cancer life.

In lieu of truly filling you in on the now, I offer a brilliant short piece written by my first cancer pal, Bev. She has offered me solace as I learned to live with terminal cancer. This week she entered hospice. She will leave this world with a bit of my heart. Enjoy Mystery Bag, a little peak at living with cancer.

Mystery Bag by Bev Lipsitz

I was in a writing group for women with cancer. One day, the facilitator brought in a bunch of paper bags. She told us to pass them around and without looking, feel inside each bag.

Then she gave us each our own bag, and told us to reach inside,  and still without looking,  write about what we found.

When I felt inside all the bags, there was only one item I could identify. It felt like a swizzle stick. I thought I might write a story about a wonderful vacation in Hawaii.

But I got a different bag, with something I couldn’t identify by feel. Hmmm, what to do next…

Let’s try a CT-Scan. Fill the bag with contrast.  Lay it down and slide it in and out of a machine that looks like a giant donut.

Click, click. Breathe. Hold it. Breathe. Hold it. Click, click.

Sorry bag, the pictures show that it’s cancer.

Oh no! Now what do we do?

Surgery! Slice the bag down the middle. Take the damn thing out. When you’re done, staple the bag back together.

Oh this thing is ugly. Can we learn anything more about it? Sure…Slice it up. Send samples to the lab. The report comes back: its OVARIAN cancer. OH NO, everyone says that’s a bad one!!!!

Did we get the whole thing out? Leave any pieces inside? What if there are some crumbs that didn’t get out?  How do we get rid of those?

Chemotherapy! That should take care of it. Pour some poison in the bag.  What’s that? The poison burned a hole in the bottom. Anybody got any tape?

Oh by the way, even if this works for now, this cancer could come back. We might have to do this all over again…and again…and again…

This bag is a mess. I wish I had gotten a different one, maybe one with some candy in it, or a brownie.

You know what, though? This bag is stronger than I thought. Even with the cancer, and the poison, and the staples and tape, this bag can carry a lot of stuff. Don’t worry, bag. If that thing gets too heavy for you, we’ll bring in reinforcements. Wrap you in a blanket. Make you comfy cozy. Sit with you. Don’t be afraid.Unknown


Thank you, Bev, for your clear way of looking at our lives. Dont be afraid. love always, marcy

feet,toes,photography,woman,Living With Cancer

So inspiring, we wish you all the best! :)

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Mykonos, Greece

5 Oct

We were headed to Mykonos, and we didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn. It was great, we slept in a little, had a relaxing breakfast at Lumiere’s, instead of the busy buffet, and then headed out for a day at the beach. We got on a bus and headed to Elia Beach. We didn’t get to see any of old town but we got to see a lot of the famous white square buildings as we drove, and soon we’d be relaxing. The excursion included 2 beach loungers with an umbrella and lunch. This was perfect, I didn’t need to bring my whole house to the beach like we normally do. We got to just relax and splash in the Mediterranean, because how can you go all the way to Greece and not get in the beautiful blue water?

People,beach,feet,toes,photography,Mykonos, Greece

Must have been a great day! :)

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Beyond the Finnish line – London, England

4 Oct

Finnish pride on display. Three guys, on some team or other, representing their faraway northern land. Happy to smile for the camera.

Men,feet,toes,runners,flipflops,Beyond the Finnish line, London, England

Get a kick out of the bird! :)

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Hungry Mother State Park – Virginia

4 Oct

foot,toes,flipflop,sign,Hungry Mother State Park, Virginia

Fun shot! :)

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Walk of Life – India

4 Oct

Feet,toes,woman,Walk of Life,India

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Dance at Dilworth – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3 Oct

Society Hill Dance Academy perform at Dilworth Park Opening

City Hall Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

feet,toes,dancers,photography,Dance at Dilworth,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nice shot! :)

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