Paintings – Chloe Early

10 Sep

Paintings by Chloe Early where figures exist in suspension along with vivid colors portraying emotional states from elation to fear.  Secondary characters in the paintings help to push forth the feeling Chloe is trying to place within us…

feet,toes,woman,balloons,Paintings,Chloe Early

woman,surreal,drips,Paintings , Chloe Early

woman,urban,dreams,sleeping,Paintings, Chloe Early

man,feet,toes,Paintings, Chloe Early

Great work! :)

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10 Sep

W isdom, intelligence, these giants have
H earts as big as their bodies
A lways man hunts and kills
L osing a treasure each time
E ach whale and its kind a messenger
S ending out pure love energy to keep the balance


Source of Inspiration

Beautiful creatures! :)

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Doorway – Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal

9 Sep

feet,toes,woman,Doorway, Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal

Interesting shot! :)

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On the beach in Corfu, Greece

9 Sep

feet,toes,water,sand,dress,On the beach in Corfu, Greece

Nice shot! :)

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Poblado Nubio, Isla Elefantina, Egypt

8 Sep

feet,toes,women,bales,Poblado Nubio, Isla Elefantina

Amazing shot! :)

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Miss Balaton 2014 – Balatonfüred, Hungary

7 Sep

this was shot behind the scenes of Miss Balaton 2014 filming. Balatonfüred, Hungary

feet,toes,women,gymnastics, Miss Balaton 2014, Balatonfüred, Hungary

© Adam Temesi, Aug. 2014

Great shot! :)

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Parasailing – Boracay, Philippines

7 Sep

We arrived in Boracay at around 11 am. After checking in and having lunch, we immediately changed to our beach clothes and headed to our first adventure – parasailing!

We were actually lucky to have someone to guide us to sign up for cheaper adventure fees. We got package deals and such. We rode on a speedboat from the shore to the station in the middle of the sea. Okay, so our first adventure was actually riding the speedboat. Parasailing came in next. Lol!

Being suspended high up in the air, you get to appreciate God’s majesty and creation in a different perspective. The multihued seas, the refreshing green mountains, and the blindingly yet beautifully white sands were perfect in aerial view. And the wind, the wind that can sway us from left to right. I cannot understand how this was only a minute portion of the world when it was actually very wide. Everything is just beyond comprehension.

feet,toes,women,colorful,Parasailing,Borocay, Philippines
Fantastic shot!

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Beach Vendors – Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

6 Sep

Here in Umhlanga Rocks, the beach vendors, are often to be seen trudging along the sand, pedaling their wares to the holiday makers. These three ladies had decided to take a well-earned break.

feet,toes,beach,people,Beach Vendors , Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Nice shot! :)

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Vintage Pin Up: Bill Medcalf

6 Sep

Feet,toes,water,illustration,Vintage Pin Up: Bill Medcalf

Great work! :)

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Heart – Pape, Latvia

5 Sep

My Heart

/selfie, 6*6, homemade pinhole camera, Pape, Latvia, 2013/

feet,toes,selfie,heart,Pape, Latvia

Excellent shot! :)

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Travel – Hanoi and Halong Bay, Vietnam

5 Sep

Hanoi: pretty, charming, slightly communist, dusty, reminiscent, historical, bustling, small, growing. Thought I’d share a few thoughts and tips for anyone thinking of doing this trip.

When I went December 2013/January 2014

When to go I’m not sure if I would advise travelers to come to Northern Vietnam during winter season. Although what the Northern Vietnamese would call ‘winter’ is quite mild in comparison to other places (like, say, Beijing), the cold can be a inhibiting especially if you’re planning to do the Halong Bay and Sapa side trips.

For the first time in 50 years, in fact, it snowed in Vietnam (northwest region), which stopped us from doing the Sapa tour. I read that it can be quite miserable in the area during winter – you will barely see anything because of the fog/mist, and heating is inadequate; luxury accommodations are supposedly unheard of, so you won’t have the comforts of a warm and cozy place. Well, that decided it for me. For us (my family and I), actually. No way were we venturing into snow flurries – I had left Hong Kong for Southeast Asia to escape the cold, and here I was…

fett,toes,toemail,cruise,woman,deck.beautiful,Travel, Hanoi and Halong Bay, Vietnam

on our Halong Bay cruise

In Halong Bay, meanwhile, you won’t be able to swim, sunbathe, or whatnot at wintertime. I can imagine what it would be like during the summer (the full moon parties of Koh Phangan in Thailand come to mind) – but then again, we were on a family trip, so we were fine without. Also, the waters of Halong Bay were much too murky for me to even want to dip into anyway… (I’m from the Philippines, so I’m spoiled as hell when it comes to beaches and sea water).

woman,floating,feet,toes,toemail,photography,Travel, Hanoi and Halong Bay, Vietnam

this was where I was a few days before flying to Hanoi. Home, in Camiguin Philippines

Excellent report! :)

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Geneva Waterjet – Geneva, Switzerland

4 Sep
Photo taken in Geneva Switzerland at Bains des Pâquis with in the background

the Geneva Waterjet!

feet,toes,toemail,photography,Geneva Waterjet,Geneva, Switzerland

Cool shot! :)

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Street Food – Saigon, Vietnam

4 Sep

Saigon through my taste buds (part 3)

Literally sidewalk cafe. 

Nothing is like sipping Nau Da Coffee (a type of Vietnamese coffee with black coffee and condensed milk) with sunshine sneaking through the green foliage above. Besides me are people sitting on the sidewalk with nothing but  pieces of used newspaper underneath, chatting away while snacking on some of Saigon’s most common street food: sour mangos mixed with spices, peanuts and the like. The merry sound of birds chirping mingles with sounds of people passing on the busy streets – this place is like a peaceful haven in the chaotic Saigon.

food,vendor,Street Food,Saigon, Vietnam

A street vendor preparing sour mangos. 

Sour mangos, peanuts, and sesame crackers are not the only delicacies to be found here on the sidewalk. Here boasts a variety of Saigon specialties: mixed Banh Trang (a type of rice noodles), Banh It, and Meat Ho Lo (like sausage, only better) – Saigon takeaway food.

Mixed Banh Trang – Vietnamese super-fast food, served in plastic bags and eaten with disposable chopsticks. 

Basically rice noodles combined with mangos, herbs, chillies, and other spices, mixed Banh Trang is not at all impressive or too complex a dish. But the ingredients with their distinct textures and flavors are so precisely balanced (okay, NOT too precise) and so well combined that it will make you hungry for more. Simply delicious.

feet,toes,flipflops,chopsticks,Street Food , Saigon, Vietnam

Really nice imagery! :)

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Mask – Doro, Kiel, Germany

3 Sep

hiding behind a mask

Great shot! :)

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A Day at the Beach – The Hague, Netherlands

3 Sep

Hi everyone!

I can’t even imagine the last time I wrote a post, which could also say something about me on the other hand. But it, in any case, definitely means that the last time I wrote was too long ago. During the first part of my neglect, I was busy studying for my final exams, making the exams and working. (I passed all of them, so it was worth it for that matter) But after a while a got used to being neglecting and forgot to stick to my challenges and writing posts.
But now that I’m having vacation and got a new camera, there is no excuse to ignore my challenges any longer.
Especially my new camera is a big plus, it’s a true beauty which makes proper pictures, meaning I don’t have to rely on my crappy phone 24/7 anymore, yay!

During my trip to The Hague and Scheveningen yesterday I found the first opportunity to use my new baby, followed by this brand new booming post.
Yesterday my friends and I planned a trip to The Hague and the beach, since the weather is, once again, pretty good this summer and it was one of our last days of free travelling this semester.

Woman,feet,toes,standing,fashion,A Day at the Beach,The Hague, Netherlands

Woman,outfit,fashion,A Day at the Beach,The Hague, Netherlands

I wore a long jeans, only to change into my shorts the minute we’ve arrived in The Hague, a white top which I’ve borrowed from my mom and my light blue Zara jacket. I’m quite flabbergasted by the fact that I was wearing something from my mom, not what I’d expect to happen 10 years ago, but I must say, I’m quite happy with this pick.

women,feet,toes,beach,fashion,A Day at the Beach, The Hague, Netherlands

Fantastic shots! :)

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