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Noosa Heads, Australia

10 Apr

After spending a week apartment hunting on the Gold Coast, actually finding an apartment, and coming within 24 hours of putting down a deposit, we made the completely natural 20-something decision to pack up our bags and road trip north… with a German traveler we found online who had two open seats in her camper-van. We spent two nights camping at Coochan Creek with her and an eclectic crew of backpackers and Aussie adventurists, but our desire for a proper shower overrode our lust for a coastal road trip and we knew it was time to move on.

Hopping on a bus we found our way to Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast and fell head-over-heels in love. The vibe we get here is Europe meets Southern California, with all the positives of both and hardly any negatives. Our evening went something like this: beach, wine, Tim-Tams (the best cookie ever made), wine, live music, beach… you get the idea. We would stay, but we already bought our bus tickets up to Airlie Beach, so we are marking Noosa as a to-be-continued…

group around a hippie bus in Noosa Heads, Australia

Super cool bus! :)

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Tasmania, Australia

25 Mar

Tasmania is mostly known for its devils, but it certainly felt like basking in paradise once we had a chance to visit this corner of the world. Picturesque meadows, lush rainforests, beaches with water so clear that the waves are almost see-through — this state has it all.

With it being peak season, I was expecting the parks to be overrun with visitors, but amazingly, crowds were sparse. It was even a bit ironic that Tasmania is one of the rare places where I didn’t meet a lot of Aussie adventurers. Truly, there were times when I felt like we were the only group carousing through the garden of Eden in a coaster bus.

If you’re planning to visit Tasmania, I’d recommend for you to fly into Launceston and start exploring from there. Whether you’re heading west for the mountains and rainforests, or heading east for the beaches like we did, it’s all accessible from there. If you want to visit the same aquamarine paradisos, check out the itinerary for Jump Tour’s East Coast Adventure.

two women jumping on a beach in Tasmania, Australia

tasmanian devil looking at the camera

Behold the Tasmanian Devil. No, it doesn’t spin.

two women overlooking a bay a nd mountians in Tasmania, Australia

At the Hazards, overlooking Freycinet peninsula

Fantastic shots, must have been an awesome adventure! :)

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

24 Mar

Descent (street impressions)

woman walking down stairs in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Nice shot! :)

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Melbourne, Australia

19 Mar

Melbourne Picture a Day: Week three

Day 15: Sand between my toes

Sunday, February 23: Lazy days are extra easy when you live opposite the beach. Me, my flip flops and my sketch pad spent the day lazing around, soaking up the sun and watching the world go by. #Lush.

flipflops,feet,toes,sand,beach,sketchbook,Melbourne, Australia

Cool post! :)

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Shelly Beach, Sydney, Australia

15 Mar

Isn’t making new friends one of the best things in the world? A friend who enjoys photography as much as you do and who also tries every type of topping on their fro-yo. I’ve made a couple of new friends lately and I had the pleasure of going to the beach with my friend April (ironic as my name is “June” in Norwegian). Yes, there was adventure involved. Yes, there was too much frozen yoghurt. Yes, we did take a million photos. Yes, she got extremely sunburned… Summer is over, so we have to enjoy our last days of warm weather while we can. Quoting Nelly Furtado: “Why must all good things come to an end?”.

Australia isn’t that cold in winter anyways, so I’m very much looking forward to wearing jeans for the first time in 6 months! Somewhere the limit of how many outfits look good in 30 degree weather is reached… Goodbye, summer! You will be missed.

see you soon x

woman sitting on rocks at Shelly Beach, Sydney, Australia

Wonderful shot, too bad summer ever ends. :)

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Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia

10 Mar

Cape Tribulation is where World Heritage Daintree Rainforest meets the other World Heritage, the Great Barrier Reef  – all three paradises on Earth!

The Cape Tribulation region is home to over 3,000 plant species including trees, vines, palms, ferns, epiphytes, as well as the world’s largest and smallest tree ferns and cycads. Unknown plants and animal species are still being discovered. Many of the animals come alive at night and the region has many nocturnal activities, which are especially enjoyable in the summer months.

But these figures lying on the beach are not beached whales – they are backpackers who lost their backpacks in carefree and utter enjoyment of sun, sea, sand, flora and fauna.

people lying on a beach in Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia

Love them wild and crazy backpackers! :)

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Sydney, Australia

6 Mar

I met this incredible Norwegian boy at the hostel in Byron Bay. He was one of the most interesting people I have ever met, and possibly the happiest. Sindre was all smiles, all laughs.
We rented surf boards together with my free passes, and he and I tried out the waves on Main Beach my second-to-last morning in Byron.
He plans to come back to Sydney before he heads home, and then possibly a trip to the US (and a roadtrip with me) could be in the future.

Man and woman smiling in Sydney, Austrailia

Wonderful shot, you two look pretty good together! :)

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New South Wales, Australia

5 Mar

Guess who’s super amazing boyfriend organized a surprise holiday for me for our 4 year anniversary? (If you guessed mine, you’re right!) Seriously, how well did I score guys!

I hopped into the car to drive away for a week of fun to celebrate mine & Dan’s anniversary and had no clue where I was going! So exciting. He had all the details written on a piece of paper that I just was not under ANY circumstances allowed to look at! After about an hour of cruising down the freeway, we ended up here. Don’t be fooled by the 80′s looking pictures on the website, this place was GORGEOUS! The sea was just about 20 metres away from our verandah! There was a huge bed & spa bath! They had free chocolate and port (making it probably the best place on earth)! It’s located just between Blue Bay and Toowoon Bay, just a 5 minute walk from The Entrance. It was truly the perfect place to escape for a week.

Man sitting on a beach in New South Wales, Australia

woman standing on a beach in New South Wales, Australia

couple doing a selfie on a beach in New South Wales, Australia

Awesome shots, such a gorgeous couple! :)

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Manly Beach, Australia

5 Mar

 First ever trip to Australia and first dip of the toes on the other side of the Pacific.

feet,toes,beach,sand,people,Manly Beach, Australia

Wonderful shot, must have a lot of fun! :)

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Sydney, Australia

5 Mar

street picture from Sydney, Australia

Great shot! :)

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Brisbane, Australia

15 Feb

After a relatively long stay in Argentina (here), Australian artist and muralist Fintan Magee is back in his home country where he already painted a new wall.
The new mural, entitled ‘High Tide’, shows the image of a father playing with his daughter in the water in the most pure Fintan Magee style.

mural in Brisbane, Australia

Beautiful! :)

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Sydney, Australia

14 Feb


Nice shot! :)

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Sydney, Australia

13 Feb

Walking around the Sydney Harbour foreshore near one of my favourite harbour beaches. Shark Bay is better known as Nielsen Park and is about 10km from the Sydney CBD. the natural rock formations, cliffs, rock platforms and sandy coves are beautiful. There are many sheltered spots where you can enjoy the peaceful setting. This shot shows just how close you are to a major city.

The main swimming area has a shark net surrounding it. One day I’m going to swim around the outside of it.
regards Peet
feet,toes,beach,downtown,skyline,Sydney, Australia
Great skyline view! :)
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Melbourne, Australia

11 Feb

St Andrew’s Market #2

people walking around St Andrews Market,Melbourne, Australia

Photo: Marleena Forward

Cool shot!

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Melbourne, Australia

6 Feb

I have conducted and will again conduct day workshops in making a simple artists book using mixed media.  These artist books are treasures to be kept or given as a gift.

The artist can bring along images that have some appeal to them personally or bring along text they like or have written themselves.

cover of artist book,pocket sized, by anne warren

Anne Warren

Beautiful! :)

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