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Remembering Moments – Cannon Beach, Oregon

30 Jul

I took these with my iPhone then edited in VSCO Cam (also available for android users).  In the silhouette photos I learned that I couldn’t click at the moment my 12-year-old dancer jumped.  When I did that, I ended up missing her jumps since they happened pretty fast.  Instead, I clicked just a second before and that did it!  It’s all about timing.  It would have been easier if I had the DSLR with me but I didn’t bring it.  The family was trying to travel light since this was a road trip in the Camry.

Girl,jumping,feet,toes,Remembering Moments,Cannon Beach, Oregon

Great shot and advice! :)

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Vacation – Tybee Island, Georgia

25 Jul

Took my mother on her first vacation in seven years in early May of 2014. We live in rural Kentucky, but this is her favorite place, on the beach.

Woman,beach,feet,toes.surf,Vacation , Tybee Island, Georgia

She must have loved it! :)

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Lifeguard Station Demolition – Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

23 Jul

The lifeguard station on our main beach in Umhlanga Rocks is being demolished to make way for a more modern one. In the foreground, bathers are showering off the sand, after their day on the beach.
feet,toes,beach,Lifeguard Station Demolition,Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Wow, don’t come across that every day! :)

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Nailed it! – Long Beach, Washington

23 Jul

My best friend Jasmine and I have been trying to do this dang picture for years now. For some reason it took us up until this year to nail it. At least, I think we nailed it. The ocean in the background was the cherry on top, in my opinion. I think the hardest part of doing this is the fact that we always try when nobody else is around, therefor we have to use a self timer. That in itself is extremely difficult to time correctly!

Women,jumping,beach,feet,toes,Nailed it!,Long Beach, Washington

Great shot! :)

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El Matador Beach, Malibu, California

20 Jul

There is a magic about the sea. People are drawn to it. People want to love by it, swim in it, play in it, look at it. It is a living thing that is as unpredictable as a great stage actor. – Cecelia Ahern

woman,feet,toes,rock,dog,El Matador Beach, Malibu, California

Great shot! :)

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Reading On The Beach – Ostia, Italy

19 Jul

feet,toes,book,water,sand,Reading On The Beach,Ostia, Italy

Nice shot! :)

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Heat Wave? – The Beach

17 Jul

drawing,feet,toes,people,Heat Wave?, The Beach

Good work! :)

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Indrayani Beach – Yogyakarta, Indonesia

16 Jul

People,feet,toes,Indrayani Beach, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Hope they found it. :)

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World Cup Fever – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

11 Jul

No wonder Brazilians are great at soccer (futebol), they start early and on the beach, which is much harder than on grass. This kid was already delighting onlookers with impressive shooting skills.

feet,toes,beach,soccer,World Cup Fever, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Great shot! Perhaps he will be on the team in 2022? :)

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Toes On Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

10 Jul

feet,sand,Toes On Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

feet,sandals,pink,shells,Toes On Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Good shots! :)

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First Beach Day – Coronado Island, California

9 Jul

Tanner’s first visit to the beach. July 1, 2014. Location – Coronado Island, California.

baby,feet,toes,beach,First Beach Day ,Coronado Island, California

Wonderful shot! :)

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D-Day – Normandy, France

8 Jul

D-Day – Normandy, France


While my blog often focuses on visits to magnificent churches, buildings, and tea destinations, our desire to travel has been inspired by world history. With World War II as one area of interest, my friend Dorene and I visited the Normandy beaches a few weeks after the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Beginning with the powerful experience of seeing the museum, memorial, and graves at the American Cemetery, we then followed the path down to Omaha Beach. This descent brings to mind haunting images of servicemen trudging up the terrain in the midst of battle and the many who did not survive.


The cool and windy day left me unwilling to remove my shoes and socks, but Dorene, who shares her interest in World War II with her father, not only walked barefoot in the sand, but also lingered at the water’s edge, communing with one of the sites where the world changed 70 years ago.


feet,toes,beach,water,D-Day, Normandy, France


Near Utah Beach is the village of Ste Mère Église. In the early hours of June 6, 1944, paratroopers were dropped here and at other inland areas in part to secure roads and bridges before the assault on the beaches. Along with using a dummy to recreate the famous moment when John Steele’s parachute got caught on one of the spires, the church in Ste Mère Église commemorates D-Day with two stained glass windows. A 16-year-old boy, who was 14 when the paratroopers arrived, designed this one.


stained glass, window,D-Day, Normandy, France

The death toll during the next several months was high for Normandy’s civilians (20,000+). Yet 70 years later, the ever-present tributes to D-Day speak to the meaning of liberation.

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Great post!! :)

Look Both Ways – Hastings, England

7 Jul

feet,toes,cycle,lane,beach,Look Both Ways, Hastings, England

Wonderful image! :)

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DH Jet Skiing – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

4 Jul

We visited Puerto Vallarta with the family in June.  This was me relaxing on the beach while watching my 9 year-old and DH Jet Skiing.

feet,toes,beach,DH Jet Skiing , Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Nice shot! :)

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Lifeguard – Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

1 Jul

Here’s a pic of of one of our lifeguards, literally ‘hanging out’ at the Bronze Beach lifeguard station in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa.

feet,toes,Lifeguard ,Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Nice shot! :)

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