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Bahia, Brazil

30 Mar

Feet and Fruit: Bahia, Brazil. The family spent the day at grandmother’s house deep in the Bahian countryside.


Excellent picture! :)

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Ibirapuera’s Park, São Paulo, Brazil

19 Mar

Na vibe de bienal, vendo gente gringa doida por toda parte, eu e a Gigi, que estávamos super cansadas, com o pé melecado de chuva e uma dor insuportável de ter andado da Consolação até a Brigadeiro, vimos uma gringa descalça. Foi então que a gente decidiu deixar o preconceito de lado rs (ou no meu caso o medo de pegar uma doença ou alguma coisa do tipo) e andamos descalças pelo pavilhão do Ibirapuera. A sensação é maravilhosa. Provando ela de 2 em 2 anos.

feet,toes,reflection, Ibirapuera's Park, São Paulo, Brazil

Very creative shot! :)

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Parati, Brazil

16 Mar

woman and child eating on step in Parati, Brazil

Beautiful shot! :)

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Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

14 Mar

Resting in the shade. This was taken at a small fishing boat harbor across the bay from Rio.

feet sticking out from a doorway in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

Cool shot! :)

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Jericoacara Beach, Ceara, Brazil

8 Mar

People sitting along edge of guge sand dune in Jericoacara Beach, Ceara, Brazil

Great shot, quite the sand dune! :)

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Ilha Grande, Brazil

26 Jan
We were on holiday in Rio and went to this dream island called Ilha Grande to check out some of the most beautiful beaches that the island offers. But the three days that we spent on the we only got rain!!! At least in Brazil my favorite shoes can be worn all the time…no matter the kind of weather.
feet,toes,flip,flops,water,rain, Ilha Grande, Brazil
Nice shot, you made the best of it! :)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

24 Nov

I’ve done dancing on and off since I was a kid, yet when my friend and I travelled in South America the locals told us we danced liked poles.

And they didn’t mean in a sexy pole dancing way, but in a rigid inanimate object kinda way. Years of jazz and hip hop hadn’t taught me latino hips. I was, apparently, doing it all wrong. I was devastated.

Nightclub upon nightclub the feedback was always the same. Our olive skin and curly hair didn’t disguise us. “Where are you from?” they could tell we weren’t locals as we looked so funny dancing.

Upon returning to New Zealand, we quickly sought to rectify this. One beginner salsa lesson at a time, we were inducted into the ways of Latin dance. It’s all in the hips. And slowly but surely my “pole” dancing was rectified.

My Kiwi personal space bubble was also quickly destroyed. Here in NZ, we have a rather large personal space boundary – don’t get too close! Yet this didn’t go so well with the Latin dancing. They dance close and intimately. While I initially hated Salsa for this reason, I found my space bubble quickly shrunk, and I was happy to be flung around the dance floor.

A year of Salsa under my belt I went back to South America. The transformation was amazing. I danced my way across all the local dance floors, and nightclubs and was showered in compliments by locals who couldn’t believe I was from New Zealand not a Latina.

Funny to think how all this inspired my dancing today. Call me a Latino at heart but I still love the dance and the culture. It’s vibrant, it’s exciting, but most of all it’s fun.

Now I just need to master actual pole dancing.

dancer doing cartwheel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cool shot! :)

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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

5 Nov

Half asleep at the airport the next morning, Peter ordered an orange juice and ended up with a ham and cheese sandwich, but customs was a breeze and we were quickly shoved in a ride to our hostel when we arrived in Rio De Janeiro. Lagoa Guest House was a teeny tiny little white house in the middle of the city, surrounded on all sides by huge apartment blocks that towered over the little building. First thing we did in Brazil was, of course, DRINK. We were here for carnival after all! Plus who can turn down an incredibly strong ‘welcome drink’ Caipirinha. Once we had settled in, our first stop was Copacabana Beach.

Our first few hours in Brazil and we are in a bus accident. Another bus driver drove into the back of our bus as soon aas we had stepped on! Not exactly a good omen but it was exciting at least…We were a little confused but everybody was friendly and helpful, gesturing for us to wait outside the bus until were were eventually on the road again. I think we first realised how craazy Brazil was when the other bus took off without a word to our driver about the accident, just carrying on with his day.

Girl sitting on a sand sculpture in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Woman posing with a statue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana Beach was mindblowing – people were absolutely everywhere. A large proportion of these people were huge women in teensy weensy little g-string bikinis and old men sitting in bars in their speedos. We picked up our tickets for carnival, took a look at the beautiful Copacabana Fort, got dressed up and headed to a Scala ball.

Peter was – his words – patted down by a big black man at the door, and then we were in. We had a great time. The ball looked like a high school prom, we met a great Canadian couple living in Cuba and danced all night.

People at a party in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Nice shots, sure an interesting way to arrive! :)]

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Izabel Goulart – Brazil

28 Oct

Izabel Gouart reveals more of her hair and beauty secrets today with an afternoon given over to reflexology and hair laces.  This Instagram photograph illustrates those flawless legs as her feet receive a foot spa treatment.  It is said that reflexology, which focuses upon the soles of the feet, aids circulation and reduces stress.  As for the laces and hair?  No doubt all will be revealed at Saturday’s Risque Fashion Show in Sao Paulo, where Izabel is scheduled to appear along with the British rapper Taio Cruz and 40 other models in a celebration of Brazil’s regional cultures.

feet,toes,bucket,spa,treatment,Izabel Goulart - Brazil

Interesting! Wonder what all that stuff is? :)

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

28 Oct

In the morning, my friend Ben and I decided to head out to São Conrado beach (it’s the local beach here) and relax. It was the perfect 80-something degree Winter day in Rio. Shortly after arriving, Wilson and Kaye joined us before their surf lesson with my friend Bocão and eventually Paul came down. Later on, we hung around the surf crew for some slackline on the beach.

feet,toes,woman,slackline,Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Nice shot, might have to try that one day! :)

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Ponta da Tulha, Ilhéus, Brazil

20 Oct

feet,toes,hammock,beach,water,view,Ponta da Tulha, Ilhéus, Brazil

Ahhh, looks so relaxing! :)

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São Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil

26 Aug

Skin Marks

The organic skin of the drum has received its first true skin marks.  Well played.  Well spoken drum.

feet,toes,hand,drum,red,São Francisco do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Nice shot, just love the composition! :)

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Florianópolis, Brazil

12 Aug


Yesterday was my first full day back at home after a month or so of traveling, and I couldn’t have asked for nicer weather to welcome me back.  After hearing tons of warnings about how cold it’s been, I arrived with a suitcase full of sweaters and long pants only to find that the snow had already melted…so what could I do but go to the beach?

Campeche and some of the beaches near it have been my go-to ever since moving here, since I used to live right near Pequeno Principe.  It’s kind of bothersome to get down there from Centro, though, unless you enjoy spending a lot of time in TIRIO waiting for your second bus–and besides, I’ve been there approximately one billion times (yes, I did the math)–so we decided to go north instead.  Neither of us had been to Sambaqui before, somehow, so that’s where we ended up.  There’s a yellow [fancy] bus that goes there, and for six reais apiece we were on our way.

feet,toes,woman,sitting,beach,Florianópolis, Brazil

Nice shot, looks like it all turned out pretty good. :)

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Praia do Forte, Salvador, Brazil

7 Aug

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

Every now and then life affords us opportunities that could never possibly be recreated, retold or even fathomable. It is up to us to keep our hearts open to these possibilities and the doors will always be opened. We have to be willing to say yes, to take risks and to step outside of comfort.

I have officially been home for only two days and I still am just beginning to process the past month and its incredible, life changing impacts that it has created in my life. My friends and family are anxious to hear of the experience, but it is true when you hear that the only people that will ever truly understand are the ones that you were fortunate to share the experience with. For this I am grateful.

If I could offer anything that I learned this past month in as little words as possible I would say…..

keep your heart open

travel often and truly as often as possible

don’t ever let your misconceptions get in the way

always love

always learn

don’t ever let your fears get in the way

always remember there is infinite beauty in the world

we are all here to connect with one another

in life true happiness should be of utmost importance

lastly, care and love like Brazilians care and love each other. Be quick to give hugs, kisses, affection and genuine help to those around you. This can heal, connect, grow and fulfill meaning in life.

feet,toes,women,jumping,smiles,palms,Praia do Forte, Salvador, Brazil

Wonderful picture, such a happy group! :)

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California, Greece, Brazil

2 Aug

Hello! here are some cool photos by photographer richard misrach and massimo vitali featuring lots of toes!.

Richard Misrach

In his series On the Beach, Californian photographer Richard Misrach studies human interaction and isolation through aerial photographs (taken from hotel balconies) of beaches in Hawaii. Misrach says, ”I always thought about it as being a god’s-eye view, looking down and seeing these amazing human interactions.”

water, feet,toes,headstand,California, Greece, Brazil

feet,toes,lying,beach,oneperson,California, Greece, Brazil

feet,toes,couple,sand,lookingdown,California, Greece, Brazil

Massimo Vitali

Italian photographer Massimo Vitali has been documenting crowds since 1994, studying how and where people gather. Nature vs colonisation. These photographs are taken in Greece and Brazil. “Upon these swaths of water, sand, and sky are people parked and splayed, inactive, passive, disinterested, as neutral as grains of sand in an hourglass or the dots on a box of dominoes spilled out of their box onto a blanket… [Massimo Vitali] illuminates the apotheosis of the Herd”  (What the Butler Saw)

“I have tried to avoid behaviour that is too focused on everyone doing the same thing. e.g a football stadium, where everyone is looking and reacting in the same way. I focus on groups of people, but I try to photograph them at times when they are not doing the same thing, in situations where they are free to maintain their own personality and individuality.”  From an interview with Massimo Vitali 

beach,crowds,toes,feet,water,sand,California, Greece, Brazil

beach,crowds,toes,feet,water,sand,California, Greece, Brazil

beach,crowds,toes,feet,water,sand,California, Greece, Brazil

Great shot, both very interesting artists! :)

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