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Warner Brothers Tour – Los Angeles, California

24 Jul

WiFi’s been hard to come by and I’ve been on the go pretty much none stop and getting to know my new trek mates so this post is a few days late. (sorry!) Whilst in LA I went on the VIP Warner Brothers tour. I was super excited about it as being a TV and film nerd it was really interesting for me to see how American studios are run. It was an amazing tour and Berlyn (our tour guide) was so informative and helped cater the tour to what shows we all liked. I would definitely recommend it and I’ll write a more in depth review when I get home.

Feet,toes,woman,water,tower,Warner Brothers Tour , Los Angeles, California

Wonderful shot! :)

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Guitar Toes – McKinleyville, California

20 Jul

feet,guitar,toes,closeup,Guitar Toes,McKinleyville, California

Good shot! :)

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El Matador Beach, Malibu, California

20 Jul

There is a magic about the sea. People are drawn to it. People want to love by it, swim in it, play in it, look at it. It is a living thing that is as unpredictable as a great stage actor. – Cecelia Ahern

woman,feet,toes,rock,dog,El Matador Beach, Malibu, California

Great shot! :)

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First Beach Day – Coronado Island, California

9 Jul

Tanner’s first visit to the beach. July 1, 2014. Location – Coronado Island, California.

baby,feet,toes,beach,First Beach Day ,Coronado Island, California

Wonderful shot! :)

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Crow Pose – Orange, California

2 Jul

The Crow, or Kakasana is a balancing pose that improves balance and strengthens the arms, wrists and shoulders. In addition to the physical benefits, this pose also improves mental equilibrium and provides a sense of calm. This is especially important since I am about to complete my first year as a doctoral student.

I have a fun little blog that chronicles my adventures living in Scotland, and now back in California finishing my degree.
Peace love and toes!
Yoga,feet,toes,pose,Crow Pose, Orange, California
Fantastic shot! :)

Marilyn Monroe – Hollywood, California

31 May

Fashion Sensible: Reading Is Fundamental 2

When reading aloud to a friend… Give it your all!

Collage,Marilyn Monroe,Hollywood,California

Nice work! :)

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OOTD Super Casual – Sacramento, California

29 May

Heading to the movies too hot for a bunch of jewelry so here I am plain and simple.

Tank: Tillys $21.99
Jeans: Love Culture


Looking fantastic! :)

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Hollywood, California

24 May


Wonderful montage! :)

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San Francisco, California

10 May

Prada slingbacks // Lunchbreak

feet,toes,up,parada,slingbacks,desk,lunch,San Francisco, California

Feet up, take a break! :)

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California, USA

7 May

When thinking of feet, one immediately zooms in on the physical aspects: stubby toes, flat feet, unshapely nails – when our feet represent so much more. Before there were cars and bicycles and trains, man’s most reliable mode of transportation were his own two feet. Our feet are as unique as the markings on our thumbs and the DNA swimming in our cells. Our feet are a cultural road map: my own feet sport the jewels of my Asian-Indian heritage. Our feet are symbols of our mortality: reminders of the fleeting imprint we make on this earth before the “sands of time” wash away our remains.

feet,up,toes,sitting, California, USA

So true! :)

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Los Angeles, California

6 May

I have always really loved Shaden’s images they have a really strong fantasy element which always creates beautiful unique images.

This is a recent image of hers with the a fairy tale fantasy theme, this was posted on her blog
On her blog post she actually explained what her lighting set up was (Softbox directly above the model)
She supported this set up with the intensions of re-creating moonlight in a forest (actually shot in a studio)

When I looked at this image I really loved the contrasty shadows created by the single light set up, if there were lights there would be less shadows because it would fill them in and the image wouldn’t have worked so well.
She states that she used a soft box to diffuse the light.
I didn’t really catch onto the moonlight thing, i think the light has slightly the wrong tone as its a bit yellowy and i imagine moon light to be a lot whiter. And i don’t think moonlight would create a spotlight effect on only the model it would illuminate  a lot more of her surroundings, but this probably wouldn’t have worked so well.

Before i read the blog post the image gave me the impression of night time (because of the mass of darkness) the harsh shadowing gives a moody feel to the image and gives a general spookiness and mysterious feel. The objects in the image and the model her self makes us question what is going on, all of Shaden’s images have a surreal quality to them and this image is no exception.

By using one light the image gives us a nighttime mysterious surreal feel due to the harsh shadows and surrounding darkness, this isn’t a happy upbeat image, it feels quite serious like something bad is about to happen.


Beautiful image! :)

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Palm Springs, California

25 Apr

feet,toes,woman,pool,Palm Springs, California

Nice shot! :)

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12 Apr

“The beautiful thing

that you are discovering

is that you are

already here,

but you have been

imagining that you are

on a journey


- Mooji

old time poster from California

Nice collage! :)

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Sacramento, California

8 Apr

letters, hands, feet, embedded in a sidewalk in Sacramento, California

Who could resist? :)

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Camp Pendleton, California

7 Apr

Here’s another favorite of my grandmother, Stephanie, who you first met here. I believe this photo was taken sometime in the ’40s, when Mom-Mom was in her twenties. I’m not sure what the occasion was (I’ll have to ask her), but it was either a family vacation or they were visiting her brother Johnny when he was in the Army (most of my family was in the Army, I’m such a rebel). Anyway, I really love this look because it is 100% something I would wear tomorrow and feel great in. I love the sash on the skirt. When I talk about keeping things simple and not having a huge color palette in favor of texture and detail, this is exactly what I’m talking about. And the shoes? I love a little peep toe/ankle strap combo.

This photo reminds me of spring, and the fact that it’s almost around the corner. I love that you can see her dimples, something that has been passed down to our Cub. I wish I had time to get my hair that curly.

Hope you’re having a great week.

xo, S.

Woman standing in front of a log cabin in Camp Pendleton, California

This is why we take photographs! :)

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