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Ontario, Canada

22 Feb

feet,toes,dog,ball,toy,bench,Ontario, Canada

Nice shot, love the doggie! :)

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

6 Feb

Hello, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (my nation’s capitol)! It’s super cold and snowy here, so I’m usually not caught without socks of slippers….but lo and behold…a pic of my feet (as you can see there’s a big toe showing). I’m a bit toe-shy, but love my tattoos and leggings.

feet,toes,leggings,tattoos, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Cool tattoos! :)

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Off The Grid, British Columbia, Canada

11 Jan

surreal, drawing, foot,toes,Off The Grid, British Columbia, Canada

Interesting drawing! :)

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Winlaw, British Columbia, Canada

9 Jan

The photo of the feet was taken June 2012 in a hotel in San Antonio, Texas you can find the original here:

photograph of a person holding a photograph of their feet

copyright@ Dianne Garry

Nice idea, and the fireplace looks inviting! :)

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Merrickville, Ontario, Canada

7 Jan

A quick posting of some pinhole images, Holga wide pinhole camera and 120 Kodak Portra, no Photoshop … everything, what there is … is done ‘in camera’, light leaks, cropping et al.

photograph,house,lawn,Merrickville, Ontario, Canada

…the Rideau river, and that’s the lock system which the boats pass through, going from high to low water to navigate the Rideau river.

locks on Rideau river at Merrickville, Ontario, Canada

woman,couch,lying,feet,toes,Merrickville, Ontario, Canada

Fantastic shots, we love pinhole photography! :)

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

6 Jan

Tonight marks Day 1 of my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) course – complete!

The intention is to deepen my personal yoga practice and to gain another skill to offer when I launch my intuitive travel tours.

When the little voice in my head first mentioned YTT in mid-December 2013, I questioned it a bit. The insecure me thought I am not cut out to do it, despite my on and off yoga practice started back in 1998. At one point, I was able to do a handstand – I was sooo proud of myself!

So I checked a few studios and found out Downward dog’s course has the perfect timeline for me, although a smidge more expensive. The main bonus is that Downward dog yoga studio is close by and have been around since 1997 in Toronto while offering YTT since 1998. It is a well respected studio, internationally and my mentor happens to be one of their first graduates. When I mentioned all this to my mentor, she suggested I take their Mysore class to check out the studio as I have not been there for a few years (I changed studios a few years back).

On the day of the Mysore class, I decided to show up early to inquire about YTT and give myself extra time to observe others. What I did not know in advance was that it is a popular time slot for senior instructors of the studio.

My mind was racing and I was not ready for the onslaught of self defeating comments inside my head…
“You didn’t do 1 single Sun Salutation while traveling for 8 months.”
“Look at how much flexibility you’ve lost.”
“After how many years of yoga classes and you’re still forgetting to tuck in that rib cage during downward dog.”
“You have no strength in your arms to do a proper plank.”
“Be mindful of your breath. Remember to breathe, don’t hold your breath.”
The comments just kept streaming through my mind. So I skipped quit a few of the asanas in the primary series and sat on the sidelines to watch the others in class.

amica,hilton,yoga,pose,feet,toes,Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Amica Hilton, one of the yogis in the Mysore class who caused my jaw to drop.
Photo credit: Downward Dog Yoga, Toronto, Canada


I think I did my best to keep my mouth closed but seriously – Where do these people come from??

I never thought I would be fazed by yogis but that day, I somehow managed to position my mat beside the 3 most talented yogis I have seen under the age of 35 (I’m guessing their age here). The typical word that’s used to describe yogis popped up – pretzel. Literally their legs were tucked behind their back with no effort (see photo of Amica Hilton). At that point, I had completely dashed the thought of YTT.

Later on, as I spoke to a few friends and my mentor, they all reminded me that “Everyone has to start somewhere“. My mentor even used my recent achievement of over coming my fear of water as a reminder. She said and I paraphrase, “at least you’re on land, what’s there to be afraid of? You cannot drown while doing yoga.”

I kept humming and ha-ing for close to 2 weeks. My mind started manufacturing all sorts of lame excuses. I left the decision making to yesterday morning – to say Yes.

As recent as this morning, I found a new excuse – my visa card had expired and the replacement haven’t arrived. Well the Universe, really did not want me to use that as an excuse. When I returned from my swim today, the replacement card was in my mailbox!! Seriously!

So this new journey continues tomorrow when I am to learn some basic Sanskrit.

Because we ALL have to start somewhere, somehow.


Me in Trikonasana at Orne Harbour, Antartica (Jan 2013)


Great post! Love the Antarctica shot! :)

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

19 Dec

Afternoon Shift

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Great collages!

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Wood Buffalo National Park, Northwest Territories, Canada

21 Nov

The entryway to the museum I work at features an exhibit on local bird populations around Fort Smith and Wood Buffalo National Park. This is to say, I spend a lot of time looking at these birds and eventually had to break down and make a trip out to see some in real life.

Fortunately, this was easy enough to do. White pelicans migrate from the southern USA to Fort Smith every year for mating season around the town’s rapids (bom-chica-wa-wa). While most of the nesting grounds are a couple dozen kilometres out of town, the birds often come up to the Rapids of the Drowned to eat, flap around and whatever else pelicans like to do. Basically, this means that you’re about a 15-minute hike away from prime pelican territory from anywhere in town as Fort Smith literally backs right on to the rapids – there’s even a lookout on the side of the road over them. (full post here).

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Wood Buffalo National Park, Northwest Territories, Canada

Amazing birds, that’s a heck of a long flight up there! :)

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Okanagan Lake, British Columbia, Canada

14 Nov

Hello, how are you? ^^ Your Jofiane is baaacckk!! (Sorry for the long hiatus +___+)

Today I want to show you the sweetness of these gentle two dogs >w<

feet,toes,dog,people,Okanagan Lake, British Columbia, Canada

“Oh! My soulmate has come!”


feet,toes,dogs,sniffing,people,Okanagan Lake, British Columbia, Canada

“Hello honey”


feet,toes,dogs,sniffing,people,Okanagan Lake, British Columbia, Canada

“I love you..” “I love you too”

Really beautiful dogs! :)

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Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada

5 Nov

Local News Agency Confirms True Identity of Spiderman

After years of speculation and wondering, the true identity of the superhero known as Spiderman, has been confirmed.

For many years, it was rumoured that a young photographer, by the name of Peter Parker, was the man behind the mask, but recently that has been disproved. Parker had everyone believing that he was responsible for spinning webs, any size, and catching thieves just like flies.

When confronted with this news, Parker refused to comment.

No, the true identity of our hero is actually a six year old boy named Tevye. Our roving reporters were able to snag a few minutes of his time, and get this short interview:

“So, Tevye, how long have you known that you were in possession of super powers?”

“Since before Tatte’s birthday.”

“Who is “Tatte”?”

“That’s my dad. We call him Tatte. It’s yiddish.”

“And how did you come to discover that you were, indeed, the wall crawler?”

“I wanted to see if I could climb up between these two walls, and I could! First I just went a little bit up, and then I got higher and higher.”

“Were you surprised when you got off the ground?”

“Yup! Okay, I’m done. Can I have a cookie now?”

“Huh? Oh, no, I’ve got a few more questions, if you don’t mind.”

“Okay, but then I want that cookie you promised me.”

“You’re very articulate for a six year old boy.”

“Hey, what do you mean “for a six year old BOY”? Are you saying that because I’m a boy I’m somehow expected to be less articulate that a girl of the same age?!”

“N-n no, that’s not wha…”

“I’ll have you know that I was the best reader in my whole class last year!”

“Please, that’s not what I meant!”

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s not. Alright, on account of you insulting me, you only get one more question.”

“What? Only one?!”

“Yes, and you’re lucky that I don’t get picky, and consider that as two questions already. Alright, fire away.”

“Thank you for being so understanding. Would you say that you’ve been using your powers predominantly for good, or for personal gain?”

“Given our previous kerfuffle, it seems like a poor choice of question to ask, considering there’s a strong likelihood that I could take offense to that. That said, I’m not going to. To answer your question, though, I’d say that generally I’ve  used my powers for the betterment of humanity, at least on a local level. I’m not traveling the world and solving all of humanity’s problems. I may have super powers, but I’m not made of time! Also, I’m six. I can’t fly around the world by myself, especially given the cost of flying these days, and the fact that I don’t have a job. There are times though, when  I’ll use my powers for personal gain.”

“Could you give our readers an example?”

“Sure. Sometimes I climb the walls to get at the cookies in the container on top of the fridge, but don’t tell my parents, okay?”

“Your secret is safe with me. Alright, well, thank you for your time, Spiderman.”

“You’re welcome. Now where’s that cookie?”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada

Very cute story and photos! :)

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

3 Nov

I woke up really early on Saturday, loaded up my board and sail, grabbed a coffee and off to the beach. I was a little bummed I missed the sunrise by about 20 mins but none the less it was a gorgeous morning. The water was like glass, the sunlight was thin and the views amazing. Although there was no wind and no waves it still was a great day for a paddle and some pictures.

feet,toes,man,sitting,beach,Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Scarborough Bluffs
Photo: Ryan Hollinrake

Very nice shot, it’s gorgeous there! :)

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Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

27 Oct

Well Quebec City is probably the most romantic spot you can find in Canada. By romantic, I of course am referring to its closeness in nature to that of European countries. Why not make use of this fantastic little gem and take a trip to Quebec City? People speak English and are very friendly. The food is awesome and cafe au lait is everywhere :) Goodbye Starbucks, hello REAL coffee.

feet,toes,woman,bench,street,Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

What a lovely street! :)

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Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

19 Oct

Barefoot water-skiing in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

foot,toes,water,water-skiing,Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

Great shot, really captures the action! :)

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Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada

30 Sep

feet,toes,jumping,woman,beach,dress,Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada

Good shot, someone looks very happy! :)

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

23 Sep

Playing Tourist in my own City

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes – Marcel Proust

It’s so good to go away.  Coming home is even better.

Three weeks in the jungle made me miss home.  Not just Danny and Hermes home, but my physical home.  My house.  My bed. My kitchen.  My washer and dryer.

It’s good to miss things every once in a while.  It’s easy to forget how beautiful something is when you see it every day.  It’s easy to take things for grated.

The other day my sister and I decided to play tourists in our own city.

We took our time, going off paths, exploring new areas and really seeing the city through the eyes of a tourist.

It’s amazing how much you notice when you open your eyes.

feet,toes,bridge,woman,standing,Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Very nice picture, quiet time on the bridge. :)

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