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Bussi Island, Uganda

22 Mar

In Uganda, there are a lot of roadside merchants.  They hawk all kinds of locally-grown food and handmade wares.  Of the non-food items, there is a rich variety of items including:  loofas, three-legged stools, furniture, and drums.

Ugandans love to sing, dance, and perform, particularly the children.  Critical to these dance recitals is background music, which is usually provided by a variety of locally-made drums.

children with drums on Bussi Island, Uganda

Wonderful shot! :)

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Johnny Cash, Jerusalem, Israel

18 Mar

This is my second post in my series with retro photos from Israel: «Israel 1970′s». This time I’ve also chosen to add a photo that was sent to me by one of my contacts. It’s from one of Johnny Cash’s many visits to Jerusalem. His first visit took place in 1966 when Mr. Cash was thirty-four. The other photos, also from my contact, is typical family photos of the era.

The photo of Johnny Cash most likely belongs to Jerusalem Post Archives, because I know that they shot some photos of Mr. Cash on this visit. I’m not sure about the year, but perhaps this was on Johnny Cash and June Carters honeymoon to Israel in 1969?

If you’re interested you can read more about Johnny Cash and his trips to Israel here: www.patheos.com/blogs/religionnow/2013/09/johnny-cash-is-in-the-promised-land/
Or,even better: check out more Black & White photos in Paula’s post: bopaula.wordpress.com/2014/03/02/bw-sunday-the-big-o-party/

people sitting in a house in Jerusalem, Israel

johnny Cash visiting Jerusalem, Israel

Woman on chair and children on floor in Jerusalem, Israel

Wonderful shots! :)

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Sagada, Luzon, Philippines

27 Feb

Arriving in the Philippines before Christmas, our first stop was the Ifugao Rice Terraces of the Cordillera Mountains in North Luzon. A nine-hour bus ride (minimum) from Manila, with UNESCO World Heritage status, these rice terraces are spread out over an entire mountain range, in an extremely remote region, with many dating back over 2,000 years.

After an eight hour bus to Baguio, where we stayed overnight, and a further six hour journey, spent gazing at the breathtaking scenery passing us by, we finally made it to the hard-to-reach, (very) small town of Sagada.

Sagada was a breath of fresh air for us, quite literally. The sky was blue, temperatures were warm, but not hot. It was a small, sleepy town built-in to the mountains. There were guesthouses and restaurants to cater for the trickle of backpackers that make it here every day, and there was no traffic on the town’s main street. Local children were out in force playing football and basketball, families went for late afternoon walks, and almost everybody it seemed was outside, enjoying the cool mountain air, scenery and relaxed pace of life.

Children walking barefoot on a fence in Sagada, Luzon, Philippines

children sitting around a shop in Sagada, Luzon, Philippines

Woman posing before rice terraces in Sagada, Luzon, Philippines

Great shots, must have been a wonderful trip!

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Bali, Indonesia

9 Feb

I have always wanted to live near the coast, have my own private time watching the waves and the sunset whenever I feel like. I didn’t actually look for it. It just happened to be  Bali and IHF and to have the advantage of helping others, and learn so many things from the children while I have my dream come true. Actually both things are dreams came true. We come here to help the children, but I think in the end they are the ones who are helping us. I would like to give them as many great moments as they are giving to me. They are very joyful almost all the time. And when they are not they sniff in such a funny way that it’s impossible not to smile.Some of them act like bossy, some of them are just sly and the oldest ones very caring with the smallest ones.They come from different villages, from different backgrounds and different religions. But they just seem to get on so well and help each others when they don’t understand something. I am having a week of being closer to the kids and getting to know them better. This is all that interests me now. Having them around me.

children,feet,dancing,International,Humanity,Foundation,Bali, Indonesia

Lovely post, and keep up the great work!

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Southern Wayanad, Kerala, India

25 Jan

I hadn’t made it more than thirty yards down the street from the entrance to our homestay in Southern Wayanad, in Kerala, before I was joined by several local children who’d been playing in the yard of a nearby house.

As they ran out to intercept me, one of them said “Hello” to me in English, and when I said hello back, they all dissolved into giggles as they ran ahead of me in the street. I asked them what they were doing, and in response, I got another wave of giggles. One of the smaller boys held up a dragonfly, which he had captured and was holding by its wings, for me to see. The air was thick with dragonflies, fluttering lazily in the heat. Another boy had picked a purple flower from the side of the road and held it out for me, too, until he received what seemed to be too much teasing from his friends, and he ran off to the front of the group, shouting in Malayalam.

I motioned to my camera and said, “photo?” They happily complied, jostling each other into a line across the middle of the road:

children posing on road in Southern Wayanad, Kerala, India

Amazing kids! :)

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Mabul, Malaysia

15 Jan

The joyful, striking leader of the clan: the girl of the sea. In search for food, sweets and money on the island of Mabul, Malaysia.
A Chinese kid handed out sweets to these children of the Bajau people, on the condition that they would stand in a line and evenly divide the sweets. Even with the language barrier, the kids understood what he was saying and followed his wishes.
(Since we couldn’t choose between these two options, we decided to post them both)
Which one do you like most?

children,feet,toes,rain,wet,sea,Mabul, Malaysia

children,sea,boats,feet,toes,Mabul, Malaysia

Hard to choose, let’s see what people think? :)

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Unknown Location

17 Dec

Can’t Buy Them Love

It is my wish that you may have a better and freer life than I have had.  Recommend virtue to your children; it alone, not money, can make them happy.  I speak from experience; this was what upheld me in time of misery.

-Ludwig van Beethoven

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Unknown Location


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Kochi, India

12 Dec

woman and children walking by a man on a porch in Kochi, India

Great shot!

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United Kingdom

11 Dec

picture of children in a vintage postcard

picture of a the back of a vintage postcard

Penang, Malaysia

27 Oct

ichyfeet @ Penang, Malaysia-Street Art/Wall Painting 脚痒@槟城,马来西亚-壁画

feet,toes,art,people,street,Penang, Malaysia

feet,toes,girl,art.street,Penang, Malaysia

feet,toes,art,street,Penang, Malaysia

cat,child,art,street,Penang, Malaysia

feet,toes,children,art,street,Penang, Malaysia

Wonderful shots, good to get kids participating in art. :)

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27 Oct

No Play Time Right Now, Artwork by Marla Hoover

I wanted a painting so different from what I’ve usually done and I wanted the country feel of the farm. So I came up with a girl working on “The Old Truck” and her little brother wanting to play ball. So this is what I came up with.

If you’re interested in a framed print, print, metal, poster, greeting card or iPhone case please see my artwork for sale page for more information.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Arkansas

Original Artwork by Marla Hoover “No Play Time Right Now”

Lovely painting!

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Morondava, Madagascar

22 Oct

With such fine weather and on such beautiful beach, I could not ask for more.

I think it is also true to the local children. They never ask more than they need. They just laugh, play and enjoy.

feet,toes,children,sand,Morondava, Madagascar

feet,toes,children,beach,Morondava, Madagascar

child,beach,sand,wood,Morondava, Madagascar

feet,toes,children,beach,sand,Morondava, Madagascar

Wonderful shots, children are the best! :)

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5 Oct

Back home in Tel-Aviv I enjoy a high – standard life style.. I live in a nice house, I have my food when i want to and my bed to sleep on… I own my car and a I have my job. Everything seems to be really amazing for me. But did i really understand how life is precious the way they really are ? I guess not.. I had it all going for me, and I never really stooped once to think about what life really meant for me.

That’s until I got to India.

So the first day was pretty shocking to say the least. We landed in Delhi and took a Riksha to where we were spending the night. When we arrived around midnight it was simply like getting into a different world. People were sleeping in the streets, children all alone sleeping in food carts, dirt, mess, dogs all around. It was like a bad dream. But i didn’t let it get to me and when we woke up in the morning after sleeping in one of the hostels we found it was completely different. All the streets were full with people running, working, buying food. Children were standing on roof tops flying kites (If any of you ever seen “slumdog millionaire – that’s it !) I knew I was about to begin my journey in a very special place.


After a month spent in India, visiting multiple villages, meeting many people and eating Indian food every day (which ever since became my favorite) I can say with out a doubt that this was one of the best experiences ill ever have (until I go back again)

The colors, the people, the smells, the food, the views and the feeling of an endless happiness. As if time never goes by.


Lovely shot, so nice that India was such a game changer for you! :)

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Gilutungan Island, Cebu, Philippines

14 Sep

It wasn’t part of the plan to take this photo especially not with my foot in it. However, there was something about this photo which I took after a long walk around the island.

This was taken in an island I have visited for the first time where there was no electricity and had a community where kids don’t have proper nutrition nor hygiene. The main livelihood of each family living here  was fishing.

In one day of staying in this island where I found serenity within myself away from the bustling city, I have also seen how these people live. They had to go to the mainland to buy water for cooking and drinking. They don’t have a health center within the island which for me is the least thing our local government could do to make sure their health are in good condition. But no, they don’t have one. The kids walk around with no slippers, not even proper clothes.

Most of the kids I saw had distended abdomen and may have been infected with intestinal worms.

One of the reasons we were there was to check on the community for a feeding program that we were planning to do with a group of friends. However, I believe they need much more help with their health and proper hygiene.

And I really hope our group can help them even in our own little ways. Soon.

foot,toes,trees,bush, Gilutungan Island, Cebu, Philippines

children,village,deck,clotheslines,houses, Gilutungan Island, Cebu, Philippines

village,nousing,alley,trees, Gilutungan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Good shots, we sure hate to see children going without basics, thanks for your great work! :)

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French Alps, France

22 Aug

Yusuf the Affable, Alps, France

…is a fruitful bough, a fruitful bough by a spring; his branches run over the wall.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, French Alps, France

Great shot!

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