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Cardiff, Wales

13 Mar

Testing out different drawing styles, slowly finding my groove.

drawing of a man with only one show in Cardiff, Wales

Nice drawing! :)

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Melting Pot – Texas

3 Mar

Drawing of a pot being poured into

Diversity is good! :)

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Hamburg, Germany

5 Feb

feather – 01/2014

drawing,collage,feet,toes,feather,pen,Hamburg, Germany

Nice work! :)

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Cayman Islands

21 Jan

Drawing,iPad,woman,ship,ocean,Cayman Islands

Excellent! :)

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Asheville, North Carolina

21 Jan

drawing,girl,feet,toes,Asheville, North Carolina

Great drawing!

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Off The Grid, British Columbia, Canada

11 Jan

surreal, drawing, foot,toes,Off The Grid, British Columbia, Canada

Interesting drawing! :)

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Unknown Location

8 Jan

“no·mad (nmdn. 1. A member of a group of people who have no fixed home and move according to the seasons from place to place in search of food, water, and grazing land. 2. A person with no fixed residence who roams about; a wanderer.”

Such an interesting word to describe ones’ desire of wanderment. To explore with a backpack and see and do what can be seen and done.

It probably comes down to the core of maybe I am just a nomadic soul. I don’t like to just start put. To be defined by others and things or places. Rather, they just become a part of the whole. I doubt I am the type to search for food, water and grazing land, since, lets’ face it, I am adventurous and all, and did consider becoming a farmer when I came back from England, but herding animals is too scary. Not my cup of tea, nope. Now to be a person that roams, a wanderer, I like the sound of that. It speaks to me of sorts. I don’t like to be bound, either physically or emotional. I’m not saying I am a bad friend, after all what is Whatsapp, Facebook and all that social media for, but bound in the sense that there can only be one way. One way to lead. One place to lead it. It seems restrictive and unfair almost. Why would this magnificent Earth be so amazing in all its wonders, and I choose to stay in one place. I’m sure you ask the pigeons the same question, but I think they are bound my migratory, geography and biological matters to really decide where they want to live. Maybe this aspect of studying abroad was so thrilling, I was responsible for my own and if that meant walking the streets of Strasbourg, then that’s what I did. The thrill of getting on a train and just going where it leads, it’s so intoxicating. Now to be ‘stuck’ (such bad choice of words, it makes it seem as if I’m such an ungrateful brat) in a snow filled land knowing that the direction I am headed means setting my roots, kinda sucks.

But the story is not over yet, so lets see.

picture of barefoot woman with umbrella in the sky

Lovely picture! :)

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24 Dec

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Iowa

Great drawing! :)

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20 Dec

Every year Canada Post runs an incredible program that is manned and operated by volunteers.

In the months leading up to Christmas children can send their letters to the North Pole and Santa will write back.

Of course “Santa” is probably a fifty seven year old retired female accountant but it doesn’t matter.

The whole thing is magical.

Occasionally I like to spice up my sister’s life by sending her ridiculous things in the mail.

Sometimes it’s a drawing.

This hangs on the fridge next to a mosaic made by our five year old cousin.

Those are my mother’s abs by the way,

not an homage to snakes on her stomach. I’m in the middle.

Sometimes it’s an awkward valentine professing my love for her roommate.

Recently, I’ve felt the need to step it up a notch.

So I decided to write to Santa on her behalf.

We’ll see whether Santa writes back.

Dear Santa,

Lookin’ hot. I’m loving the black belt that you wear. So trendy.

 Last year you were awesome by the way.

I loved how all of the clothes you brought me also fit my sister

which was fabulous because

when I gave them to her,

she found them very wearable.

For this year I would like clothes again

however as always I’m a little picky.

I would like a very specific garment- a bee keeper hat.

Just the hat.

Not the outfit, and preferably in beige.

Living in the downtown of a metropolis can get kind of boring

so I’d like to spice things up by plopping

the bee keeper mask and hat on my head

and then wandering through the streets

pretending I’m in the middle of a

post apocalypse movie.

Also if you could bring me a guy

who looks like Will Smith

to help me out with the whole charade

I’d appreciate it too.

Don’t get too stressed

about bringing me the actual Will Smith,

I know you’ve got a budget.

I’d also like whoever you bring me

to be able to juggle.

There is never enough juggling

in post apocalyptic alien war movies.

Much love,


I should probably add that

Diana and Phillip are very happy together and

to my knowledge Diana has never expressed

an interest in Will Smith

or Will Smith lookalikes.

I merely was drawing from my meager well

of post apocalyptic movies

which consists of “Men in Black”.

Also I once saw a poster for “I Am legend”.

Generally I don’t watch movies

because that would requires for sitting

for a period greater than ten minutes.

*Names of Diana’s boyfriend’s

have been changed to protect their anonymity

because they never asked to be a part of a family

with a weirdo writer.

drawing of people in Hawaii

What a fantastic concept! :)

South Africa

16 Nov

Contemplative Doodling – Optimism

Can we create our own reality? I think we can. Optimism is certainly one of those visionary tools for doing so.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, South Africa

Agreed and great cartoon! :)

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London, England

26 Oct

She plays guitar!

toemail, toes, feet, photography, London, England

Fun drawing!

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Bath, Somerset, England

15 Oct

A warm and sunny Saturday in the park, people reading, chatting and sunbathing, covering the lawn in front of the Royal Crescent. A great chance to do lots of fast and simple figure studies of people at rest.

drawing,people,sitting,lawn,royal,crescent,Bath, Somerset, England

Wonderful drawing, captures the spirit very well! :)

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Loui Jover – Queensland, Australia

12 Oct

“Right now I like making ink drawings on adhered together sheets of vintage book paper, there is a fragility to these images that I find interesting (as if the wind may blow them away at any moment) and the hand drawn stark black lines against the intricate printed words of the book pages offer a strange fusion and depth that seems to give the images a kind of ‘meaning’ and back story, even though unconnected in a contrived way. I never pick the image for the pages or visa-versa they just collide as chance permits, any meaning they may have is purely created by the observer and their own imaginings.”

feet,toes,drawing,collage,women on swing, Loui Jover - Queensland, Australia

Very nice work! :)

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31 Aug

experimental drawing VI

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Portugal

Creative drawing!

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Cincinnati, Ohio

29 Aug

Yellow Legs


Medium: Colored Pastels

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Cincinnati, Ohio

Very good!

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