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Trafalgar Square, London, England

15 Apr

Doing the pigeon in Trafalgar Square

The pigeon is not only an animal but also a yoga pose which I got to do in Trafalgar Square. It was all made possible when I took part in a flash mob (I’ve ticked that off the old bucket list).

flash mob yoga group in Trafalgar Square, London, England

Great shot, we love these kinds of happenings!

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Guildford, Surrey, England

14 Apr

Woman adjusting a mannequin in Guildford, Surrey, England

Interesting image! :)

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13 Apr

Suzy Parker in vintage Christian Dior and photographed by Frances McLaughlin-Gill in 1952.

Suzy Parker in vintage Christian Dior and photographed by Frances McLaughlin-Gill in 1952.

Beautiful picture! :)

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London, England

9 Apr

Hi! I got the chance to order something from the webshop frontrowshop.com and I must say I was very pleased with the package I got! I picked out this white scalloped top and I love it, the fabric, the cut, the colour, it’s just very nice and you can wear it with everything. Today I combined it with my favourite trousers that are now 3 years old! I hope you enjoy this outfit and see you later! xoxo Eveline

fashion selfie taken in London, England

Now those are cool selfies! :)

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Liverpool, England

6 Apr

BBQ Bootcamp In Liverpool 9th-11th May

The Monkey Shoulder Trailer tours the UK this summer for a series of Scotch and BBQ events. It will roll into Liverpool from 9-11th May.

Don’t know your brisket from your baby back ribs? Monkey Shoulder will be at your service this summer with its new BBQ Bootcamps. Hosting DIY cocktail experiences, the best barbequed meats in the land and enough music to keep the festivalgoers stomping, BBQ Bootcamp will be stopping off at three cities and two festivals during their tour.

Whether visitors are seeking solace from muddy festival crowds or looking for fun ways to enjoy a summer’s weekend in the city, BBQ Bootcamp will be the place to go for Scotch and steak. There will also be a chance to meet the team and of course, cocktails galore!

photograph of people with monkey heads in Liverpool, England

Great shot, sounds like a fun event! :)

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4 Apr

group of people by the water

Nice shot! :)

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Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

17 Mar

Darth Vader loves American Apparel super high waisted leggings with long sleeved top and leopard print crop top…

woman posing with leggings,barefoot,top,and a Darth Vader helmut in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Great shot, didn’t know Darth was so hip! :)

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London, England

11 Mar

Chilling in the park on a sunny afternoon, making daisy chains and watching the world go by… happy feet and a happy memory!

feet,toes,daisies,park,London, England

Fun shot! :)

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The Barefoot Walk, Nottingham Barefoot Festival, England

2 Mar

We hope you all enjoy 2014 as much as these guys enjoyed 2013 – see you there!

people showing their barefoot in Nottingham, England

Marcus Holdsworth Photography

Wonderful shot! :)

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Birmingham, England

24 Feb

collage,art,feet,legs,toes,faces,Birmingham, England

Very creative! :)

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Andover, Hampshire, England

17 Feb


Three Related Images: Set Two

feet,legs,auto,art,Andover, Hampshire, England

Fertilisation Comes After Photosynthesis


feet,legs,auto,art,Andover, Hampshire, England

When The Dust Settled This Was Called Yellow Nude


feet,toes,art,auto,colors,Andover, Hampshire, England

There Used To Be A Man Under This

Nice work! :)

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Manchester, England

14 Feb

So as part of this team “LET’S DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT EVERY DAY” I bravely volunteered for, after perusing the internet for its typical cat memes I’ve grown accustomed to (as well as various other procrastinating methods involving a combination of both animals and life hacking techniques) I stumbled upon an exciting celebration known as ‘National Hugging Day’ – taking place on Tuesday 21st January 2014.

For those unfamiliar with this event, the National Hugging Day website describes this date as “an internationally recognized observation that embraces hugging”. After first being published back in 1986 in Chase’s Annual Events, countries including the US, Germany, Australia as well as our beloved UK have all jumped on the cuddly bandwagon to hand out hugs all over the world; encouraging those to hug regularly and freely with one another.

This seems like a fantastic cause, and a great way of spreading cheer to those around you. Quite often you’ll hear the ‘kindness of strangers’ phrase thrown around, yet it’s very rare that we get to enjoy such unknown generosity – and it got me thinking: how can my hug change your world? I’ve already started spreading the word amongst friends and colleagues, and I plan to give out free hugs in Piccadilly Gardens on the 21st to anyone willing to be cuddled by a smiley stranger.

If you’re looking to get involved, the official site lists some great ideas – from creating the longest hug chain to breaking the Guinness world record for hugging. However, there’s also some crucial advice when offering your cuddly services; first and foremost:

“Reasonable care should be taken with those who are either uncomfortable with public affection or their reaction to a hug is unknown.  In those situations, it is advised to ask first before hugging.”

From giving someone an almighty Bear Hug to a casual Side to Side Hug, the choice is yours – are you joining the cause? If so, the more the merrier; it would be great to get as many people on board as possible! Go on, do something different on Tuesday 21st January – by making a difference!

three men holding a woman on a beach

Love this concept! :)

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And lot of hugs to everyone on Valentine’s Day! :)

Sheffield, England

16 Jan

Surrounded by darkness

bride,barefoot,abandoned,building,dark,Sheffield, England

Very creative image!

Check out Manadh Photography and her Flickr Page !

Brighton Beach, England

7 Jan

A brave girl enjoying a bungee catapult at Brighton beach.

woman,feet,toes,bungee,catapult,Brighton Beach, England

Great shot, and even braver woman for sure! :)

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London, England

3 Jan

sweet bird of youth

Hello, Fig on Tumblr

toemail, toes, feet, photography, London, England

Great collage! :)

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