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Teachers – Cebu, Philippines

1 Oct

Teachers… We won’t be here without them. Gratitude and Respect are two things we can give them. Okay let me start first from giving a testimony about being a teacher. Yes, I AM A TEACHER and I’m proud to be one. I teach 1st to 3rd graders at Philippine Christian Gospel School.

Teaching is not an easy job at all. Dealing with children who are very talkative and hard headed is one thing. You can’t just tell them to stop because they won’t. But at the end of the day, your heart is filled with joy. Joy nobody can take. Joy that only teachers can understand. And I understand that now because I have worked in a different industry, a BPO industry, and it’s way too different than teaching. Less stressing and much fulfilling.

Friday, September 26, 2014, our school celebrated the teachers day. I came to school early and I already got a bunch of flowers and gifts on my table. Passing through the hallway and classrooms, my students greet me “Good Morning, Miss Kristy! Happy Teachers’ Day!” I’ll say thank you and hug them in return. I felt very, very special that day. Guess thats what teachers day is about. To make teachers feel special. Hahaha.

feet,toes,people,group,beautiful,Teachers, Cebu, Philippines

You guys are totally awesome!! :)

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Black Sand – Bali, Indonesia

30 Sep
Best day to end the Bail trip. Great month and great company. Legit the BEST sunset ever! Special thanks to the photographer – Alan Wong (https://www.facebook.com/ alan.wong.14855
Goal of my blog:
I will be writing more about this Bail vacation in my later post. Where did we go? What big thing happened there, and lessons that I have learnt.
Also, I will be mainly blogging about fashion clothing and interior design. Clothes that I wear & interior design inspiration.
Begin of my fashion study at The Fashion Institute in Sydney.
Daily life update of foodie and life back to my lovely hometown – HONG KONG. Hopefully more and more traveling posts!
I am more than appreciating people who comes across to my newbie blog – “skim flat white”. Thank you so much for the interest and support. For those who are curious why is it called skim flat white. Closest friends might find out because it is the one & only coffee I would drink. Stick with SKIM FLAT WHITE :) ktx
Woman,walking,beach,photgraphy,sunset,Black Sand,Bali, Indonesia
feet,toes,woman,beach,phtography,Black Sand,Bali, Indonesia
picture,polaroid,beach,woman,feet,toes,Black Sand, Bali, Indonesia
feet,toes,picture,beach,woman,polaroid,Black Sand,Bali, Indonesia
Very nice shots! :)
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Put Your Feet Up – Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada

29 Sep

feet,toes,ride,amusement park, Put Your Feet Up,Falcon Lake, Manitoba, Canada

Great shot! :)

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Sugarloaf Hill – Uruguay

27 Sep

fet,toes,chair,lift,scenery,coast,water,photography,Sugarloaf Hill,Uruguay

Very cool shot! :)

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Stadium – Athens, Greece

26 Sep

Back when we were in Spain I wrote a post entitled “Barcelona Doesn’t Suck”, in which I explained Amanda’s fierce and irrational hatred of Barcelona. She shares the same feelings towards Athens, except stronger – once when she was there, she “got a disease on her legs” which made them swell up and turn into cylindrical cankles for a week. She describes the city in a manner that would make you envision it as a sort of Brazilian favella instead of the cradle of Western civilization as we know it, and actually refused to even stop there – but lucky for me, Kathleen is a rational human being, so we outvoted her and checked ourselves in for a couple of nights.

My verdict, unbiased by purported but undiagnosed leg diseases: Athens is great. It’s the sort of place that makes me feel like a real dipshit, and for good reason. First of all, there’s about three thousand years of human history, well preserved and on display, that’s easily walkable in a day. Second of all, there’s that fantastic Greek alphabet with all of it’s fancy characters – that’s the part that really does it for me, actually. See, for six years I studied engineering at the University of Alberta, taking countless courses in mathematics and every branch of science imaginable. In all of these courses, characters from the Greek alphabet were used to represent variables and mathematical constants, the vast majority of which I have long forgotten. As a result, every time I read a Greek word, I’m reminded of just how much of my education has leaked out of my skull like water through a cauldron as I recognize the letters but fail to fully recall their significance. Seeing those words chiseled onto the side of a two thousand year old stone column just compound the effect, making me realize what an insignificant sack of carbon I really am in the grand scheme of things. Few cities can have that effect on a person so easily. Athens is one of them.

feet,toers,people,podiums,stadium,Athens, Greece

Great shot! :)

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Feet in Water – Kustenje, Constanta, Romania

25 Sep

feet,toes,water,dress,green,Feet in Water , Kustenje, Constanta, Romania

Nice shot! :)

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Street – Montevideo, Uruguay

25 Sep

Feet,toes,sandals,Street,phtography, Montevideo, Uruguay

Nice shot! :)

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Pajamas – Longmont, Colorado

24 Sep

Sure, I could go on and on about the drawbacks about regular work travel – and there are plenty… but there ARE some perks.

Ok, reality?  I could be answering a few more emails, a few more calls, I’ve got more than a few things I need to plan… but really, I don’t want to.

If I were at home, I’d be walking the dog, finishing up dinner, (maybe) picking up around the house, finishing up my workout, getting groceries… or many of the other things that happen during ‘regular’ life.  But tonight, I can’t do any of those.

So instead, I’m giving myself a treat.  Me, my pajamas and a good book… and it’s only 7.30pm.

feet,toes,woman,photogrphy,Pajamas,Longmont, Colorado

Sounds really cozy! :)

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NostalgiaVille – Boston, Massachusetts

24 Sep
The location?  I would say NostalgiaVille, near Boston, MA, USA. Going through all those old cards and letters from long ago can curl one’s toes (and warm one’s heart, too).
feet,toes,paper,text,sentimental,NostalgiaVille,Boston, Massachusetts
Awesome! :)

Carrion – Monroe, North Carolina

23 Sep
feet,toes,crow,road,woman,gown,down,Carrion,Monroe, North Carolina

Image by Samantha Pugsley

Awesome image! :)

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Rain – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

22 Sep

feet,toes,scooter,people,photography,Rain, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nice shot! :)

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Baker’s Hill – Sta Monica, Philippines

21 Sep

Baker’s Hill is another tourist destination in Sta Monica, just a few minutes away from Mitra Ranch, and is popular for the bakery goods one can buy as pasalubong (homecoming gift) such as cookies, crinkles, hopia, and a lot more confectionery items. What started out as a simple bakery has been extended into a mini park, with nice landscaping and a lot of statues/figures perfect for camera-addicts. They also have a viewing deck, with a similar view as the one you can see from Mitra Ranch. Inside there are also a few stalls for drinks, food, and even souvenir shirts.

Women,feet,toes,flipflops,LOVE,letters,Baker's Hill,Sta Monica, Philippines

Interesting place! Love is always the answer! :)

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Yoros Castle – Istanbul, Turkey

20 Sep

Yaros Kalesi/day at the Black Sea

We took the day to relax on a ferryboat tour of the Bosphorus. An hour and a half up the strait, an hour and a half back down. In between the boat rides, I walked with students up a mountain to see the Yoros Castle (Yoros Kalesi). It was a trek, no doubt – sweaty and hot, no clouds to block the sun – and when we saw closed doors at the peak, I worried they would be disappointed. Almost ready to head back down, to relax with nargile by the water, I tried banging on the door a few times. A man opened it furtively. I begged him, in broken but desperate Turkish, to let the students in two explore. “Just two minutes!”

“In two minutes, I will lock this door and go to lunch. Two minutes!”

The students rushed past the door, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the thin strips of land that give shape to the Black Sea. Hundreds of ships, tiny like ants, waited their turn to pass into the Dardanelles. After a few minutes of jumping around and snapping group photos, we hustled out of the castle area, but continued to wander. Rufus, a stray dog, guided us down the mountain.

Perseverance, y’all – it pays off.

woman,dress,sandals,water,view,Yoros Castle, Istanbul, Turkey

Nice shot! :)

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Inner Harbour – Baltimore, Maryland

20 Sep

A woman lies on her back on a dock in the Baltimore Inner Harbor to take a photo of the sky.

woman,camera,lying,ship,ferry,feet,toes,flipflops,Inner Harbour,Baltimore, Maryland

Hope she got a good one! :)

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Benches – Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

19 Sep

At the end of our beach promenade in Umhlanga Rocks, are two benches. This particular one is my favourite, and I love to sit on it, watching the waves and the action on the beach, before starting on the 3km walk back home. Today, it was already taken, by a pair of green flip flops belonging to this sunbather. I didn’t like to ask her to move them, and anyway, I would have been sitting right on top of where she was laying, so I had to settle for second best.

feet,toes,beach,sand,woman,Benches,Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Nice shot but hate when that happens! :)

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