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Remembering Moments – Cannon Beach, Oregon

30 Jul

I took these with my iPhone then edited in VSCO Cam (also available for android users).  In the silhouette photos I learned that I couldn’t click at the moment my 12-year-old dancer jumped.  When I did that, I ended up missing her jumps since they happened pretty fast.  Instead, I clicked just a second before and that did it!  It’s all about timing.  It would have been easier if I had the DSLR with me but I didn’t bring it.  The family was trying to travel light since this was a road trip in the Camry.

Girl,jumping,feet,toes,Remembering Moments,Cannon Beach, Oregon

Great shot and advice! :)

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Kids In The Woods – Somewhere

30 Jul

Girls,feet,toes,colorful,acting,funny,Kids In The Woods , Somewhere

Fun shot! :)

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The Blue City – Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

29 Jul

Time flies. And so do I – all over India. This past weekend was dedicated to Amritsar – known for its Golden Temple and the Wagah Border. The upcoming weekend will be spent in Varanasi – apparently one of the craziest places on earth. However, two weekends ago I was in Jodhpur – the Blue City. Here it is;

Woman,child,feet,toes,photograph,The Blue City ,Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Alley,blue,biles,The Blue City ,Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

The Blue City,photograph, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Great shots! :)

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Movie – Million Dollar Mermaid

29 Jul

Poster,feet,toes,Technicolor,MGM,Movie,Million Dollar Mermaid

Love them old movie posters! :)

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Street Monkey – Bali, Indonesia

27 Jul

feet,toes,Men,Monkey,photograph,street,Street Monkey,Bali, Indonesia

Awesome shot! :)

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Laundromat – Boston, Massachusetts

27 Jul

feet,toes,woman,machines,sitting,Laundromat,Boston, Massachusetts

Good shot! :)

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Prom – Queens, New York

27 Jul

on the way to prom Queens NY

feet,toes,sandals,Prom,photograph,Queens, New York

Fancy, fancy! :)

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It’s Raining – Berlin, Germany

27 Jul

feet,toes,people,baby,stroller,phone,It's Raining,Berlin, Germany

Great shot! :)

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Celebrity Summit Cruise – Bermuda

26 Jul

Here’s me hanging off the railing of the Celebrity Summit on a cruise to Bermuda this May.

feet,toes,railing,ship, Celebrity Summit Cruise , Bermuda

Must have been fun! :)

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Lemons – Hampstead Heath, London, England

26 Jul

feet,toes,flipflops,Lemons, Hampstead Heath, London, England

Good shot! :)

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Sunset – Hull, Massachusetts

26 Jul

Sometimes all you need is a little time by the sea.

feet,toes,deck,Sunset ,Hull, Massachusetts

Fantastic shot! :)

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Vacation – Tybee Island, Georgia

25 Jul

Took my mother on her first vacation in seven years in early May of 2014. We live in rural Kentucky, but this is her favorite place, on the beach.

Woman,beach,feet,toes.surf,Vacation , Tybee Island, Georgia

She must have loved it! :)

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Warmth of the Locals – Siem Reap, Cambodia

24 Jul

Seeing the locals warmly smile to us, with the beautiful backdrop of the fields of rural Siem Reap, made the quad ride (and waking up early!) all worth it. :)

feet,toes,people,walking,firlds,road,Warmth of the Locals, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Nice shot! :)

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Young and Old – Philippines

24 Jul

I’m really drawn to people in the streets. I want to capture them in a way where one’s soul is preserved or rather his/her personality is preserved in the photo. That’s why I don’t try to talk to them before shooting to really see the individuality and the richness of their character. After I click the shutter, that’s when I’ll talk to them.

In this series we can see a lot of contrast, not just in the technicalities but also on what the photos show. I’ve observed that a lot of young adults here in the Philippines choose to go bum, not working their asses to work in order to feed their families. Then when they get old, they regret not doing what they can when they were still younger and stronger.

feet,toes,youth,photograph,black and white,Young and Old,Philippines

feet,toes,man,photograph,sacks,street,Young and Old ,Philippines

Excellent pictures! :)

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Warner Brothers Tour – Los Angeles, California

24 Jul

WiFi’s been hard to come by and I’ve been on the go pretty much none stop and getting to know my new trek mates so this post is a few days late. (sorry!) Whilst in LA I went on the VIP Warner Brothers tour. I was super excited about it as being a TV and film nerd it was really interesting for me to see how American studios are run. It was an amazing tour and Berlyn (our tour guide) was so informative and helped cater the tour to what shows we all liked. I would definitely recommend it and I’ll write a more in depth review when I get home.

Feet,toes,woman,water,tower,Warner Brothers Tour , Los Angeles, California

Wonderful shot! :)

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