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Lemons – Hampstead Heath, London, England

26 Jul

feet,toes,flipflops,Lemons, Hampstead Heath, London, England

Good shot! :)

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Celebrity Summit Toes – Bermuda

21 Jul

Here’s a photo of a fellow passenger on the Celebrity Summit cruise my wife and I took to Bermuda this May.

feet,toes,woman,cruise,Celebrity Summit Toes,photograph,Bermuda

Nice shot! :)

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Langa Township, Cape Town, South Africa

17 Jul

Children,feet,toes,flipflops,Woman,Smiles,Langa Township, Cape Town, South Africa

Wonderful shot! :)

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Pedicure – Brigantine, New Jersey

13 Jul

It’s been a bit of a crazy year, so far.  Not always good, but definitely interesting and life changing.  I’ve been cooped up for a while and when I got the chance, I went for it.  A manicure, pedicure, and, as a bonus, a ridiculously relaxing massage, were enough to make this girl’s day.  Enjoy the simple stuff. As John Lennon said, “Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted”.  :-)

Feet,toes,toe ring,flipflops,Pedicure, Brigantine, New Jersey

Wow, that sure must have re-energized you! :)

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Rediscovering – Duka Bay, Philippines

6 Jul

This was supposed to be my last blog for 2013 but the internet connection was too slow so I finished uploading photos at exactly 12:16AM here in the Philippines, that means this is technically my first post for 2014.

I couldn’t think of anything more precious than the company and love of a family. Every moment spent with them is surely something I value and I am very thankful for.

My 2013

Life is full of surprises. My 2013 has been a wonderful year and what better way to wrap it up than embracing new blessings in my life. Just this November 6, 2013, I got officially hired as a Pharmacist for an international beauty, health and lifestyle retailer. It was a career move that I did not plan but I am very much happy for. Although it meant lesser time with my family as I had to go on duty 6 times in a week, I look at the fulfillment I am getting from my new workplace. That is why all the more that I am making up for those times that I missed family dinners etc.  My sister also got married last December 6, the grand opening day of the branch I am employed at. I did not make it to her wedding but even with islands apart I made sure they felt my support. So for today I am sharing outfit post as the whole family rediscovers Duka Bay on my one-day off.

feet,toes,filpflops,tattoo,Rediscovering ,Duka Bay, Philippines

feet,toes,dress,beach,Rediscovering, Duka Bay, Philippines

woman,outfit,feet,toes,brook,Rediscovering ,Duka Bay, Philippines

Lovely shots! :)

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DH Jet Skiing – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

4 Jul

We visited Puerto Vallarta with the family in June.  This was me relaxing on the beach while watching my 9 year-old and DH Jet Skiing.

feet,toes,beach,DH Jet Skiing , Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Nice shot! :)

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World Cup – Makarska Riviera, Croatia

3 Jul

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is still a hot item in Brazil and worldwide and even though Croatia’s team, along with a few others, have packed up and gone home, some die-hard fans on Croatia’s stunning Makarska Riviera (Between cities of Split and Dubrovnik) still wear the fan-trophy thongs while most have left the cup-fever and enjoy the wonderful sun and the Adriatic splendour. Wish I was there right now.

World Cup - Makarska Riviera, Croatia

feet,toes,flipflops,ladies,World Cup, Makarska Riviera, Croatia

They sure got the spirit! :)

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Summer – Germany

16 Jun

The first picture was taken downtown Giessen / Germany.
It shows a woman lying in the sun reading a book behind a small wall, with her feet on the wall.
It is a typical “walk by shot”, I took the chance.

The second picture was taken beside a motocross racetrack in Beuern / Germany

greeting from the heart of Europe

Feet,toes, flipflops,Summer - Germany

Feet,toes,flipflops,dirt,sunshine,Summer - Germany

Nice shots! :)

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from where I stood – El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

9 Jun

feet,toes,pictures,multiple,flipflops,El Nido,Philippines

Good composition! :)

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At Work or Play? – Laguna, Philippines

1 Jun


Interesting picture! ?!?!

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OOTD Super Casual – Sacramento, California

29 May

Heading to the movies too hot for a bunch of jewelry so here I am plain and simple.

Tank: Tillys $21.99
Jeans: Love Culture


Looking fantastic! :)

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23 May


Woman standing in front of wall art in Kuwait

art,collage, book, Kuwait


People at beach with surfboards in Kuwait

Great shots! :)

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The Big Island, Hawaii

22 May

“Toes on vacation”

foot,toes,flipflop,The Big Island, Hawaii

Nice shot! :)

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Western Idaho State Fair, Boise, Idaho

21 May

feet,toes,tattooos,flipflops,Western Idaho State Fair, Boise, Idaho

Nice tats!! :)

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Kythira, Greece

19 May

Feet,steps,beach,toes,flipflops,water,Kythira, Greece

Nice shot! :)

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