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Blogging Central: Boston, Massachusetts

16 Mar

This is from my post today, called Day 440: Random Observations, which includes musings on cat toys, as well as other things.

picture of a foot with other items on a floor

Nice shot! :)

Check out The Year (s) of Living Non-Judgmentally !

St. Louis, Missouri

9 Mar

Hello! I happened upon your odd and wonderful site, as a recent post connected with my scholarly topic of Sylvia Plath. I thought you might enjoy this picture of a ladybug on my toe. I do a lot of my reading and writing work in the sunshine, and this was taken in my outdoors office in St. Louis, Missouri, Summer 2012.

foot,toes,ladybug, Julia Gordon-Bramer,outdoors,office,St. Louis, Missouri

Wonderful shot! :)

And do check out Julia Gordon-Bramer, Author of Fixed Stars Govern a Life: Decoding Sylvia Plath !
Spring 2014, Stephen F. Austin State University Press

Mushroom Point, Otres Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

18 Feb

foot,toes,black,white,photograph, Mushroom Point, Otres Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Nice shot, almost abstract! :)

Check out swabhava !

Woody Cape, South Africa

12 Feb

foot,toes,shell,beach,Woody Cape, South Africa

Good shot! :)

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Tampa, Florida

11 Feb

West Seventh Freelance is happy to report a brief respite from Minnesota COLD in the form of a visit to Tampa, FL to see my sister and brother-in-law. I, of course, rushed right to the beach… (can you count all the different toes in the photo?!) ;)

foot,toes,birds,beach,sand,Tampa, Florida

Good shot! Sure is nice to get a winter break! :)

San Diego, California

30 Jan

I am from Singapore, where you got your pedicure from, but this photo was taken in San Diego where I was studying my senior year in UCSD. Here’s to stepping into the working world.

foot,toes,text,journey,San Diego, California

That foot was meant for walking! :)

Check out A Different Canvas !

Glasgow, Scotland

29 Jan

Modern art, located within the grounds of the House For An Art Lover, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow.

foot,outline,sculpture,art,park,Glasgow, Scotland

Interesting work! :)

Check out 1875Brian’s Flickr Photostream !

Off The Grid, British Columbia, Canada

11 Jan

surreal, drawing, foot,toes,Off The Grid, British Columbia, Canada

Interesting drawing! :)

Check out office of surrealist investigations !

Ashland, Oregon

12 Dec
Story: The first snow after four years in prison brought about the giddiness of a child. the snow means the first day snowboarding looms excitedly in the near future. Life outside, no matter how fraught with struggles and challenges, is better than any form of life inside. That’s why I am dedicating my efforts toward prison reform, to help others experience a truly better life, a sober life, a good life, a moral life, and most of all, a free life.
bare toe in snow in Ashland, Oregon
Good shot, and keep up the good work! :)
Check out Criminal U !


8 Dec


Nice shot, amazing really! :)

Check out Vickie Sors !


7 Dec

Another greeting from Florida, this time from a sailboat. It was a very ‘stealthy day’ as it was hard to distinguish the sky from the water.  This enticed me to write the poem Blue-Gray, see: http://anarette.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/blue-gray-moments


Nice shot! :)

Check out Anarette !

Massachusetts, USA

29 Nov
I’m attaching another “outtake” from one of my blog post photos (on they day I wore two different boots to work).
My blog is The Year of Living Non-Judgmentally, and here is the link to that post:
picture of two different boots and a bare foot
Easy to see how that could happen! :)

Munich, Germany

30 Oct

foot,toes,painting,collage,museum,Munich, Germany


Check out PisstKitty’s Blog !

Lisbon, Portugal

29 Oct

Last time I stayed at home, I took my mom for some days on holidays. It was her 60th birthday last year and she got retired, so I invited her to a mother-daughter-trip to a place of her choice.

First we thought of going to the US, but then in the end, there was not time enough and my mom suggested to stay in Europe. A nice city trip it should be. After researching a bit we decided to go to Lisboa, Portugal.

There is so much to do and so much to see…. have fun and explore your own Lisbon!

My mom and I had a good time and enjoyed our quality time (I think I gained at least 2 kg’s)

foot,toes,plaque,ground,sandal,Lisbon, Portugal

Nice shot, your mom must have been delighted. :)

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Las Vegas, Nevada

26 Oct

foot,toes,decorated,Las Vegas, Nevada

Interesting design! :)


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