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Kerala, India

14 Apr

Weekly Photo Challenge:Threshold

Masters of the Kalari art in action, Venue: Kerala, India

Masters of the Kalari art in action in Kerala, India

Great action shot! :)

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Varanasi, Utter Pradesh, India

27 Mar

Arriving to Varanasi:-

I have heard this place was magical, I have heard this place change people’s minds and shakes preconceptions on human behaviors and customs. Once while talking with Glisia, we were planning to visit this place together but unfortunately it couldn’t be possible for different reasons.

Mark visited me a couple weeks ago. An English guy which plan is to travel all india, including Varanasi. Meeting Mark made me understand that being a Solo traveller sometimes is better than traveling with a big pain-in-the-ass group. He taught me the importance of being alone and to enjoy moments and experiences on your own, dealing yourself in different places and situations allows you to grow up and solve problems by your own, going to an unknown place without the help from anyone, getting to manage the uncontrollable things that might happen while traveling is something I have discover in India and something I feel proud myself about: I am still learning but I can say: “I can do it, and it feels great, there’s a little bit of scared on it but stills it feels good”. I am glad I met this guy. He gave me some good lessons that I think I will use for the rest of my life.

With the plan in my mind to go to another country and realizing this place could be a stop during my journey I decided to make it a reality. I would stop in Varanasi for two days on my way to Nepal (A story that I will tell you about in future posts). The whole planning took me a week, where I would go, where I would sleep, which sights I was interested in, how much history these places have, etc.

man sitting in a boat in Varanisi, India

Nice shot! :)

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Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad, India

25 Mar

Project 365: Day 110, Morning routines..

man reading a newspaper in Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad, India

Great shot! :)

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Street Photography – India

20 Mar

man sitting barefoot in India

Great shot!

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Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

21 Feb
This was the first time after 12 years that I had put nail paint on myself- after all I was getting married.
And Gosh! that was the first and the only time people thought I had pretty palms and feet. :)
feet,toes,hands,henna,Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
hands,fingers,henna,Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Nice shots, bet you had a great wedding! :)

Goa, India

13 Feb

So after the crazy buzz of Mumbai, the BF and I went to Goa to just chill out on the beach.

We opted to say in the quieter part of Goa (South Goa) as we were not looking to party hard.  If you want to party hard Goa has plenty of options in the North.

What I loved most is laying on the beach with nobody around for miles and miles. Blue skies and long stretches of sandy beach make Goa an idyllic holiday destination.

woman walking alone on beach in Goa, India

The most exhausting thing I think I did on this whole vackay was my star jump!

woman jumping on beach at sunset in Goa, India

Sounds like you had a good relaxing time! :)

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Goa, India

31 Jan

If you are bored of visiting Goa’s infinite beaches or if you are the type of person who enjoys visiting museums then Ancestral Goa museum is an option you could try.

Ancestral Goa is meant to give you a cultural glimpse into the Goa of the past – Olden style homes, what their occupations were like? how did they dress? what did they eat? et cetera. The place is also popular as Big foot which is called so, because of an age old mythological story about a man’s big footprint which still exists there. There is an old saying that if you keep your right hand on the foot and make a wish, it will come true.

foot,imprint,big,museum,Goa, India

Big Foot

Goa has to a great extent managed to retain its culture and heritage. Fishing villages and fisherman, cashew distillery, olden style Goan architecture, Goan Music and Goan cuisine; None of these elements have seen drastic changes in the state and still moderately exist in and around Goan cities. So, when one can see all these things while in the outdoors, viewing life size statues and listening to audio speakers is a downside.

statues,men,culture,heritage,Goa, India

Statue depicting Goan fishermen

Great shots! :)

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Rajasthan, India

28 Jan

India has fascinated me – so many bright colours, amazing sights and most importantly: wonderful people. I’ve met so many interesting people during our short trip to Delhi, Jaipur and Pushkar, it was incredible.

I often feel as if I’m a thief, I’m an intruder stealing a picture. But of course, that’s the wrong mindset. I should be confident and happy that I’ve found an interesting character, who I’d like to take a picture of to tell a story. Once I show the final photo to the subject, the person often smiles and is happy – I’ve seen something interesting in him/her and captured it.

So really, as soon as I change into this mindset and openly approach my subject, asking ‘how are you’ and chat a little, it becomes easier to take a better picture. And of course, a smile helps. That’s how I managed to shoot the following pictures of some great characters in India.

Let me introduce you to this men in Jaipur, he was having tea at his doorstep – he smiled at me and even offered me to share a cup of tea with him…

man in doorway drinking tea in Rajasthan, India

In general, I really enjoyed all the colours everywhere. This men was sitting in front of a blue wall in the pink city of Jaipur, just watching me taking pictures. He waved at me to come over and take his picture too.

man sitting in fron of blue wall in Rajasthan, India

Finally, a few steps down the street were four men having a nice chat in the morning – they just stopped briefly so I could take the picture – then they continued as if nothing had happened. A perfect Saturday morning in Jaipur it seems…

four men sitting on a bench in Rajasthan, India

Wonderful shots! :)

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Southern Wayanad, Kerala, India

25 Jan

I hadn’t made it more than thirty yards down the street from the entrance to our homestay in Southern Wayanad, in Kerala, before I was joined by several local children who’d been playing in the yard of a nearby house.

As they ran out to intercept me, one of them said “Hello” to me in English, and when I said hello back, they all dissolved into giggles as they ran ahead of me in the street. I asked them what they were doing, and in response, I got another wave of giggles. One of the smaller boys held up a dragonfly, which he had captured and was holding by its wings, for me to see. The air was thick with dragonflies, fluttering lazily in the heat. Another boy had picked a purple flower from the side of the road and held it out for me, too, until he received what seemed to be too much teasing from his friends, and he ran off to the front of the group, shouting in Malayalam.

I motioned to my camera and said, “photo?” They happily complied, jostling each other into a line across the middle of the road:

children posing on road in Southern Wayanad, Kerala, India

Amazing kids! :)

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Delhi, India

23 Jan

man,sleeping,bench,barefoot,Delhi, India

Nice shot, looks very relaxing! :)

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Mumbai, India

14 Jan

Random photos I’ve taken while walking around in Mumbai: candid, un-posed, spur-of-the-moment shots.

feet,toes,shoes,rickshaw,Mumbai, India

Auto-rickshaw demographic

man,basket,bananas,head,Mumbai, India

Banana man

man,sitting,sandals,feet,toes,Mumbai, India

I think, therefore I am

woman,child,toes,feet,Mumbai, India

To school before the rains come down

Nice shots! :)

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Hyderabad, India

14 Jan

These toes are getting toasty by a bonfire on New Year’s Eve in Hyderabad, India. I had just traveled over 8,000 miles to have a whirlwind adventure with friends in South Central India. Firecrackers exploded in celebration as friends cheered in the New Year.

My Hello Kitty bandages came in handy as my winterized feet were not summer svelte for the new sandals I had purchased. No big deal, as colorful, chaotic India has a way of distracting you from a few blisters.

My toes are now tucked in a pair of winter boots, but the toe ring remains to remind me of a delightful beginning to 2014!

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Nice shot, good to hear all is now well! :)

Fort Kochi, India

12 Jan

Spanish artist Aryz decided to finish 2013 with a new piece, the last of 2013.
Looking forward to see more from him next year… maybe already this weekend!

feet,toes,mural,womanstreetart,Fort Kochi, India

Great picture! :)

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Chennai, India

11 Jan

feet,toes,resting,chair,Chennai, India

What a fun shot! :)

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Palolem Beach, Goa, India

10 Jan

This guy was also enjoying the beach..

beach,feet,toes,woman,cow,sand.Palolem Beach, Goa, India

Wonderful picture! :)

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