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Lombok, Indonesia

14 Apr

From Where I Stand III

Eximus // Kodak Colorplus

On the deck of a boat to Lombok, Indonesia

on the deck of a boat going to Lombok, Indonesia

Terrific shot! :)

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Bali, Indonesia

12 Apr

people walking by monkeys in Bali, Indonesia

Fantastic shot! :)

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West Java, Indonesia

19 Feb

For the past six months, I’d tried largely in vain to get the adults and teenagers at my school to throw with their left foot first, point their toes, point the left elbow, and throw from behind their head – not shot-put it.

But these kids had it all down perfect. We didn’t need to explain a thing (other than what the stitches were for).

Matt was the one who realized why: They were impersonating us.

I’ll admit, I got goosebumps. Watching it all click so quickly, each throw and catch markedly better than the previous. I got excited and look at Matt, “Wanna try some routes?”

Matt demonstrated a curl route. The boys did it.

Matt demonstrated an out route. The boys did it.

Matt demonstrated a corner route. The boys did it.

Matt then demonstrated cornerback play. The boys did it.

Sure we had to adapt some terminology along the way; Receiver became “Striker”, and touchdowns became “Goals”, but the kids got it.

Soon, we moved our game to the concrete court and started having them plan and run routes against each other. These kids were tracing imaginary lines on the ball before the snap to indicate what route they’d run. After each play, they’d rotate positions, trying new roles and combinations.

kids playing football in West Java, Indonesia

kids playing football in West Java, Indonesia

Great shots, and a real cultural exchange! :)

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Bali, Indonesia and Thailand

15 Feb

Just before I left Bali, I shot some sound healing videos with Sun King Wallaki and Light Enchantress Radha Divine. Here are some great pics from the shoots.

Time stood still for me out there with no internet or phone signal I was forced into presence- such a present to become more in tune with the sounds of nature from gibbons to hornbills and spending hours swimming in the deep fresh water and attempting some balancing postures or floating on a massive log in the middle of the lake.

dock,paddle,lake,mountains,mist,Bali, Indonesia

Jungle Yoga Surat Thani Thailand


Every afternoon involved several hours of intensive ashtanga practise as well as pranayama breathing techniques and satsang- open dialogue about anything and everything with Danny.

people doing yoga near a lake in Bali, Indonesia

Photo by Bettina Heinze – Jungle Yoga Surat Thani Thailand

It was a massive learning curve and I immediately started to feel physically stronger, which I put down to engaging the mulabandha- contracting the entire core muscles whilst practising yoga and also the pranayama exercises of holding breath and contracting core muscles at the same time muscles. I’ve always loved the truth in the concept that building physical strength also increases mental strength and the same goes with both physical and mental flexibility- changes that take place on a yoga mat affect the mind, body and spirit.

Jimbo a superyogi from Nashville and my yogi sister hut neighbour Bettina Heinze from Germany- here they are doing some acro yoga.

feet,toes,people doing acro yoga,Bali, Indonesia

Jungle Yoga Surat Thani Thailand


Love is…. the most wonderful fuel for creativity and connection as well as being the most universally understood, appreciated and pure feeling…. and well… it’s just everything really isn’t it? Loving the self, loving others, loving life.

feet,boat,lake,mountains,Bali, Indonesia

Jungle Yoga Surat Thani Thailand – http://www.jungleyoga.com

Awesome! :)

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Bali, Indonesia

9 Feb

I have always wanted to live near the coast, have my own private time watching the waves and the sunset whenever I feel like. I didn’t actually look for it. It just happened to be  Bali and IHF and to have the advantage of helping others, and learn so many things from the children while I have my dream come true. Actually both things are dreams came true. We come here to help the children, but I think in the end they are the ones who are helping us. I would like to give them as many great moments as they are giving to me. They are very joyful almost all the time. And when they are not they sniff in such a funny way that it’s impossible not to smile.Some of them act like bossy, some of them are just sly and the oldest ones very caring with the smallest ones.They come from different villages, from different backgrounds and different religions. But they just seem to get on so well and help each others when they don’t understand something. I am having a week of being closer to the kids and getting to know them better. This is all that interests me now. Having them around me.

children,feet,dancing,International,Humanity,Foundation,Bali, Indonesia

Lovely post, and keep up the great work!

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Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

9 Feb

It is still raining when I walk outside today and somehow this rainy season has bring me into the edge of my heart. The scent of the humid air just reminds me of you. Too much.

I wonder is it okay to have this feeling? just a sad feeling without feeling ungrateful at the same time? I just miss you and no other explanation needed. Simple as it is.

I miss you H

feet,toes,shoes,patterns,colors,Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

Beautiful post! :)

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Jakarta, Indonesia

22 Jan

Car Free Day

cyclists,feet,toes,car,fre,day,Jakarta, Indonesia

That must have been something! :)

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Bali, Indonesia

22 Dec

Of all the places I’ve travelled to and connected with, I must say that Bali was a place I’ve connected with spiritually. Thank you Bali for being so beautiful and allowing me to find inspiration in every corner. Maybe its the magic of this place that led me to meet cool cats who seem so comfortable with who they are, living their dreams and just being their balling hippy selves.  This places made me realise that souls are brought onto this universe without any personality traits or specific labels, but that all souls are connected with the universe with the pure essence of being peaceful, beautiful and full of love.  Bali made me open my heart again, trust the universe even more, and well…  made me believe & see magic everywhere. So thank you Bali, I will be back!

And of course my friends wedding festivities followed by another friends bday festivities were some of the best highlights of this trip. Such good good times! It was chill, it was cray, it was amazing! I didn’t have that many chances to take pics but above are some snaps  :)

two pairs of feet on a beach in Bali, Indonesia

woman standing on beach in Bali, Indonesia

group of woman jumping in Bali, Indonesia

Prigi Beach, East Java, Indonesia

20 Dec

Recently, I joined the county-wide English teachers organization on their annual day-long retreat. When we voted last semester on the destination for this year’s retreat, my school’s voting block (in favor of Bromo volcano) was severely beaten by the other 30 teachers who wanted to go to Prigi Beach.

After spending a day on the beautiful beach, eating wonderful seafood and going out for a boat cruise of the coast, I understood the enthusiasm for this place.

It took about four hours to reach this area on the southern coast of East Java and we split our time between the more remote Pasir Putih (white sand) beach and the more commercial beach of Prigi.

I enjoyed fresh grilled fish, grilled squid, sweet and sour squid, and three drinks made from/inside a whole coconut. I joked with my friends that this is what friends back home probably imagine our daily lives are like here in Indonesia.

Having now visited a few of these smaller beaches, which are more for locals and less-known to tourists, I have come to the realization that we could live here for 20 years and still not discover all of the beauty of this incredible country.

Four men posing on the beach at Prigi Beach, East Java, Indonesia

Awesome looking place! :)

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Balian Beach, Bali, Indonesia

9 Dec

I took a photo of my friends toes yesterday and told her I would send it to you.
Her toes are painted with the logo of her and her boyfriends’ handmade surfboard company called “Journey” https://www.facebook.com/journeysurf

feet and toes with company logo painted on toenails in  Balian Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Pretty cool way to get the logo “out there”! :)

Bintan, Indonesia

8 Dec

Scared of diving? Who isn’t when it comes to facing something unknown, not knowing what to expect at all. But my mantra is ‘ to do what you’re afraid of ‘ , and I did, surprisingly I enjoyed it more than I expected to. Venturing to do what scares you , you’ll never know, for you might find something that you’d love, for your entire life.  And I can’t wait for diving in Koh Tao in December!

woman sitiing on beach at Bintan, Indonesia

Conquering fear is a biggie, thanks! :)

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Lombok, Indonesia

2 Nov

Taking a few days away on Lombok island, Indonesia with my daughters. This is one of them doing a cartwheel at sunset. My cartwheeling days are long behind me. I did manage a tempo run on the hotel treadmill yesterday which was much appreciated. Off in search of Nemo and Dory today so will probably not get to lace up. It’s a tough life ;)

feet,toes,cartwheel,woman,beach,Lombok, Indonesia

Cool shot, yea, our cartwheel days are behind us too! :)

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Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia

16 Oct

feet,toes,beach,people,water,Pemuteran, Bali, Indonesia

Good shot, almost looks like a painting! :)

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Nusa Lembongan, Klungkung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

8 Oct

feet,toes,women,motorcycles,view,ocean,cliff,Nusa Lembongan, Klungkung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

feet,toes,woman,swing,view,Nusa Lembongan, Klungkung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

Very nice shots, looks like Paradise! :)

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Labuan Bajo Harbor, Flores, Indonesia

3 Sep

I’ve been in Indonesia for over two months, and one of the highlights of my trip was visiting Komodo National Park to see the dragons.  This photo was taken just as we left Labuan Bajo Harbor on our way to Rinca Island for a trek through dragon country.

feet,toes,boat,water,mountains,Labuan Bajo Harbor, Flores, Indonesia

Really nice picture, but wondering what the dragons were like? :)

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