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Pisa, Italy

27 Mar

Caring gentleman

Collage of drawing and photographs

Nice work!

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Favignana, Italy

26 Mar

 picture of legs at beach flipped and juxtaposed

Interesting image! :)

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Vatican City

11 Mar
Dear Toemailers,

As you know, I’m a big time fan of your snazzy, jazzy, toe-tapping site. You do make the world a better place, one foot at a time. During my recent trip to Rome, I snapped a few images of some rather handsome tootsies. For you, I kept my eyes peeled for ones possessing with mass appeal. This shot was taken at the Vatican on a bright, sunny day back in December.

Keep on snapping and stepping!

foor,toes,statue,close,up,Vatican City
Great shot! And thanks, Theadora, it’s people like you that make it happen! :)

Cigarette Breaks in Rome and Paris

3 Mar

As I write this post I realize that cigarette break has a double meaning: it can mean to have a break in order to smoke a cigarette, but it can also mean to take a break from smoking cigarettes.

I happen to be in the second category this time, as I haven`t been smoking for months now and I can`t even remember how I quitted.

However, there are a lot of people smoking in this post and you may want to take a look at the photos below to see this.


Woman smoking and texting in Rome

Woman smoking in front of buidling in Rome

Woman smoking in front of buidling in Rome


men smoking outside a building in Paris

woman smoking ooutside in Paris

waiter smoking by tree in Paris

Great shots! :)

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Como, Italy

11 Feb

Swim in the Trevi Fountain, not too shabby, huh? We even discussed the “bail me out of jail” plan with Luana. The day we visited Rome, there was no way I was ever going to even make it close enough to water and cops were everywhere… oh well, next time…

But I wasn’t about to give up. Como has a fantastic fountain, it was hot and there was almost no other people around it and no cops, the only person near by was a photographer taking pics of the fountain and a manager of the nearby restaurant. He knew I was up to something… When he realized what I was about to do, he smiled and gave me a nod.

Gave my camera to the photographer who was next to me and went for it… Incredible feeling! First, because you’re not supposed to get inside and second, it was so hot, that the cool water hitting my body, gave me an absolute orgasmic sensation. When I managed to get out of the fountain all drenched and laughing, manager of the restaurant clapped and then a couple other people who walked by, joined him.

elena levon, smiling woman walking out of fountain in Como, Italy

elena levon.fountain,woman,lake,como,mountains,Como, Italy

elena levon.woman standing under fountain in Como, Italy

When in Como, one must visit funicular railway and go to the top of the mountain. Old villas, peace and breathtaking views of Como.

elena levon,feet,toes,sandals,stairs,looking,down,Como, Italy

When I arrived in Como, noticed an advertisement of Carnevale, was so exited to be a part of it. However, forgot the exact dates, I blame Fresco bar for that. But you know, when something is meant to happen, it will.. On one of our walks around Como, Me and Annick, got lost. Trying to figure out how to get to our street, we hear loud sounds of drums…

We decided to follow the sound…

My wish came true…

carnival,float,people,party,streets,Como, Italy

What a fantastic post, you really had a blast! :)

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Rive del Garda, Italy

6 Feb

statue,fountains,town,Rive del Garda, Italy

Beautiful picture, love the play with color! :)

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Rome, Italy

24 Jan

monk,feet,toes,street,Rome, Italy

Great shot, that monk is amazing! :)

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Rome, Italy

18 Jan

10 Itālijas pilnas dienas noslēdzās ar 2ām dienām Itālijas galvaspilsētā Roma. Romā ieradāmies no Neapoles ar vilcienu. Biju norezervējusi nakstmītni 10 minūšu gājienā no Termini vilcienu stacijas, kas mums ļāva ērti un ātri nolikt savus koferus un uzreiz baudīt Romu.

Kā arī no Termini stacijas iet vilciens uz lidostu, no kurienes mēs devāmies uz Rīgu. (vilciens 14 EUR)

Ja esat Romā tik maz laika un esat pirmo reizi, tad ērtākais variants ir samaksāt 18 EUR par tūristu apskates busu, kas Jūs vizinās pa Romu visu dienu ar daudz pieturām, kurās Jūs varat kāpt ārā un kāpt iekšā. Nebūs jāpērk sabiedriskā transporta biļetes, nebūs ļoti jālasa kartes. Var ļauties un baudīt!

roman soldiers with tourists in Rome, Italy

Photo: Kristine Austere


photography of Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Photo: Kristine Austere


photography of woman sitting near a very large statue in Rome, Italy

Photo: Kristine Austere


Fantastic shots!

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Rome, Italy

13 Jan

#Real Man


Nice shot, such a good daddy! :)

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Rome, Italy

11 Jan

My time in Rome was short lived purely for academic reasons. I went to Rome to gain experience in an International School which was honestly the best thing I ever done. I learnt a lot about what kind of teacher I want to become and who I am. I met so many people who did become part of my life whilst I was there.

I learnt to overcome my fear of eating out alone! I never thought I would do it, but I’m glad I did as I wouldn’t have met half of the people who helped me with my Italian if I had not. I was given freedom to explore the city at my own pace and experience it like I had never experienced it before – as a local.

I tried to do “total immersion” days where I did not speak English at all. It was difficult at first but it really helped my language competence develop. I took the time to explore the streets and even though I sometimes got a little bit lost, I always found my way back after discovering a secret gelataria or boutique shop!

woman,feet,toes,sculpture,public,Rome, Italy

Woman,fountain,water,feet,toes,Rome, Italy

Hard to beat a personal success story! :)

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Scala dei Turchi, Sicily, Italy

6 Jan

feet,toes,picture of people at Scala dei Turchi, Sicily, Italy

Great shot! :)

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Lombardy, Italy

13 Dec

We also saw the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus (27BCE to 14CE) during our trip to Italy a month back. He was standing in front of the Mezzabarba Palace in the Piazza del Municipio (Municipal Square) of Pavia.

statue of  Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus in  Lombardy, Italy

statue of  Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus in front of building in  Lombardy, Italy

Good shot! :)

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The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

19 Nov

will never forget today. Seeing the Roman Colosseum has been on my bucket list since I was a little girl. While many children grew up reading Disney stories, I read tales of Roman and Greek Mythology. I have been fascinated with this era and I couldn’t think of a better place to take my mother on her first trip to Europe. Today I laid eyes on ( in my opinion) the most magnificent architectural feat in history. The grand stone colosseum holds up to 75,000 spectators and was made of concrete and travertine stone. Many do not know that that colosseum is just a nickname and that the massive structure is called the Flavian Amphitheatre. It was built in 70 AD under the Flavian dynasty following the reign of Nero. The remains of this incredible structure stand tall in the centre of Rome after devastating damages from earthquakes and stone robbers. Many pieces that have fallen during the 40 days of earthquakes can be found in Vatican City in Saint Paul’s Basilica. I can give you a hasty history lesson or you can educate yourself via Wikipedia. But perhaps the way I would do it is pop in Russell Crowe’s best movie and watch what the Colosseum was actually used for. Here are some pictures from my side :) More to come with pictures from the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Ancient Rome Ruins and the Spanish Steps! Tomorrow we are off to Vatican City!

picture of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

picture of inside The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

two woman waving from in fron of the Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Fantastic shots! :)

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Umbria, Italy

15 Nov

Sicilian cannoli and Italy

Last September I was on holiday in Umbria, Italy. So, so pretty. I have talked a little bit about this in my blogpost about pasta carbonara. It was such a pretty holiday and gave me so much inspiration. I thought it would be nice sharing more with you.

Well, I am not fan of spending much time in the kitchen. But this dessert might be worth it. Best thing? They not only taste great but they look spectacular too. I’m talking about Sicilian cannoli. Mm! I am cheating a little bit for the picture, because I’ve picked up my canolli last week at a local Italian caterer. But this cannolo (means one) makes a wonderful picture.

Here are a few pictures of Amelia and cannoli. Hope this inspirers you too. XO Karine

feet,toes,woman,sandals,dress,cat,street,Umbria, Italy

woman,balcony,Umbria, Italy,toemail,pictures of toes, pictures of feet,

cannoli,plate,close,up,Umbria, Italy

Nice shots, and that cannoli looks pretty good too! :)

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Rome, Italy

5 Oct

Look up!

In Rome I found that if you don’t look up, you might miss something wonderful. Every detail to make the city as beautiful as they could was taken into account by the Romans. There were many street corners which had little to big paintings, such as this one, quietly decorating Rome, there for those that pay attention. Angels were placed at the base of the painting, graceful creatures in the amidst of the traffic of cars and scooters, smoke from cigarettes, the chitter-chatter of pedestrians and the street sweepers. Now, why can’t all cities be as lovely as Rome?

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Rome, Italy

Such a beautiful touch to the architecture!

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