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New Jersey

14 Nov

What Would You Name This Photo?

Photo shoot yesterday resulted in this compositing experiment #2. … Untitled. Suggestions?

toemail, toes, feet, photography, New Jersey

Perhaps our readers will have some suggestions.  Great job!

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Essex County, New Jersey

11 Nov

I suffer from recurrent depressive episodes that can last from a few days to a few years, as well as hypomania. I find photography to be helpful during those times. I took this for the BrokenLightCollective.com gallery for people affected by mental illness.

I took this photo on my walk home from my psychiatrists office. I was disappointed with the outcome of the appointment. I wanted to go down on a med and just ended up going up on another. I wanted her to be excited about a plan I have for the future, but she was not. It seems my “good” days can only be attributed to hypomania and my “ideas” cannot be trusted. As I walked back, I felt tightly bound by my mental illness like a straightjacket, and my thoughts were everywhere, so despite the cold weather I took off my shoes and walked on the beautiful fall leaves. I wanted to feel unbound, and grounded to the earth. To the moment. To reality. But it only left me questioning what reality really is.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Essex County, New Jersey

Best wishes to you and beautiful Fall photo!

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Asbury Park, New Jersey

4 Nov

YOGAngsters: Yoga shoot with @florettaa & @tinabock

feet,toes,woman,yoga,beach,Asbury Park, New Jersey

feet,toes,yoga,woman,beach,Asbury Park, New Jersey

feet,toes,women,yoga,beach,pose,Asbury Park, New Jersey

feet,toes,women,yoga,beach,pose,Asbury Park, New Jersey

feet,toes,women,yoga,pose,mural,streetart,Asbury Park, New Jersey

Great shots, oh to be in such great shape! :)

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Essex County, New Jersey

27 Aug

I suffer from generalized and social anxiety disorders and panic attacks. I took this photo for BrokenLightCollective.com the mental health photo collective.

I have issues with showers. I don’t know why or since when, (it goes WAY back), but I have it. I do not find them to be calming, although I see how others might. To me they are anxiety producing. I have had major breakdowns in showers and negative impulsive even suicidal thoughts. Whenever I step in and everything gets dizzying and seems out of focus, I try now to focus on my feet and wiggle my toes. It’s the same thing I did when I was having a c-section. Focus on one thing. One sensation or body part and try to get out of my mind and into my body. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m a work in progress.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Essex County, New Jersey

Sounds like you’re doing a great job with it and very best wishes!

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Brigantine, New Jersey

18 Aug
Summer’s coming to a close.  I have to get in as much beach/reading/relaxing/sunshine time as I can before the trees start to turn a fabulous array of blazing colors and beach days slowly recede in the rear view mirror.  I’ve staked my claim on this bench for weeks now.  The local NJ transit bus passes by here and the driver stops not too far from where I sit.  I guess because it’s the end of the route and he’ll be making a turn and heading back for another round of service.  Yesterday the bus driver commented that he hoped no one tries to sit on “my” bench before I get there.  I told him there’d be hell to pay!  He laughed. (I wasn’t kidding.)
If I think I’m traveling under the radar, I guess I should guess again, if Mr. Driver noticed that I’m hogging the furniture.
Greetings from Brigantine, New Jersey.
foot,toes,relaxing,reading,summer's,end, Brigantine, New Jersey
Really nice shot, it’s always weird in August when the feeling that summer is nearing an end is upon us. (sigh) :)
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New Jersey

9 Aug

Ah, Kids……

toemail, toes, feet, photography, New Jersey

Very good! :)

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Brigantine, New Jersey

31 Jul
Hi,  it’s been a while, but, I’m baa-aaack!
A little lesson in fish vs. jellies.
Yes.  They are jellies.  Or at least that’s what the presenter at the Camden Adventure Aquarium  (http://www.adventureaquarium.com/) told my class a few years ago.  Apparently, the term jellyfish is a misnomer because these critters have none of the characteristics of a fish.
And here are just two that we found on the beach at Brigantine, NJ.
feet,toes,jellyfish,beach,sand,Brigantine, New Jersey
Wow, isn’t it asking for trouble putting your foot on one of them? :)
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Green Pond, New Jersey

26 Jul

“I suffer from severe depression, and when I feel at the edge of darkness, being out in nature is one way that I try to find balance, as well as taking pictures and being part of BrokenLightCollective.com with other people who are in similar places.”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Green Pond, New Jersey

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Green Pond, New Jersey

Great idea and beautiful shots!

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Fort Lee, New Jersey

5 Jul

Our terrace looking at the rain.

toes,feet,green cast, negative,Fort Lee, New Jersey

Really interesting shot. Love the near abstractness of it! :)

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Avalon, New Jersey

4 Jul

Our friends Col and Nick invited us to stay at their house on the Avalon Bay.  I had spent my Bachelorette weekend there last year so I was pumped to go with Brendan and Piper this time.  It’s such a relaxing place.  Huge house right on the bay with a long dock, an upper deck where you can see the amazing sunset, (which will just have to get its own blog because it was that beautiful), and enough rooms for several families.   We got to meet some new friends, Piper got to swim for the first time, B and I went swimming together for the first time ever, and we ate lots of food! Oh! And who can forget the ducks mating in the neighbor’s pool?  Good times.  Much needed.

feet,toes, diver,water,Avalon, New Jersey

feet,toes,diving,water,Avalon, New Jersey

toes,feet,jumper,water,Avalon, New Jersey

feet,toes,jumper,water,Avalon, New Jersey

woman,water,smiling,Avalon, New Jersey

Fantastic shots, you look like a bunch of acrobats! :)

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Colts Neck, New Jersey

22 Jun

Every summer one of the kids favorite places to go is the Spraygrounds in the Dorbrook Park in Colts Neck, NJ. This is a great place to go to cool off and best yet-its free!!!! This year was especially exciting because my daughter who is now 17 months and was really able to enjoy the water.

feet,toes,beach,kids,sand, Colts Neck, New Jersey

Great shot, evocative and nostalgic at the same time! :)

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Essex County, New Jersey

9 Jun

“I’ve been going through a difficult time recently due mostly to depression and have felt stuck in my house. I forced myself to go out and spend some girlie time with a good friend. We got pedicures, had brunch together and then took a stroll through some gorgeous rose gardens. Our brightly painted toes went well with the brightly colored roses!”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Essex County, New Jersey

Beautiful gardens and sounds like a great day!

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South Orange, New Jersey

25 May

“Sometimes just getting my toes painted can be a confidence boost when I feel down in the dumps. Afterwards, I tend to feel prettier, more confident, and ready to take my pretty toes out on the town instead of just sitting at home in my bed all day.”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, South Orange, New Jersey

toemail, toes, feet, photography, South Orange, New Jersey

Can be a boost and nice shots!

Check out Broken Light: A {Mental Health} Photography Collective !

Loveladies, New Jersey

14 Apr

“There is something so calming about being at the beach – listening to the waves, feeling the sun and the breeze and digging your toes into the sand. Even if I am having severe anxiety or depression, the beach can somehow ground me.”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Loveladies, New Jersey

Calming indeed and nice shot!

Check out Broken Light: A Photography Collective !

Long Beach Island, New Jersey

9 Apr
“I love experiencing the world again for the first time as my daughter does. Her wonder. Her excitement. Her adventurous spirit. She puts one foot in front of the other and runs at life head-on, with open arms and an open heart.”
 feet,toes,baby,beach,Long Beach Island, New Jersey
So cute!

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