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Prom – Queens, New York

27 Jul

on the way to prom Queens NY

feet,toes,sandals,Prom,photograph,Queens, New York

Fancy, fancy! :)

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New York

9 May

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”
― Diane Arbus

The Secret

Surreal,feet,toes,woman,silos,New York

Fantastic image! :)

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Staatsburg, New York

6 May

More turtles

foot,turtle,grass,Staatsburg, New York

Nice! :)

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New York, New York

18 Apr

Once upon a time, when I was 18, I was in an improv troupe. We had a performance on the day that Danny Kaye died and I asked our director (a college student) if we could dedicate that night’s performance to him, you know because he was a classic comedian and all. The director said, “Who’s that?” I said, “Nevermind,” and walked off.

To put it mildly and succinctly, Danny Kaye was a comic genius. His specialty was making silly faces while singing silly songs very quickly. If you needed that, he was your man. If you didn’t need that, well, he could do whatever you wanted him to.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is based on a James Thurber story about a man who is a henpecked husband and escapes into an imaginary dreamworld whenever he gets the chance. For the movie, they added a thrilling storyline to his reality. I could say more but I won’t. You really do need to trust me on these things. I promise if I were standing behind you for a trust fall, I would definitely try to catch you.

The feel of this movie is very similar to “My Favorite Brunette”, which is another film I will recommend to you when the time is right. It also shares the theme of accidental intrigue.

The wonderful Virginia Mayo plays opposite Kaye and is definitely able to hold up her side of every scene she is in. You can tell she was a smart, insightful woman. She has really cool costumes too.

And now I feel it is my duty to explain a little about the director, Norman Z. McLeod. He directed a lot of comedies which are considered classics today, though his name isn’t as well known as say, Howard Hawks, Billy Wilder, or Preston Sturges. He’s famous, but not that famous. Here’s a short list of some of his most famous films before he made Mitty: Horse Feathers, Topper (!), and Merrily We Live. After Mitty, he went on to direct many Bob Hope films like Road to Rio, The Paleface, My Favorite Spy, and Casanova’s Big Night (one of my favorite Hope movies). FYI, the best Bob Hope movie is The Ghostbreakers. You need to know that or else you may not get into heaven.

So let me sum this up. You have a great cast, a great director, a great story and a little time on your hands. Obviously you need to watch the movie.

My Classic Movies

Classic film for sure, haven’t seen the remake yet. :)

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Brooklyn, New York

16 Apr


Shot with the Samsung HZ-35W on the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Photograph of a woman's legs and feet on a window sill in Brooklyn, New York

Great shot! :)

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Fire Island, New York

14 Mar

As I was recently cleaning up around my room and relentlessly trying to find god knows what, I accidentally came across an old disposable camera of mine. Having absolutely no recollection of what it could have been from, I excitedly took it to get developed. As I looked through the pictures, I relived summer memories of visiting Fire Island in New York.

While I was in New York over the summer, I visited my cousins in Huntington. One of the days we were there, we took a mini trip to Fire Island to enjoy the nice weather, California style. This required a short drive followed by a ferry ride in which many families pushed and shoved their way on in hopes of not having to wait for the next one. Luckily, we got on and it was smooth sailing from there. Throughout the day I enjoyed a dip in the surprisingly warm ocean, soaked up the sun I had been missing so much, and cooled down with a mega scoop of ice cream from the small town next to the beach.

As I looked around at all the beautiful beach cottages, I daydreamed about living in one some day and being able to wake up to the sounds and sights of the ocean. Big windows flooded with light, soft bushes of grass and sand as a front yard, spacious patios; they were all so dreamy!

woman over backwards on chair on beach in Fire Island, New York

Photo: Maddy Rotman

Great find and a really fun shot! :)

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Syracuse, New York

13 Mar

Please find attached an image which is entitled “A Cabal Of Toes.” It’s from an unpublished album of ‘sandwiched’ color slides I produced while attending Syracuse University. Have fun!

doubled image of feet in front of a window in  Syracuse, New York

Very creative! :)


Washington Square Park, New York City, New York

16 Feb


Odd performance to stumble upon!  :)

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New York, New York

12 Feb

Rockefeller Center

gold statue at Rockefeller Center in New York, New York

Nice shot! :)

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Brooklyn, New York

7 Feb


Love them old movie posters! :)

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Brooklyn, New York

10 Jan

I was catching up with a friend in Brooklyn yesterday, so I decided to snap, as usual, some street art. It’s practically impossible to walk around and not see something splattered on a decaying wall that absolutely grabs your interest.

mural,street,art,Brooklyn, New York

mural,street,art,Brooklyn, New York

Fantastic murals! :)

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Mockingbird – Carly Simon & James Taylor – (New York City)

7 Jan

Times Square, New York, New York

30 Dec

Woman rushing through Times Square at night in New York City

Great shot!

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Brooklyn, New York

28 Dec

picture of feet in a rubber wading pool with a bottle in Brooklyn, New York

Looks like you are all set! :)

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Brooklyn, New York

19 Dec

feet,toes,flipflops,legs of a woman sitting on a rooftop in Brooklyn, New York

Cool shot!

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