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1 Mar
Painting from France

Léon Bonnat


Beautiful! :)

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The Dancers, Sergio Martinez Cifuentes

18 Feb

toes,feet,painting,The Dancers, Sergio Martinez Cifuentes

Beautiful painting! :)

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San Francisco, California

8 Feb

Painting,Stephen,Kelly,San Francisco, California

Beautiful! :)

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Karen Ann Myers – Charleston, South Carolina

8 Jan

“I am investigating the psychological complexity of women through intimate observations in the bedroom. The work is inspired by the cult of beauty in contemporary mass media. Intricately painted, decorative interiors are invented to titillate the viewer.”

Karen Ann Myers sketching for a painting

Karen Ann Myers sits in front of one of her paintings

Karen Ann Myers,painting,feet,toes,woman,bed,Charleston,SouthCarolina

Awesome painting! :)

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Found at wicked vibes bring the joy

Oakland, California

19 Dec

I am attaching one painting that I created back in 1997 (in Oakland, CA)… the painting is titled “Enamorado” (“In Love”) and measures 37 x 58 inches. The media is acrylic and wood on canvas and wood (bed head board).

painging of a barefoot man on a bed in Oakland, California

Very nice painting! :)

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Lancashire, UK

15 Dec
These are drawings I have done of toes or feet. The colourful one is in oil pastel and linseed oil, and the other is pencil. My blog address is: http://ihstaton.wordpress.com/. I have to admit that in the pencil one I have focused a little more on the foot than on all five toes.
oil painting of a foot from Lancashire, United Kingdom
pencil drawing of feet in Lancashire, United Kingdom
Very nice work! :)

Paris, France

14 Dec

The Banjo Lesson- Henry Ossawa Tanner

First African American painter to include positive images of his own culture. I’m using this as the inspiration for my new painting. Can’t wait!

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Paris, France

Excellent painting!

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Mexico City, Mexico

31 Oct

Lovely Things: Latin American Female Artists

Without getting too personal, abstract, or cliché, I have been experiencing a period of self-reflection and growth these days that I think is reflected in what I’m currently studying.  I’ve been completely absorbed by the images of some modern female Latin American artists as of late, partially because of this excited state I’m in is somehow manifested in their works.  These women are fantastic and provocative.  They inspire and intrigue.  And they have entered my life at the perfect time.

Remedios Varos

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Mexico City, Mexico

Beautiful painting!

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Munich, Germany

30 Oct

foot,toes,painting,collage,museum,Munich, Germany


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Tightrope Dancer – Kentucky

30 Oct

Tightrope Dancer

It might look like another
because the lines won’t
end here, or there

Remember you don’t
judge the book,
the cover by appearance

Seems to be what is
isn’t, then
robs you of time
and suddenly

It’s another fine
you’ve gotten me


Check out Dean J. Baker !


27 Oct

No Play Time Right Now, Artwork by Marla Hoover

I wanted a painting so different from what I’ve usually done and I wanted the country feel of the farm. So I came up with a girl working on “The Old Truck” and her little brother wanting to play ball. So this is what I came up with.

If you’re interested in a framed print, print, metal, poster, greeting card or iPhone case please see my artwork for sale page for more information.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Arkansas

Original Artwork by Marla Hoover “No Play Time Right Now”

Lovely painting!

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Des Moines, Iowa

26 Oct

Here is the adorable artwork the teachers at my baby Charlotte’s school “helped” her make. I must say these woman are bold to slap fluorescent pink paint on the tootsies of a wiggly baby, but I’m sure glad they did! If you’re brave enough, use some non-toxic, washable paint on your baby’s feet and let he or she dance away on a piece of paper or artist’s canvas. I must say – I shed a couple of mommy-pride tears when I saw my daughter’s first masterpiece:) There will be many more to come, I do believe!

footprints,art,baby,drawing,Des Moines, Iowa

Awwww, that’s just so cute! :)

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Rhodes Island, Greece

24 Oct

Emotional Dancing

Oil on Canvas / 2012 / 80W x 65H cm
Available for sale

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Rhodes Island, Greece

Beautiful, expressive painting!

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17 Oct

Octopainting: accomplished

Despite the travel posts, I did not forget this is an art blog!
Finally finishing my tree octopus painting. :)

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Florida

Unique painting. Very good!

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Beautiful Messes

16 Sep

From the time she was little, my daughter (like most kids, I think) loved nothing more than a big mess.   Now, I’ve mentioned I am a bit of a perfectionist–which I once defined as someone who thinks they’re ALREADY perfect…I’ve learned that instead, I’m someone who always  WANTS things to be perfect, or in their right spot, or “just so,” which is a constant feeling of internal frustration since things NEVER EVER ARE.

I have a problem with that.  I’m working on it.

But since I wanted my daughter to be a fearless mud puddle-splashing, bug-loving kid, I make a point to allow her to be messy and try my best not to worry about it.  That mud on the patio?  Calm down, mama…I can hose it off.  Sand in her hair?  That’s what bathtime’s for.  Doodles all over her skin?  Well, that’s why you get washable markers.

toemail, toes, feet, photography

I let her cover her arms in stick-on tattoos, paint her hair with temporary pink mousse, and make magical messes experimenting with food coloring, baking soda & vinegar.  The way I see it, childhood is the BEST time for messes!  The BEST time to color your hair and marker your skin, when the responsibilities of the world and work and jobs and life don’t interfere.

Well.  That’s all well & good in theory…until she started asking ME to join in.

As a kid, I was a mess-lover, dirt-digger, and bug-catcher.  But something changed as I grew up (as I’m sure it does in us all) that made me not WANT to lie down in the grass anymore (it’s itchy!  There are bugs!)  or splash in the puddles (my pants will get soaked!  I’ll ruin my shoes!) or catch a bug (I don’t WANT to touch a mealworm!).  I started realizing, though, that unless I joined in, all my talk to her about having fun and making messes would be just talk.  My kid learns more from what I DO than from what I say, and unless I joined in, she might feel that the beautiful messes were somehow wrong.  So I did.

We have a world full of no.  Every day of her little life is full of boundaries and structure, struggle, conflict and organization.  There are rules and manners and courtesies, permissions and consequences.  These are good things.  These are necessary.   But there are moments you can let go of your hangups and just enjoy the feeling of paint slopping around and mud between your toes, for no other reason than that it’s fun.

You forget those things when you’re older, and you’d be surprised how quickly and fiercely that happens.  So why not cram your childhood full of them?

toemail, toes, feet, photography

Great post, ahhh, just looks like so much fun! :)

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