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Misibis Bay, Philippines

18 Mar

Warrior III

Such a difficult pose to maintain.  Strength, balance, grace…The hardest part for me is to keep those hips facing downward while lifting the leg up high and keeping balance.  TOUGH.

Yogini doing the Warrior 3 pose at a beach in Misibis Bay, Philippines

Tough for sure but you look like you got the hang of it! :)

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Manila, Philippines

11 Mar

“I’ll sit here and wait till I become famous”

feet,toes,child,steps,Manila, Philippines

Beautiful shot!

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Manila, Philippines

6 Mar

Taken by the fountain in the middle of Chinatown.

kids standing on edge of fountain watching toes get wet in Manila, Philippines

Fun shot! :)

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Tayabas, Quezon, Philippines

4 Mar

Tayabas, Quezon
Holga CFN
Shanghai 100

woman looking at musical instruments in Tayabas, Quezon, Philippines

Great shot, love those Holgas! :)

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Sagada, Luzon, Philippines

27 Feb

Arriving in the Philippines before Christmas, our first stop was the Ifugao Rice Terraces of the Cordillera Mountains in North Luzon. A nine-hour bus ride (minimum) from Manila, with UNESCO World Heritage status, these rice terraces are spread out over an entire mountain range, in an extremely remote region, with many dating back over 2,000 years.

After an eight hour bus to Baguio, where we stayed overnight, and a further six hour journey, spent gazing at the breathtaking scenery passing us by, we finally made it to the hard-to-reach, (very) small town of Sagada.

Sagada was a breath of fresh air for us, quite literally. The sky was blue, temperatures were warm, but not hot. It was a small, sleepy town built-in to the mountains. There were guesthouses and restaurants to cater for the trickle of backpackers that make it here every day, and there was no traffic on the town’s main street. Local children were out in force playing football and basketball, families went for late afternoon walks, and almost everybody it seemed was outside, enjoying the cool mountain air, scenery and relaxed pace of life.

Children walking barefoot on a fence in Sagada, Luzon, Philippines

children sitting around a shop in Sagada, Luzon, Philippines

Woman posing before rice terraces in Sagada, Luzon, Philippines

Great shots, must have been a wonderful trip!

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San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

7 Feb

… it’s just a nice patch of paradise island with powder-like white sand and nice coconut trees :)

feet,toes,sand,beach, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

Nice shot!

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Mt Batolusong, Philippines

31 Jan

Here’s a photo of my foot at the peak of Mt. Batolusong in Tanay, Rizal, Philippines! I wrote a blog about this (though it was largely written in Filipino) on my WordPress blog. The photo is actually my feet with socks on but my socks have toe prints on it LOL

feet,painted,socks,toes,flipflops,mountains,Mt Batolusong, Philippines

Fun shot! :)

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Palawan, Philippines

28 Jan

Just met my friend Luca yesterday, an Italian guy that I met in Darwin few months ago. We keep in touch and decide to meet again in Philippines cause we planed to go there almost at the same time. Yesterday, we start with a really nice meal : we choose our own fresh fish and squid, cooked on the barbecue and serve with lemon, pepper and soya sauce and we enjoyed it in a little restaurant surronded by local people, under the rain. Today, we planed to see the underground river. 2 hours drive to go there, and we saw nice landscape with rice terace, palm trees, kids hanging out on the street, bufallos in the field with workers…

The underground river was really special, if you go to Palawan you have to see it. Sailing in the dark with just a light, our guide explained us a lot of things about mineral formation on a cave ceiling), bats… The last place was called “the cathedral” cause the ceiling is at 64m above us, you feel really small when you are there.

On the way back, we stopped in a place where we did caving. Good experience and workout at the same time! At the end, we tried the Zipline, amazing sensations when you feel like flying above rice fields and palm trees : )

feet,toes,woman,beach,sand,Palawan, Philippines

feet,toes,sand,man,sitting,log,beach,Palawan, Philippines

feet,toes,man,woman,welcome,sign,undergroundriver,Palawan, Philippines

woman,monkey,sand,beach,Palawan, Philippines

Great shots! :)

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Sexy Beach, Pasuquin, Philippines

27 Jan

While everyone was dressed up to a party over the weekend, my girls and i headed to Pasuquin’s Sexy Beach to see the sunset, drink beer and eat ceviche. Weekends are made for girl bonding and impromptu photoshoots.  :)

three,women,jumping,Sexy Beach, Pasquin, Philippines

three,woman,posing,Sexy Beach, Pasquin, Philippines

woman,standing,robe,sand,water,Sexy Beach, Pasquin, Philippines

Great shots! :)

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Antipolo City, Philippines

19 Jan

In my first week here, it was our suburb’s Fiesta (festival) so there were people playing drums and singing in the streets. I heard the drums banging so I ran to the gate to see what was going on. I was put to a sudden halt when I got to the gate and there was a ‘ladyboy’ dancing right outside. Let’s just say, that performance wasn’t what I expected to see right after waking up.

Later on, the rest of the group walked over to the front of our house and put on a fiery performance. Now, THAT, was fun.

Gotta love ‘normal’ things that happen in the everyday life here. It’s like how people hang on the back of the jeepneys…it’s something that shouldn’t surprise me anymore but still does.

picture of dancer blowing flames out of her mouth in Antipolo City, Philippines

Nice shot! How the heck do they do that? :)

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Bulacan, Philippines

8 Jan

Run Mirari Run!

A kid, a little money, and a neighborhood sari-sari store =


Great shot, what a cute kid! :)

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Bohol, Philippines

28 Dec

The story that goes with it can be found here: http://christianschronicles.wordpress.com/2013/12/26/souvenirs-and-pills/

picture of feet with bandage on left foot in Bohol, Philippines

Ouch, hope that wasn’t too painful? :)

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Mt. Pinatubo, Luzon, Philippines

22 Nov

Being an outdoorsy person has always been one of my major frustrations. I’ve always oohed and aahed over photos of the great outdoors, found myself fascinated by the characters in movies like “Into the Wild,” “Vertical Limit” and “127 Hours”, and I keep telling myself that one day I, too, would be on an adventure of such proportions. I think it’s why a lot of the items on my 30 Before 30 list has something to do with me diving, climbing mountains, swimming with whale sharks and going on white water rafting trips. See, it isn’t just fears I am dead set on conquering, but frustrations as well.

It started last August when I started actually enjoying being physically fit. I began running, and from a sport I once resisted—hated, even—it is now among the things I find myself waking up in the morning for. I love the energy it gives me and the sense of accomplishment I get after beating a previous personal record. And it has been a great form of meditation—running lets me live in the moment and helps me appreciate the present more.

people walking Mt. Pinatubo, Luzon, Philippines

woman walking in valley in Mt. Pinatubo, Luzon, Philippines

woman posing in front of crater lake in Mt. Pinatubo, Luzon, Philippines

two woman sitting and smiling at Mt. Pinatubo, Luzon, Philippines

Nice shots, looks like an amazing place! :)

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Note: The pictures were taken well before Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines. Please consider donating in some way to help the relief efforts. The good people of the Philippines need our support!

Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

13 Nov

feet,toes,people,walking,road, colorful,dresses,Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Nice shot, just love those dresses! :)

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NOTE: The photograph was posted in October. Please send your prayers to the good people of the Philippines who are having such a hard time in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan! Here are some links if you would like to help.

Bantayan Island, Philippines

9 Nov

Hello Bantayan! Where have you been all our lives?! ☀️

Bantayan Island is located at the North tip of Cebu. From the city, we rode a bus for three hours then travel the Visayan Sea through a ferry for one more hour before reaching the port of Sta. Fe. It was a long way but seeing the white long stretch of sand and clear blue water is definitely worth every second of the journey. Plus all Cebuanos are genuinely kind and hospitable. Our whole stay in Cebu was indeed very pleasant because of the people around us. They are naturally happy and very light to talk to even if Tagalog is not their native language. 👍

We stayed in Anika Island Resort. We extremely love this place! Deli food, complete amenities, excellent customer service and well-landscaped ambiance. Super clean! We had the most comfortable stay in Anika 😍

feet,toes,women,relaxing,bench,Bantayan Island, Philippines

Nice shot, you guys look very relaxed ! :)

Note: The picture is from early October. Cebu, and much of the Philippines was just hit by Typhoon Haiyan and our thoughts are with everyone in the Philippines.

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