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Elliot Erwitt – New York City, 2000

28 Aug

100 years of the Leica camera – in pictures

From Henri Cartier-Bresson to Annie Leibovitz, many of the 20th century’s defining images were shot on a Leica.

feet,toes,dog,steps,person,Elliot Erwitt,New York City, 2000

New York City, 2000. Erwitt produced many images incorporating the canine to beguiling effect. Photograph: Elliott Erwitt/Magnum Photos

Interesting picture! :)

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Dance – Western Washington University

27 Aug

Dance has been a huge part of my life ever since I can remember. Expressing music artistically through my body is both exhilarating and meditative. I dance to smile, I dance to cry, I dance to love.

I was recently in a performance that featured choreography by the Bachelors of Fine Arts dance students at Western Washington University. The beautiful culmination of their hard work exhibited mastered technique, told fascinating stories, and made the audience laugh as well as stare in captivation. I was able to photograph the performance during dress rehearsal as well as backstage. These are some of my favorite performance moments.

*”No Big Deal” was the name of the piece in which I danced.

dancers,feet,toes,Dance, Western Washington University

feet.toes,dancers,Dance, Western Washington University

feet,toes,dancers,Dance, Western Washington University

feet.toes,dancers,Dance,Western Washington University

Great pictures! :)

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Bittersweet – Central California Coast

27 Aug

feet,toes,sandals,flowers,Bittersweet,Central California Coast

Nice shot! :)

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Half-Time – Northwood, New Hampshire

26 Aug

Half-Time; Photo taken by Barbara Rath Hoover in Northwood, NH. To see more NH bugs, visit

feet,toes,bug,insect,Half-Time, Northwood, New Hampshire

Great shot!! :)

Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon, Arizona

26 Aug

Here are my sandy and slightly dirty feet dangling over the edge at Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon AZ, USA. A fantastic place!

Feet,toes,Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon, Arizona

Great shot! :)

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Gameboy – Singapore

25 Aug


Anywhere, anytime! :)

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JBAK – Berlin Germany

25 Aug

feet,toes,mural,street,work,art,JBAK ,Berlin Germany

Beautiful! :)

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GLI SCALZI – Malborghetto, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Italy

24 Aug

GLI SCALZI – Marina Gioitti

Artigiana, artista.

Con il marito, Silvano Nicolaucich, gestisce la “Casa Oberrichter ” a Malborghetto, UD.

Definire Casa Oberrichter solo un ristorante è sicuramente riduttivo, questo luogo è un rifugio per l’anima … www.casaoberrichter.com

Tutto quello che all’interno potrete osservare è realizzato da Marina e Silvano.



Direttore artistico di Casa Oberrichter e indiscussa padrona di casa, è artista a tutto tondo, pittrice, artigiana, decoratrice di interni, insegnante di pittura (tiene regolarmente corsi con un sempre più folto gruppo di allievi), metre di sala e, nonostante sia allergica all’alcool, è in grado di proporre ottimi vini, in abbinamento ai piatti.

woman,feet,toes,costume,GLI SCALZI ,Malborghetto, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Italy

Beautiful outfit! :)

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The Long Walk – Hikkaduwa, Southern, Sri Lanka

24 Aug

The long walk

After picking up a minimal amount of supplies to eat, this Sri Lankan lady makes the long and slow walk home – barefoot.

feet,toes,woman,old,The Long Walk,Hikkaduwa, Southern, Sri Lanka

Amazing people! :)

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Shawn Yarnell – Reader

23 Aug

Sculpture,man,book,reading,Shawn Yarnell ,Reader

Good work! :)

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Empire State Building – New York City

23 Aug

With the entire afternoon left, and endless possibilities in NYC, we headed to the Empire State Building. Amazed at the fact that there was no line to get to the top, this was our second PEAK of the day. I know it’s cheating to have two Peaks, but walking through the building and surpassing where a line-up (of up to 2 hours) normally is, well, that’s just lucky. At the top of the Conservatory – you can see the WHOLE of NYC. All the movies come to mind that were filmed up there – none of which I can remember now – but WOW. That view. Peak, peak, peak of a lifetime.

view,skyline,Central Park,Empire State Building , New York City

feet,toes,sandals,woman,view,river,Empire State Building , New York City

Nice shots and what a view! :)

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Reading – Bryant Park, New York City

23 Aug

feet,toes,park,woman,people,Reading ,Bryant Park, New York City

Nice shot! :)

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Fate – Dublin, Ireland

22 Aug

feet,cherubs,toes,housing,clouds,Fate,collage,Dublin, Ireland

Beautiful! :)

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Toes in Chicago, Illinois

21 Aug

Sitting on the patio reading a mystery on a beautiful summer day.

feet,toes,sandals,stool,sun,Toes in Chicago, Illinois

Nice shot! :)

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Reader – Stockholm, Sweden

21 Aug

feet,toes,reading,bench,city,Reader,Stockholm, Sweden

Nice shot! :)

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