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Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

27 Oct

Well Quebec City is probably the most romantic spot you can find in Canada. By romantic, I of course am referring to its closeness in nature to that of European countries. Why not make use of this fantastic little gem and take a trip to Quebec City? People speak English and are very friendly. The food is awesome and cafe au lait is everywhere :) Goodbye Starbucks, hello REAL coffee.

feet,toes,woman,bench,street,Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

What a lovely street! :)

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

27 Aug

Les Chuchoteuses

The Gossipers ~~~
feet,toes,statues,bronxe,gossipers,women,Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Fun shot, think we may have run into this gang somewhere before  :)

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Lac Poisson Blanc, Quebec, Canada

12 Aug

Does it take an extrovert to be devoted to pictures of your very own feet?  I think not!  I always take pictures of my feet – I especially get a tickle out of this since I added two little people to my life (my son “Boo” and daughter “Lou”).   They take my feet the funniest places.   I laughed when I learned you also have a blog devoted to the subject!

Here are my feet on a recent canoeing day at Lac Poisson Blanc, Quebec.
I also included a shot of me and my son (I tried to get with my two-and-a-half year old daughter as well, but no luck on this score… she doesn’t always stay still!).  It’s a beautiful place, and I posted some more pictures from that day at


You have to get out there and enjoy summer here in Canada.  It’s pretty short!
You can read more about where my feet have been at my blog: Butterflymumma

I also have a Pinterest board devoted exclusively to Where My Feet Have Been: http://pinterest.com/butterflymumma/where-my-feet-have-been/

feet,toes,lake.mountains,Lac Poisson Blanc, Quebec, Canada

feet,crocs,lake,mother,child,Lac Poisson Blanc, Quebec, Canada

Nice shots, Quebec is so gorgeous! :)

Lac Saint Jean, Quebec, Canada

26 Sep

We travel in a motorhome and do a lot of exploring of the backroads. On a visit to Quebec Province we spent some time at Lac St. Jean, about 250 miles north of Montreal. While driving around the lake we found a nice river and stopped to have some lunch.While Hubby got out the fishing rod to try his hand at catching something, I entertained myself snapping some photos and enjoying the cool, clear water streaming through my tootsies.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Lac Saint Jean, Quebec, Canada

So beautiful, like a painting.

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

12 Sep

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Nice shot!

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

5 Aug

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Not having a better idea for where to go to get today’s pictures, I decided to head back down to the Festival Mode et Design Montréal to catch the 12.45 show on the main stage on avenue McGill College.

Due to the strong sun light I decided to process all the images in monochrome and push the contrast and clarity to give the shots a bit of a grunge/street look. Since the show by Centre Eaton was downtown urban it was perhaps in keeping with the theme.

Great job!

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Schefferville, Quebec, Canada

31 May

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Schefferville, Quebec, Canada

elizabethjancewicz writes, “Foot in the flowerbed! And look! Something is actually growing! So what if it’s a weed?
I’ve heard many people say they think feet are really gross. I don’t understand that. I think feet are beautiful. Like hands! Or even better, ears!! Having to practice drawing them thousands of times grows the appreciation.”

No doubt that’s true and figure drawing has to be very difficult to master!

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Montreal, Quebec, Sneaky Toes On A Rainy Day

5 Nov

toemail,feet,photography,toes,Montreal,Quebec,Sneaky Toes On A Rainy Day
In a cafe on a rainy day and finding there are many ways to have some toemail fun!

Montreal, Quebec, Sneaky Autumn Toes

29 Oct

toemail,feet,photography,toes,Montreal,Quebec,Sneaky Autumn Toes

toemail: The Movie

4 Sep

Notre Dame de Sept Douleurs, Verdun, Quebec
Yes, we are willing to accept toemail videos too!

Lake Newcombe, Quebec

31 Aug

toemail,feet,toes,photography,Lake Newcombe,Quebec
Marie writes, “Attached is the image of my Alice in Wonderland sparkly bleu toes taken at Lake Newcombe in Quebec, which is near St Pierre de Wakefield. I have a crooked big toe which my youngest offspring, known on my blog as Rebel Junior ( her sister being the original Rebel), had inherited. She also has my size six feet and steals my shoes. I’m just grateful that she thinks my shoes are cool enough for her little teen self to wear!”
Yea, teens and shoes, lol. But a great way to do hand me downs! Thanks for the great foot photo!

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Montreal, Quebec

23 Aug

toemail,feet,toes,photography, Montreal, Quebec
Dirty toes in the park.

Rainy Day At The River, Montreal, Quebec

8 Aug

Actually, it’s in the Verdun borough of Montreal. An even better picture would have been to get the looks on the faces of those two guys walking along with fishing rods when they came along and saw this guy under a bridge balancing one bare foot on a soccer ball so he could get a picture of it! Funny how that high-rise sticking up over there on Nun’s Island is the only clue that there is a big city all around us. And that is the mighty Saint Lawrence River except it doesn’t look so mighty at this point because of Nun’s island.  So c’mon folks if I can get out on rainy days like this and photograph my foot, just think of what you can do!

Chillin, Montreal, Quebec

2 Aug


toemail! Saint Willibrord’s, Verdun, Quebec, Canada

18 Jun

toemail, toe, photography, feet, Verdun, Quebec, Saint Willibrord's


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