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Varadero Beach, Cuba

2 Apr

Varadero beach break after scootering along the coast

group on the beach in Varadero Beach, Cuba

Nice shot! :)

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Nags Head, North Carolina

25 Mar

“Take your shoes off,” purred the ocean waves. ~Dr. SunWolf

woman sitting on a beach barefoot in Nags Head, North Carolina

Nice image! :)

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Melbourne, Australia

19 Mar

Melbourne Picture a Day: Week three

Day 15: Sand between my toes

Sunday, February 23: Lazy days are extra easy when you live opposite the beach. Me, my flip flops and my sketch pad spent the day lazing around, soaking up the sun and watching the world go by. #Lush.

flipflops,feet,toes,sand,beach,sketchbook,Melbourne, Australia

Cool post! :)

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Seagrove Beach, Florida

27 Feb

Thanks for checking out my blog! We are moving to Hawaii in 2014 so my toes will be in the sand a lot more! J

feet,toes,sand,beach,sky,Seagrove Beach, Florida

Nice shot! :)

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Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

22 Feb

This is a fun foto taken in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. I shot it through my polarized Rayban sunglasses! Cool effects :)

feet,toes,beach,sans,water, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Nice shot, that Caribbean water beckons! :)

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Miami, Florida

15 Feb

feet,toes,beach,pink,sand,Miami, Florida

Nice shot! :)

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Tampa, Florida

11 Feb

West Seventh Freelance is happy to report a brief respite from Minnesota COLD in the form of a visit to Tampa, FL to see my sister and brother-in-law. I, of course, rushed right to the beach… (can you count all the different toes in the photo?!) ;)

foot,toes,birds,beach,sand,Tampa, Florida

Good shot! Sure is nice to get a winter break! :)

Bainbridge Island, Washington

9 Feb
feet,toes,beach,sand,water,Bainbridge Island, Washington

Photo: Nicole Darling

Nice shot! :)

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San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

7 Feb

… it’s just a nice patch of paradise island with powder-like white sand and nice coconut trees :)

feet,toes,sand,beach, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

Nice shot!

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Galveston Island, Texas

29 Jan

This photo was taken on Galveston Island, summer 2013.  I was vacationing along with two of my four children. I love the beach and to feel the sand between my toes!

legs,feet,toes,beach,sand,Galveston Island, Texas

Nice shot! :)

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Maui, Hawaii

25 Jan

Oneuli Black Sand Beach, Maui

Had the entire beach to myself this 6th day of January, 2014!  To connect with the love and magic of Maui, please visit:  http://myinnermystic.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/maui-magic-love/

feet,toes,beach,ocean,sand,Maui, Hawaii

Nice shot!

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Pattaya, Thailand

18 Jan

Originally posted November 24, 2013

Sawadee Kap & Chào, friends! We just wanted to post a quick update letting you guys know that we’re not missing :) We’ve been traveling throughout Southeast Asia and it’s been a blast! So far, we’ve been to Bangkok & Pattaya in Thailand and Bac Lieu Province in Vietnam. We’re currently in Ho Chi Minh City and it’s our last night here. Tomorrow, we’re headed to Hong Kong! Our last leg of our trip.

Couple,beach,feet,toes,sand,Pattaya, Thailand

Lovely shot! :)

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Hua Hin, Thailand

16 Jan

The hustle and bustle of Hua Hin, this quintessential tourist town with every corner catering to farang, is actually quite relaxed (I was expecting a frantic Bangkok pace).  I was able to enjoy Hua Hin under the guise of a teachers conference.  Invited to attend a restructuring of how my nursing college creates lessons for students, I was told to go explore instead.  My coordinator very resolutely stated that I wouldn’t be able to understand the lectures anyway, so what would be the point of me staying?

So, explore I did.

I couldn’t wait to get to the beach!  I wandered down to the sands and was fixated on the trash, debris, and lifeless sea creatures that scattered the tide line.  Oiy.  Supposedly the winds and rain that pummeled the coast the night before was really nothing, something that’s a way of life, that you buckled down and rode out.  The Thais were busy fixing, gathering, and telling the Westerns that there would be no food because it was all swept away, but, please, take a seat and enjoy the sun.  Which I did.

feet,toes,beach,umbrella,lounge,chairs,sand,Hua Hin, Thailand

Nice shot, looks very relaxing! :)

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Palolem Beach, Goa, India

10 Jan

This guy was also enjoying the beach..

beach,feet,toes,woman,cow,sand.Palolem Beach, Goa, India

Wonderful picture! :)

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Dominican Republic

29 Dec

Aren’t these stones fabulous?
Back in ’07 when we first visited this amazing place, we spent so much time on this pebbly beach collecting colorful stones to bring home with us. They shine like colorful jewels when they’re wet. My brother’s girlfriend, which was the only newbie in our group this time, was just as impressed. She took home an antique looking bottle of rum she found on the beach filled with these. The beach sand itself is just zillions of these stones ground into small particles. It’s always fun walking around and finding the prettiest ones (I found a large, heart-shaped stone) Just another thing to love about this place.
picture of feet on beach with stones in the Dominican Republic

Nice shot, lovely stones! :)

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