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Seattle, Washington

8 Apr

Here’s a photo of me enjoying a mocha and these new minimal sandals, Xero Shoes, in Fremont, a neighborhood in Seattle. I’m at a wonderful local coffee shop, Caffe Vita. I was walking around in these Xero Shoes, testing them out, and they’re so great. I think you guys would love minimal footwear: great health benefits and they’re very cool.

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Picture of feet at a cafe in Seattle, Washington
Nice shot, looks like a very relaxing place! :)
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New Zealand

10 Mar

I’ve always been a sucker for the romance of the past where life seemed simpler, relationships inevitably involved love-triangles (well, at least in novels and films), and life for the most part was unfettered by the demands that we’re presented with today.

woman,feet,toes,sandals,dress,hat,book,reading,New Zealand

picture of a home etiquette book

Yes, these days our lives are so disparate. We’re often stretched for time as we rush around attempting to cross off items from our ever- expanding  lists of ‘things-to-do.’ I like a fairly tidy house but the  idea of running a household for instance, has been outside of my realm of comprehension until recently, and I don’t think I’d ever live up to the expectations as set out by Mrs Beeton and her book of Household Management.

interior of a fancy home in New Zealand

When it comes to household chores I’m a girl whose more than likely to vacuum around furniture, and if I was so inclined to pick up a broom, dust and dirt would promptly be swept under the rug. I’m allergic to dusting (or at least have an aversion to it), but if it’s any consolation I don’t mind doing laundry, albeit, you’ll never catch me ironing tea towels, socks, sheets or underwear–who does that anyway, right?

woman looking thoughtful on a porch in New Zealand

Style File: World Tuxedo Jumpsuit (similar here and here)/ Kobe Husk Sandals from here (similar with heel)/ Black straw hat (similar in black and white)/Silver Jewellery/ Porcelain and Wood Art-Deco Drop Earrings/ Chinaware courtesy of Mrs M. Sly (similar teapot). Photography Credit: Howard Sly.

I love this Tuxedo Jumpsuit as it’s one of those timeless pieces in my wardrobe that feels ultimately modern, elegant and it’s something that I pull out when I’m not in the mood for a dress. I’m fond of the detail–the halter-neck and structured waist give me some shape and I’ve yet to find another jumpsuit as flattering, especially given my height. The flat sandals provide an easy day-time look, whereas I’m more inclined to dress it up with heels for evenings out.

picture of a woman in a dress with her back turned in New Zealand

Wonderful post!

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Honolulu, Hawaii

10 Feb

New Year’s

woman standing in front of building with hanging thing in Honolulu, Hawaii

Interesting picture and you look great!

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Kruger National Wildlife Park, South Africa

4 Feb
This is a watering hole for all kinds of animals, and almost always has hippo and elephant in it. The Kruger National Park is a wonderful conservation park, and this is one of the watering holes where you can actually get out of your car, and enjoy the peaceful African bush safely. There is nothing quite like listening to the quiet call of the laughing doves, the grunting chortles of the hippos, and the occasional trumpet of an unruly adolescent elephant only meters away….
feet,toes,sandals,up,view,people,river, Kruger National Wildlife Park, South Africa
Wonderful shot, looks like a great place! :)

Lake Lashaway, East Brookfield, Massachusetts

28 Jan

feet,toes,sandals,shoes,water,Lake Lashaway, East Brookfield, Massachusetts

Nice shot, love the colors! :)

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Rome, Italy

24 Jan

monk,feet,toes,street,Rome, Italy

Great shot, that monk is amazing! :)

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Detroit, Michigan

20 Jan

I guess there was some mutual appreciation going on at the market earlier today. I was heading towards the honeycrisp apples when these two ladies stopped me. They asked whether I might pose for a picture. Jackpot, I thought: that must mean I get to take a picture of them too.

Krystal, in the amazing orange dress, is from Detroit and Jennifer, on her right, was in from New York. They were on the job for local bicycle company Shinola.

Women,two,feet,toes,sandals,station,Detroit, Michigan

Nice shot! :)

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Norwich, United Kingdom

4 Jan

feet,toes,cat,legs,looking,down,Norwich, United Kingdom

Nice shot!

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Cape Town, South Africa

14 Dec

feet on a plaque in the ground at Cape Town, South Africa

Interesting picture! :)

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Cocora Valley, Columbia

5 Dec

Sitting in a hammock after lunch, admiring the amazing view!

El Portal de Cocora Restaurant

feet,toes,woman,relaxing in Cocora Valley, Columbia

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

11 Nov


feet,toes,checkerboard,ground,Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Nice shot! :)

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Seattle, Washington

9 Nov

Some old shots from this summer together with some recent shots from this fall.

Post-processed with VSCO Film Kodak E100G.

feet,toes, sitting, bicycle,street,Seattle, Washington

Nice shot! :)

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Lisbon, Portugal

29 Oct

Last time I stayed at home, I took my mom for some days on holidays. It was her 60th birthday last year and she got retired, so I invited her to a mother-daughter-trip to a place of her choice.

First we thought of going to the US, but then in the end, there was not time enough and my mom suggested to stay in Europe. A nice city trip it should be. After researching a bit we decided to go to Lisboa, Portugal.

There is so much to do and so much to see…. have fun and explore your own Lisbon!

My mom and I had a good time and enjoyed our quality time (I think I gained at least 2 kg’s)

foot,toes,plaque,ground,sandal,Lisbon, Portugal

Nice shot, your mom must have been delighted. :)

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Kerala, India

24 Oct

I went to India to attend a friend’s wedding. After the festivities, I did some traveling on my own, planned through a travel agent, because I am not THAT adventurous. I ended up staying in places that were much, much nicer than I would normally be able to afford in the US. This was one of the places, a lovely resort in the state of Kerala.

feet,toes,hammock,ocean,water, Kerala, India

Nice shot, looks like you found a little piece of utopia! :)

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Hitchhiking, Queensland, Australia

18 Oct

Traveling time: 5.5 hours
Distance covered: 400km (hitchhiking)

After having packed my bag and leaving some stuff behind, after having a final coffee and exchanged photos, after thanking Steve profoundly and giving him a pair of Dutch clogs, I at last set off. Steve dumped me next to the freeway and he hadn’t even left when a car stopped to take me 15km south to Crocodile Creek. The next person picked me up within five minutes. This guy started talking about testicular cancer about ten minutes in and he would take me to Proserpine, near Airlie Beach – nearly the whole way – so I was in for a long one. Turned out to be ok except for the fact that he is dead shy with women and wanted to take a picture of me so his friend(s?) would believe he hadn’t made it up. I think it took all his courage to ask me that question. And who am I to refuse since he was kind enough to give me a lift? Felt slightly uncomfortable afterwards though…

feet,toes,sandals,woman,Hitchhiking, Queensland, Australia

Nice shot, seems you made pretty good time overall! :)

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