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Prom – Queens, New York

27 Jul

on the way to prom Queens NY

feet,toes,sandals,Prom,photograph,Queens, New York

Fancy, fancy! :)

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Roger Williams Park Zoo – Providence, Rhode Island

18 Jul

feet,sandals,toes,shadows,Roger Williams Park Zoo,Providence, Rhode Island

Nice shot! :)

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True Love – Singapore

11 Jul

True love sees beyond what is seen by the eyes.

drawing,feet,toes,woman,True Love,Singapore

Nice one! :)

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Toes On Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

10 Jul

feet,sand,Toes On Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

feet,sandals,pink,shells,Toes On Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Good shots! :)

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Selfie – Bedford, England

9 Jul

Now this was just a casual outfit for a dinner date with a friend. The sun decided to come out so of course my new sunnies and sandals were out again, although I slightly regretted the sandals on the walk home. Only slightly… But on a day like today when the weather just could not make up it’s mind, I love my knitted cape. This thing is a favourite of mine, a gorgeous colour, pattern and with a hood and little knitted in sleeves, you will see more of this. It is brilliant for all weather because it is warm but can be open and flowing when the weather is hot. It was a great match for my simple leggings and long grey oversized t shirt (that you can’t even see sorry). Plus it holds great sentimental value (I get very attatched to my clothes) because my grandma bought it for me when I went to see my family out in Australia last year. Thanks Grandma!

Knitted Cape – Sportsgirl (Australia)

Wet look leggings – River Island

Grey Tshirt – AllSaints

Sandals – Newlook

Sunglasses – River Island

feet,toes,fashion,Selfie, Bedford, England

You look fantastic! :)

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Unconcerned People – India

8 Jul

people,subway,train,feet,toes,Unconcerned People, India

Nice shot! :)

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The Pyramids – Cairo, Egypt

19 Jun

Last minute traveler? Yup, that’s me. If you want to call it procrastination, I’ll except that, too. My recent trip to Cairo was finalized on the same day I arrived. This is the best way to go, well not always, but the adventure, the rush and excitement is epic! Finally, I arrived…well to the continent, at least. This was definitely not my final destination, but Africa, aaaahhh! I’ll be back very soon to visit more of your beauty! (West or East Africa, next stop)!

woman,feet,toes,standing,The Pyramids - Cairo, Egypt

Wonderful shot! :)

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“Dipping In The Med” – Turkey

31 May


Sailing off the rugged, rich coast of Turkey
Around points of towering trees
Into inlets of lush forest
Around points of jagged cliffs
Into inlets of bobbing canvas decked woods 
Across turquoise Mediterranean glass
Into inlets of golden sand
Across crests of snowy white
Toes in bold red
Listen quietly
Royal blue gently lapping
The old wood waterline
Nice words and image! :)

“Villa Spiza” – Split, Croatia

28 May

Outside ‘Villa Spiza’, a great little cafe in the old town of Spilt.

dog,feet,toes,sandals,cafe,"Villa Spiza" - Split, Croatia

Wonderful shot! :)

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25 May

Summer toes in Gibraltar!


Nice shot! :)

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

19 May


feet,toes,sandals,legs,book,stool,table,relax,Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Looks like you got it all figured out! :)

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Staatsburg, New York

6 May

More turtles

foot,turtle,grass,Staatsburg, New York

Nice! :)

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Rishikesh, India

4 May

I took this picture while I was at the Rishikesh Inn, at Rishikesh India.

Photograph of femail feet in Rishikesh, India

Nice shot! :)

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Andalucia, Spain

30 Apr

This made me laugh because I have lots of pictures of my feet – I use them in a forum I belong to; it’s a way of showing a little of myself but not too much! I update them depending on the season, so you can see my Christmas toes with the vodka and tinsel, beach toes in the summer, sandals, bare feet – and the union jack toes from the jubilee celebrations we had here in Jimena de la Fronetra, Spain. I live down in the south in Andalucia but am British, from Somerset , S.W. of England. My blog is about improving my drawing skills by drawing the town where I live, which is a little white ‘pueblo’ . My blog is here, Spanish Scribbles http://alleycaty2k.wordpress.com/

feet,toes,bottle,pillow,Christmas,Andalucia, Spain

feet,toes,anklet,stones,Andalucia, Spain

feet,toes,Union Jack,patterns,toe ring,Andalucia, Spain

feet,toes,red,sandals,sidewalk,Andalucia, Spain

Very nice shots!! Glad you are enjoying it! :)

Berlin, Germany

22 Apr

Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe (feet hill): Berlin

feet at war memorial in Berlin, Germany

Sad place, but necessary, lest we forget!

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