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La Bamba – Girona, Spain

27 Jun

La Bamba!!

This album was another Garnick’s hidden gem. Seriously, the international offering there is amazing, but you need DIG through the stacks.

Xavier Cugat (1 January 1900 – 27 October 1990) was a Spanish-American bandleader who spent his formative years in Havana, Cuba. A trained violinist and arranger, he was a personality in the spread of Latin music in United States popular music.

In 1940, his recording of “Perfidia” became a big hit. Cugat followed trends closely, making records for the conga, the mambo, the cha-cha-cha, and the twist when each was in fashion. Several of the songs he recorded, including “Perfidia”, were used in the Wong Kar-wai films Days of Being Wild and 2046. In 1943, “Brazil” was a big hit, reaching No. 17 in the Billboard Top 100.

Chile Con Cugie

Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra

Side One

La Bamba
La Feria de las Flores
Medley (La Adelita; Zacatecas; Las Altenitas)
Medley (Adios Mi Chaparrita; Ojos Tapatios; La Borrachita)

Side Two

Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes
Medley (La Casita; Pajarillo Barranqueno; Las Mananitas)
La Raspa
La Barca de Oro
Medley (Jesusita en Chihuahua; La Cucaracha; Jarabe Tapatio)
Cielito Lindo

Sitges, Spain

12 May

Dancing in the street

Street photography in Sitges, Spain

Wonderful shot! :)

Check out davidtijerostreetphotography !

Madrid, Spain

5 May

Finally I can show the finished painting! Acrylic and oil on canvas. 44.9 x 57.5 inches. The only pity is that there´s a missing member I haven´t represented. He wash´t there the day I took visual information of them and I hope he can forgive me. Meanwhile I hope you like and enjoy this work!

Por fin puedo mostrar la última pintura que he hecho!  Acrilico y óleo sobre lienzo. 114 x 146 cm. Lo único que he de decir que falta un miembro del grupo por representar pero no estaba el día que recogí la información visual y espero que me perdone. Por lo demás espero que les guste y disfruten de la nueva obra!

Painting of musicians in Madrid, Spain

Really spirited! :)

Check out Palmira Garcia Quintana !

Andalucia, Spain

30 Apr

This made me laugh because I have lots of pictures of my feet – I use them in a forum I belong to; it’s a way of showing a little of myself but not too much! I update them depending on the season, so you can see my Christmas toes with the vodka and tinsel, beach toes in the summer, sandals, bare feet – and the union jack toes from the jubilee celebrations we had here in Jimena de la Fronetra, Spain. I live down in the south in Andalucia but am British, from Somerset , S.W. of England. My blog is about improving my drawing skills by drawing the town where I live, which is a little white ‘pueblo’ . My blog is here, Spanish Scribbles http://alleycaty2k.wordpress.com/

feet,toes,bottle,pillow,Christmas,Andalucia, Spain

feet,toes,anklet,stones,Andalucia, Spain

feet,toes,Union Jack,patterns,toe ring,Andalucia, Spain

feet,toes,red,sandals,sidewalk,Andalucia, Spain

Very nice shots!! Glad you are enjoying it! :)

Barcelona, Spain

23 Apr

One more Spanish Fairy :)

barefoot woman on the rocks in Barcelona, Spain

Nice shot! :)

Check out KatarinaKlio Photography !

La Pineda, Spain

22 Dec

photography of feet and people on a baech in La Pineda, Spain

Very nice shot! :)

Check out akynou’s Flickr Photostream !

Barcelona, Spain

18 Dec

Barcelona is a very “fun” city to study in, by fun I mean excellent nightlife. You could go out every single night of the week, never go to the same bar twice and have the time of your life. However, my roommates and our group of friends have dubbed Espit Taberna’s, a small bar with a familiar bartender, our go to. On any given night we may be the only group in the place; crowded in the back playing “Cheers Governor”, leaning against the bar convincing friendly Gustavo (the bartender) we are the coolest American’s he’ll ever meet, or playing a game of beer pong. We’re loyal to our favorite spots.

I’ve discovered a nearby market that is awesome for all produce purchases! Super fresh and super cheap! I even managed to find peanut butter which, as my roommate Kristy likes to say, “just fills the cracks of the heart”. All you American’s who haven’t spent extended amounts of time outside of the country can take my word for it that you will have a new found appreciation for peanut butter!

three woman standing and smiling in Barcelona, Spain

Salou, Spain

1 Dec

Salt in the warm air
Rocks emerging from the sand
Sun shines on the sea.

woman sitting on rocks at beach in Salou, Spain

Love it! :)

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Valencia, Spain

25 Nov

woman,feet,toes,standing,skyline,Valencia, Spain

What a great view! :)

Check out John D F’s Flickr Photostream !

Ibiza island, Spain

23 Nov

The Void

That sweet void, full of everything.

Ese dulce vacío, lleno de todo.

illustration of man in air done in Ibiza island, Spain

Great image! :)

Check out Random Sprouts !

Almeria, Spain

7 Nov

It was (taken in) Almeria, east of Andalusia, Spain, in a Music festival called Ola!

woman,sitting,feet,toes,Almeria, Spain

Beautiful! :)

Check out umamishot’s Flickr Photostream !

Barcelona, Spain

14 Oct

I’ve been having the time of my life!!! Seriously. Words cannot describe how happy I am with the decision to study abroad. I highly reccomend this to anyone and everyone in the whole world. The world is beautiful!!! Magnificent!! But there are no guidebooks on the planet that can truly prepare you for moving across the world. Traveling is one thing..living here is just unbelievable.

It will be 4 weeks on this upcoming Tuesday…1 whole month!! I can proudly say that I’ve had the best day of my life every single day for the past 3 1/2 weeks. & I plan to have an amazing 3 more months!!

feet,toes,sandals,woman,standing,art,poster,Barcelona, Spain

Beautiful shot! Happy you are having such a great experience! :)

Check out Living The Dream !

Istan, Spain

7 Oct

two smiling woman in kayak in Istan, Spain

On June 3rd, 2012 I went fishing and kayaking in Istan with my friend Joanna and her parents. The scenery was so beautiful and the best part was that we were the only people, except for a few annoying teenagers, within the whole reservoir. Joanna and I were a little hungover after hitting one of our favourite bars, Room 101, for some Caipirinhas so we enjoyed paddling in the kayak. Our guide, Captain Amer, showed us how to fish for bass which is actually hard! We brought a feast of cheese, meat, and fruit, giving us a reason to stop for lunch three times. The scenery was beautiful with mountains surrounding us and crystal blue skies, it’s a must if you get the chance to visit Marbella.

Although the girls unfortunately did not catch any fish, Joanna’s dad was like a fish whisperer and caught five. I will admit that I think I have created an irrational fear to fish. I never want to be the prissy girl but every time the fish was near me I would squeal in such a high pitch that only dogs could hear. This only got worse when it came to killing and gutting the fish, which left me agape. This also made me wonder…..for times like these a boyfriend would come in pretty useful (All macho men may apply :-D ) We were also allowed to bring our catch home for dinner, YUM! Here are some pictures of us two enjoying the Marbella sunshine and Captain Amer’s activities.

two women standing on dock in Istan, Spain

women,feet,toes,bikinis,kayak,Istan, Spain

Very nice shots, looks like you had a great time despite all those fish! :)

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Malaga, Spain

19 Sep

This is my son at the city beach here in Malaga, Spain.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Malaga, Spain

Nice shot, looks like he might be eyeballing a future as a longshoreman! :)

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Finisterre, Spain

18 Sep

Attached pic shows my toes on the beach at Finisterre, north west Spain, on the last day of my 950 km walk with my daughter on the camino de Santiago pilgrimage in April/May this year. The relevant post is http://wp.me/p3azEo-iF

and my blog can be found at Trepidatious Traveler.
feet,toes,beach,clouds,sun,sand,Finisterre, Spain
Nice shot. 950km walk? That must have been an amazing journey! :)

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