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Nagasaki, Japan

20 Mar


Once more, upon these graves
Without a corpse
Where grass now grows
And folding chairs in rows - 
We sit respectfully
At break of day
And try to fan
The flames away.

Only cicadas scream
And clouds of smoke
Rise as our foes’
Housewives and children rose;
Rising, too, memories
Threaten to choke,
Such leveled dreams
As they evoke.

She did not burn with them
But she was here - 
Her ghost with theirs
This cemetery shares
And all their horror, thirst
And agony
With my new grief 
Explodes in me.

- Jessica Reynolds Shaver

statue in Nagasaki, Japan

Beautiful words for a horrifying time.

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Brussels, Belgium

17 Mar

statue in Brussels, Belgium

Nice! :)

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

16 Mar
statue in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Photo: Chiang Mai…Today…

Nice! :)

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Vatican City

11 Mar
Dear Toemailers,

As you know, I’m a big time fan of your snazzy, jazzy, toe-tapping site. You do make the world a better place, one foot at a time. During my recent trip to Rome, I snapped a few images of some rather handsome tootsies. For you, I kept my eyes peeled for ones possessing with mass appeal. This shot was taken at the Vatican on a bright, sunny day back in December.

Keep on snapping and stepping!

foor,toes,statue,close,up,Vatican City
Great shot! And thanks, Theadora, it’s people like you that make it happen! :)

Lisbon, Portugal

7 Mar

Rua Augusta Arch

The Rua Augusta Arch is a stone, triumphal arch-like, historical building and visitor attraction in Lisbon, Portugal, on Commerce Square, built to commemorate the city’s reconstruction after the 1755 earthquake. It has six columns (some 11 m high) and is adorned with statues of various historical figures. Significant height from the arch crown to the cornice imparts an appearance of heaviness to the structure. The associated space is filled with the coat of arms of Portugal. The allegorical group at the top, made by French sculptor Célestin Anatole Calmels, represents Glory rewarding Valor and Genius.
Originally designed as a bell tower, the building ultimately transformed into elaborate arch within more than century-long delays

Because of the top cornice’s great height (over 100 feet (30 m)), the figures above it had to be made colossal. The female allegory of Glory, which is dressed in peplos and measures 23 feet (7.0 m), stands on a three-step throne and holds two crowns. The Valor is personified by an amazon, partially covered with chlamys and wearing a high-crested helmet with dragon patterns, which were the symbols of the House of Braganza. The Valor’s right hand holds the parazonium, with a trophy of flags behind. The Genius encompasses a statue of Jupiter in his left hand. At his right side are the attributes of writing and arts.

The four statues over the columns, made by Victor Bastos, represent Nuno Alvares Pereira and Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, Marquis of Pombal on the right, and Vasco da Gama and Viriatus on the left. The two recumbent figures represent the rivers Tagus and Douro.

White statue in Lisbon,Portugal

Great picture! :)

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Unknown Artist and Location

26 Feb

found on Tumblr…

plaster statue with chips around on floor of a human body

Nice work in any case! :)

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New York, New York

12 Feb

Rockefeller Center

gold statue at Rockefeller Center in New York, New York

Nice shot! :)

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Tuileries Garden, Paris, France

7 Feb

feet,toes,statue,Tuileries Garden, Paris, France

Photo: Woody Wade

Definitely not his day! :)

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Rive del Garda, Italy

6 Feb

statue,fountains,town,Rive del Garda, Italy

Beautiful picture, love the play with color! :)

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Krakow, Poland

25 Jan
woman,statue,likeness,feet,toes,serious,Krakow, Poland

All rights reserved (c) Cosmin Munteanu

Great shot! :)

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Rome, Italy

18 Jan

10 Itālijas pilnas dienas noslēdzās ar 2ām dienām Itālijas galvaspilsētā Roma. Romā ieradāmies no Neapoles ar vilcienu. Biju norezervējusi nakstmītni 10 minūšu gājienā no Termini vilcienu stacijas, kas mums ļāva ērti un ātri nolikt savus koferus un uzreiz baudīt Romu.

Kā arī no Termini stacijas iet vilciens uz lidostu, no kurienes mēs devāmies uz Rīgu. (vilciens 14 EUR)

Ja esat Romā tik maz laika un esat pirmo reizi, tad ērtākais variants ir samaksāt 18 EUR par tūristu apskates busu, kas Jūs vizinās pa Romu visu dienu ar daudz pieturām, kurās Jūs varat kāpt ārā un kāpt iekšā. Nebūs jāpērk sabiedriskā transporta biļetes, nebūs ļoti jālasa kartes. Var ļauties un baudīt!

roman soldiers with tourists in Rome, Italy

Photo: Kristine Austere


photography of Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Photo: Kristine Austere


photography of woman sitting near a very large statue in Rome, Italy

Photo: Kristine Austere


Fantastic shots!

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Split, Croatia

9 Jan
A trip to Split isn’t complete without rubbing the toe of Gregory of Nin for good luck!
feet,toes,people,sitting,statue,Saint,Nin,Split, Croatia
That must be the most well polished toe in the world! :)

Bangkok, Thailand

27 Dec
photo of a rickshaw puller with rickshaw in Bangkok, Thailand

– Snapshot at Asiatique, Bangkok -

Interesting work! :)

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Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

21 Dec

With Christmas less than two weeks away, holiday decorations are popping up all around Surfers Paradise.  Many of them feature Santa in a swimsuit, which I find hilarious.  They’ve been playing Christmas carols over loudspeakers in the pedestrian mall and there’s even a real live Santa that makes appearances every once in a while to take photos with kids (and Asian tourists…. let’s be real, mostly Asian tourists.)

Santa Claus statue at the beach in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

Wonderful shot! :)

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Edinburgh, Scotland

21 Dec

John Hume’s statue,High street, Edinburgh

I often see tourists rubbing his big toe,hence it so polished. I don’t know if its in a guide book saying it brings good luck but someone must be telling them.

statue of John Hume in Edinburgh, Scotland

Cool shot, more than a few of those lucky toes around the world we have seen. :)

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