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Dance – Basque Country

20 Aug

feet,toes,dancer,crowd,Dance,Basque Country

Good shot! :)

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Street Monkey – Bali, Indonesia

27 Jul

feet,toes,Men,Monkey,photograph,street,Street Monkey,Bali, Indonesia

Awesome shot! :)

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Young and Old – Philippines

24 Jul

I’m really drawn to people in the streets. I want to capture them in a way where one’s soul is preserved or rather his/her personality is preserved in the photo. That’s why I don’t try to talk to them before shooting to really see the individuality and the richness of their character. After I click the shutter, that’s when I’ll talk to them.

In this series we can see a lot of contrast, not just in the technicalities but also on what the photos show. I’ve observed that a lot of young adults here in the Philippines choose to go bum, not working their asses to work in order to feed their families. Then when they get old, they regret not doing what they can when they were still younger and stronger.

feet,toes,youth,photograph,black and white,Young and Old,Philippines

feet,toes,man,photograph,sacks,street,Young and Old ,Philippines

Excellent pictures! :)

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Hawker – Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

23 Jul

A hawker selling food on the backstreets. This is still a common sight in Penang. They are largely “extinct” in most other cities and urban towns in Malaysia where they operate in hawker centres and markets. Penang is considered a hawker food heaven among the Malaysian Chinese population and deservedly so.

Yeah Yeah 1.0 album:-

feet,toes,people,photograph,Hawker, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Good one! :)

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Street – Tel Aviv, Israel

5 Jul

people,foot,toes,Street, Tel Aviv, Israel

Awesome shot! :)

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Dagupan City, Philippines

22 May

Man sitting on a cart in Dagupan City, Philippines

Amazing shot, love the irony… :)

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Berlin, Germany

19 May

People,feet,toes,street,girl,barefoot,scene, Berlin, Germany

Wonderful shot! :)

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Ahmedabad, India

15 May

Shoe shine in  Ahmedabad, India

Nice shot! :)

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Sitges, Spain

12 May

Dancing in the street

Street photography in Sitges, Spain

Wonderful shot! :)

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Bangkok, Thailand

20 Apr

The big news of that day was the Queen’s birthday, but the rickshaw driver did not seem to care…

Rickshaw driver reading a paper in Bangkok, Thailand

Nice shot! :)

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Bali, Indonesia

12 Apr

people walking by monkeys in Bali, Indonesia

Fantastic shot! :)

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Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad, India

25 Mar

Project 365: Day 110, Morning routines..

man reading a newspaper in Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad, India

Great shot! :)

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Street Photography – India

20 Mar

man sitting barefoot in India

Great shot!

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Sydney, Australia

5 Mar

street picture from Sydney, Australia

Great shot! :)

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Rajasthan, India

28 Jan

India has fascinated me – so many bright colours, amazing sights and most importantly: wonderful people. I’ve met so many interesting people during our short trip to Delhi, Jaipur and Pushkar, it was incredible.

I often feel as if I’m a thief, I’m an intruder stealing a picture. But of course, that’s the wrong mindset. I should be confident and happy that I’ve found an interesting character, who I’d like to take a picture of to tell a story. Once I show the final photo to the subject, the person often smiles and is happy – I’ve seen something interesting in him/her and captured it.

So really, as soon as I change into this mindset and openly approach my subject, asking ‘how are you’ and chat a little, it becomes easier to take a better picture. And of course, a smile helps. That’s how I managed to shoot the following pictures of some great characters in India.

Let me introduce you to this men in Jaipur, he was having tea at his doorstep – he smiled at me and even offered me to share a cup of tea with him…

man in doorway drinking tea in Rajasthan, India

In general, I really enjoyed all the colours everywhere. This men was sitting in front of a blue wall in the pink city of Jaipur, just watching me taking pictures. He waved at me to come over and take his picture too.

man sitting in fron of blue wall in Rajasthan, India

Finally, a few steps down the street were four men having a nice chat in the morning – they just stopped briefly so I could take the picture – then they continued as if nothing had happened. A perfect Saturday morning in Jaipur it seems…

four men sitting on a bench in Rajasthan, India

Wonderful shots! :)

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