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Crowded – Hanoi, Vietnam

11 Aug

Day 191/365, f/3.2, 1/160s, ISO 400, 35mm

people,feet,toes,street,market,Crowded,Hanoi, Vietnam

Excellent shot! :)

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Sleeping Man – Kluang, Malaysia

11 Aug

Anywhere will do: A tanned and barefooted elderly labourer in Kluang, Malaysia grabs some shut-eye after lunch in the first comfortable spot he finds.

feet,toes,pillow,street,Sleeping Man,Kluang, Malaysia

It’s sad, yet he seems right at home.

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Cambridge River Festival – Cambridge, Massachusetts

31 Jul

My friend Anna and I moseyed on over to the Cambridge River Festival – which, due to construction, was held in Central Square and not actually on the river – today.  There were lots of artists and vendors, music, and performers.  It was great fun! I even bought a cute glass frog to add to my collection of crawly animal figurines.

balloon,child,people,photograph,Cambridge River Festival,Cambridge, Massachusetts

Woman,hulahoop,photograph,people,Cambridge River Festival,Cambridge, Massachusetts

street,chalk,art,people,Cambridge River Festival, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Girl,hula,hoop,street,Cambridge River Festival, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Looks like a wonderful event! :)

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Street Monkey – Bali, Indonesia

27 Jul

feet,toes,Men,Monkey,photograph,street,Street Monkey,Bali, Indonesia

Awesome shot! :)

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Hawker – Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

23 Jul

A hawker selling food on the backstreets. This is still a common sight in Penang. They are largely “extinct” in most other cities and urban towns in Malaysia where they operate in hawker centres and markets. Penang is considered a hawker food heaven among the Malaysian Chinese population and deservedly so.

Yeah Yeah 1.0 album:-

feet,toes,people,photograph,Hawker, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Good one! :)

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Street – Tel Aviv, Israel

5 Jul

people,foot,toes,Street, Tel Aviv, Israel

Awesome shot! :)

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Daily Life – Beijing, China

21 Jun

I like seeing people going about their daily lives. Scenes that some might walk by and not think anything about, I like to stop and capture. These big cities are filled with endless opportunities for capturing people just being people.
Have a great weekend everyone!

men,playing,game,street,board, Beijing,China,MIke Pratt Photography

Great shot! :)

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Denver Chalk Art Festival – Denver, Colorado

16 Jun

People posing with art,Denver Chalk Art Festival - Denver, Colorado

Looks wonderful! :)

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Whisky – Brussels, Belgium

9 Jun


Monday is a gentleman jacks day for me…

Drawing,poster,pole,street,foot,toes,Brussels, Belgium

Good one! :)

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Berlin, Germany

19 May

People,feet,toes,street,girl,barefoot,scene, Berlin, Germany

Wonderful shot! :)

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Hong Kong

6 May

Authorities Turn Blind Eyes to Smugglers, but CANNOT Tolerate Elderly Make a Living

More incidents to indicate that the authorities turn blind eyes to smuggling activities but cannot tolerate / don’t care old Hong Kong making a living. This times, it is about the hawker control team under Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, HKSAR after the hawker night market incident.

It happened today, 2014/04/29. An old woman makes a living by selling miscellaneous items but was charged by the hawker control team.  One photo caption (by Yue Sze Kan @ Facebook) says:

There is a place so-called an international metropolis!
Urinating and defecating in public will be tolerated!
Illegal begging will be tolerated!
Smuggling will be tolerated!
But an elderly street hawker cannot be tolerated, and must be repelled immediately.
This place is called Hong Kong

Elderly woman arrested in Hong Kong

Source: Ryan Chan (陳葦岳) @ Facebook, published via House News

person,stepping,elderly,woman,belonging,Hong Kong

The hawker controller steps on the belonging of the old woman. Source: Ryan Chan (陳葦岳) @ Facebook, Published via House News

Such a shame…

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Asheville, North Carolina

2 May


Asheville NC is a mini hipster mountain city within the state of North Carolina. Strolling downtown you are likely to see at least one person barefoot, one musician busker on every block, and one vegetarian restaurant. Asheville provides surreal mountain scenery surrounding the city, making it a prime location for outdoorsy types, hippies, health snobs, yogis, and hipsters. The town is quite quirky and filled with lots of character.

Going along with its hippy nature, it is also quite sustainable, providing many local businesses and local food.

hipsters on a street in Asheville, North Carolina

Good shot! :)

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4 Apr

group of people by the water

Nice shot! :)

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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

1 Apr

woman with orange sweater crossing street in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Wonderful picture! :)

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Rural Vietnam

31 Mar

WordPress give us a weekly photographic challenge. This week it’s Street Life as a topic.
I saw this woman on a small back road in rural Vietnam, moving her household belongings from one part of her village out along this little lane to another. Her little cart was loaded with bedroom and dining furniture and I imagined at the time she was a newly wed woman moving into her new husbands home.

Woman pulling a cart in rural Vietnam

Fantastic shot! :)

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