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Baker’s Hill – Sta Monica, Philippines

21 Sep

Baker’s Hill is another tourist destination in Sta Monica, just a few minutes away from Mitra Ranch, and is popular for the bakery goods one can buy as pasalubong (homecoming gift) such as cookies, crinkles, hopia, and a lot more confectionery items. What started out as a simple bakery has been extended into a mini park, with nice landscaping and a lot of statues/figures perfect for camera-addicts. They also have a viewing deck, with a similar view as the one you can see from Mitra Ranch. Inside there are also a few stalls for drinks, food, and even souvenir shirts.

Women,feet,toes,flipflops,LOVE,letters,Baker's Hill,Sta Monica, Philippines

Interesting place! Love is always the answer! :)

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Yoros Castle – Istanbul, Turkey

20 Sep

Yaros Kalesi/day at the Black Sea

We took the day to relax on a ferryboat tour of the Bosphorus. An hour and a half up the strait, an hour and a half back down. In between the boat rides, I walked with students up a mountain to see the Yoros Castle (Yoros Kalesi). It was a trek, no doubt – sweaty and hot, no clouds to block the sun – and when we saw closed doors at the peak, I worried they would be disappointed. Almost ready to head back down, to relax with nargile by the water, I tried banging on the door a few times. A man opened it furtively. I begged him, in broken but desperate Turkish, to let the students in two explore. “Just two minutes!”

“In two minutes, I will lock this door and go to lunch. Two minutes!”

The students rushed past the door, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the thin strips of land that give shape to the Black Sea. Hundreds of ships, tiny like ants, waited their turn to pass into the Dardanelles. After a few minutes of jumping around and snapping group photos, we hustled out of the castle area, but continued to wander. Rufus, a stray dog, guided us down the mountain.

Perseverance, y’all – it pays off.

woman,dress,sandals,water,view,Yoros Castle, Istanbul, Turkey

Nice shot! :)

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Inner Harbour – Baltimore, Maryland

20 Sep

A woman lies on her back on a dock in the Baltimore Inner Harbor to take a photo of the sky.

woman,camera,lying,ship,ferry,feet,toes,flipflops,Inner Harbour,Baltimore, Maryland

Hope she got a good one! :)

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Benches – Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

19 Sep

At the end of our beach promenade in Umhlanga Rocks, are two benches. This particular one is my favourite, and I love to sit on it, watching the waves and the action on the beach, before starting on the 3km walk back home. Today, it was already taken, by a pair of green flip flops belonging to this sunbather. I didn’t like to ask her to move them, and anyway, I would have been sitting right on top of where she was laying, so I had to settle for second best.

feet,toes,beach,sand,woman,Benches,Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Nice shot but hate when that happens! :)

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The View – Santorini, Greece

19 Sep

Woke up to an incredible view from our window. Bathed & I picked this outfit for 2nd day.

feet,toes,woman,fashion,selfie,The View, Santorini, Greece

Both Bret and I were having the time of our lives. Breakfast with a view we never want to forget…Here‘s a clip then he received a business call.

Man,phopne,breakfast,call,The View ,Santorini, Greece

Must have been purely awesome! :)

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Differences – Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel

18 Sep

feet,toes,toemail,photography,Differences,Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel

Awesome shot! :)

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Sligo Creek Park – Silver Spring, Maryland

17 Sep

table,park,toes,photography,Sligo Creek Park ,Silver Spring, Maryland

Excellent! :)

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Café Noruego – Bergen, Norway

16 Sep

woman,sitting,feet,toes,chair,Café Noruego,Bergen, Norway

Very nice shot! :)

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Temple of the Reclining Buddha – Bangkok, Thailand

16 Sep

Given Thailand is 95 percent Buddhist, there are of course hundreds of Bangkok temples — known in Thai as “wats.”

Some are small, located far down tiny sois and well out of the way of tourist traffic. Others are part of massive complexes filled with halls, schools and revered statues, earning them a place in all the Bangkok guidebooks.

We visited the famous Wat Pho and Wat Traimit.

Wat Pho, or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, is the oldest and largest Buddhist temple in Bangkok. It is home to more Buddha images than any other Bangkok temple and it shelters the largest Buddha in Thailand.

Women,feet,toes,photography,travel,Temple of the Reclining Buddha,Bangkok, Thailand

People,tour,gold,Temple of the Reclining Buddha,Bangkok, Thailand

women,fountian,travel,photography,Temple of the Reclining Buddha,Bangkok, Thailand

Great shots! :)

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Fashion – Accessorize it !

15 Sep

You know that the perfect accessories can totally change an outfit . It’s a silent, exciting night , you go out with friends or a date and want something simple but chic , choose a jumpsuit if you want to have an easy choice . Put a belt to make it classier and now it’s time to play : you have unlimited choices. Choose to be bold, shy, colorful, you can be whatever you want with the adequate “toys” .
The hard part was to choose between pink tones or green ones to sparkle the night and I went with greenish :

Now go out and have fun .

Woman,feet,toes,sandals,dress,stairs,Fashion.photography,Accessorize it !

( Jumpsuit – Forever 21 , Necklace – H&M ) Choose a white color for your nails, I love it .

Woman,toes,legs,bracelet,purse,nails,photography,Fashion , Accessorize it !

( Bag – Blanco, Ring – Pimkie , Neon Green sparkle bracelet – Forever 21 , middle bracelet – Bijou Bridgitte)

Looking fantastic! :)

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The Wounded Angel – Hugo Simberg

14 Sep
Hugo Simbeg The Wounded Angel 1903

Hugo Simberg 1903

Wonderful! :)

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Arts District – Los Angeles, California

14 Sep

It’s still sunny and hot here in socal. And while I’m very grateful for that, the fashion girl in me is anxiously waiting to layer and wear jackets/coats! The other night I went to Bestia (delicious Italian restaurant,  btw..) and wanted to wear some trends that I’ve seen on the F/W 2014 runway shows – leopard, leather, and dark florals.

Woman,feet,toes,fashion,Arts District , Los Angeles, California

Looking great! :)

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Phone Call – Rodhos, Notio Aigaio, Greece

13 Sep

feet,toes,phone booth,toemail,photography,Phone Call,Rodhos, Notio Aigaio, Greece

Cool shot! :)

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Prints on the Rocks – Bahamas

12 Sep

I can not believe another week has flown by. I really have no idea where time is going! At least it will be the weekend soon which means I could get use out of this lovely Kate Spade hat while tanning in the next couple days.

This was my first floppy hat purchase and I am glad I got it. It is the perfect size and color for any occasion. Luckily, I got the hat on sale! Kate Spade usually has great deals on their sporadic sales. I was glad I got a hold of this one.

feet,toes,woman,sitting,Prints on the Rocks , Bahamas

This tunic of mine is so colorful and perfect for summertime. Even though summer has come to an end, it was a great top for the Bahamas.

Climbing these rocks were annoying but it had to be done to get a great picture, obviously! It was a gorgeous day out as well which made it even better to have a mini photo shoot ;)

Unfortunately, my pink hat is no longer available but here is one in black that’s similar. Y’all probably think I’m crazy or something for literally wearing my jacks everywhere I go but they are one of my favorite pairs of sandals so I can not get enough of them!!

Kate Spade Hat (similar) / Lilly Pulitzer Tunic (shop here for similar) / Jack Rogers 

woman,beach,water,beauty,hat,Prints on the Rocks, Bahamas

Looking fantastic! :)

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You Are Here – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

11 Sep

feet,toes,text,sandals,You Are Here, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Fun shot! :)

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