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Natural Act – Collages for magnificent nature

22 Nov

Turkish artist Merve Ozaslan takes vintage black and white photographs, from people on the street to young ladies on the beach, and inserts pieces of colorful natural scenery in a clever and fun kind of way.

feet,toes,girl,collage,Merve Ozaslan

feet,toes,people,waves,beach,Merve Ozaslan

feet,toes,women,circle,clouds,Merve Ozaslan

women,poles,volleyball,green.collage,Merve Ozaslan

Good work! :)

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Greater Boston, Massachusetts

16 Nov
The point of that Toes-and-Fingers Foto is: I’m healthy enough!
The link to that post is:
And the blog is “The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally.”
feet,toes,fingers,pink,ring,Greater Boston, Massachusetts
Great post, glad to hear you are in the pink! :)

Sunbathing – Naples, Italy

14 Nov

People,feet,toes,legs,bathing suits,ground,towels,Sunbathing,Naples, Italy

Great shot! :)

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Ceramic Fish – Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

10 Nov

Here’s a pic of my toes on one of the ceramic fish which decorate our pier in Umhlanga Rocks in South Africa.

ceramic,tiles,foot,toes,pier,Ceramic Fish, Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Very cool pier! :)

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Sleeping – Bandung, Indonesia

6 Nov

feet,toes,man,rickshaw,flipflops,photography,Sleeping, Bandung, Indonesia

Taking a break! :)

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Washington Monument Yoga – Washington, D.C.

4 Nov

August kind of blew up my progress…..for real! August was the month of making HUGE progress. I guess it takes 3 months to start noticing changes in your body.

August was when I surprised myself by getting a headstand, and the ability to press into it! Woah, core strength. I was so excited I swear I spent all month upside down. Who am I kidding? I’m still an inversion junkie. There is something so liberating & adrenaline kicking about being upside down.

Do I look like the Washington Monument? This is my all time favorite Stop Drop and Yoga moment!

feet,toes,Washington Monument,Yoga,photography,travel, Washington, D.C.

Fantastic shot! :)

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Sculpture – Sydney, Australia

2 Nov

Bondi Beach to Tamarama

Now in its 18th year, the Sculptures By The Sea installation has been successful in drawing large crowds over the years. The 2km coastal stretch between Bondi beach and Tamarama is, once again, packed with hundreds of sculptures to add to the already scenic surroundings. Having started on Thursday, you have until November 9th to check out the sculptures that have been created by both local and international artists.

This year, Alexandria’s favourite cafe will also join in the fun with a beach shack style pop up, The Grounds By The Bay, serving their trademark coffee, fresh juices, and breakfast lunch and dinner.

feet,toes,figure, Sculpture,Sydney, Australia

Good one! :)

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Happy Hallowe’en!!

31 Oct

Ensnared // 28 10 14

woman,web,surreal,art,Photography,Happy Hallowe'en!!

Awesome! :)

Check out Manadh Photography !


too cool for school – Phoenix, Arizona

31 Oct

feet,toes,man,photography,peacock,too cool for school, Phoenix, Arizona


Check out Nicole Daring !

In Sync – St Paul De Vence, France

30 Oct

feet,toes,couple,photography,street,In Sync, St Paul De Vence, France

Cool shot! :)

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The High Line – New York City

29 Oct

From the plaques placed in the High Line Park:

“The High Line was built by the New York Central Railroad between 1929 and 1934 to lift dangerous freight trains from Manhattan’s streets.  The Highline’s trains carried meat, produce and dairy products into warehouses and factories at the third-floor [ed: British English: 2nd floor] level.  It was known as the ‘Life Line of New York’.

As trucking began to replace rail as the primary means of moving freight in New York Cty, train traffic declined on the High Line, and the southernmost section as torn down.  By 1980, the trains had stopped running.

In 1999, with the High Line threatened with demolition, neighbourhood residents formed Friends of the Highlight to advocate for the preservation and reuse of the structure.  In 2002, the City of New York boldly committed to transport the High Line into a one-of-a-kind park.”

Interestingly it is less ‘one-of-a-kind’ as more cities are considering turning dis-used rail infrastructure into public recreation space.

I took a lot of pictures, these are the park itself.

feet,toes,people,photography,The High Line,New York City

Walkway,boards,trees,green,The High Line, New York City

People,photography,The High Line,New York City

Street,view,photography,The High Line,New York City

feet,toes,sandals,rail,photography,The High Line,New York City

Great shots! :)

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Focusing – Venice, Italy

28 Oct

So engrossed in finding the right angle to compose my shot of one the roof features of Hatfield House was I, that I had walked through a well sign-posted gate completely oblivious to the fact that I was in a private area of the property.  Selective attention is the phenomenon that causes us to miss often obvious features of the environment around us when we are concentrating on one thing in particular.

Wonder if she knew her feet were wet?

Woman,water,camera,wet,photography,people,Focusing,Venice, Italy

Great shot! :)

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Cold – Fort Wayne, Indiana

27 Oct
feet,toes,homeless,photography,woman,jeans,Cold,Fort Wayne, Indiana

Photo: Dominique Parker

Check out more of Dominique Parker’s work at dpdesignphotography !


Wanderlust – Auckland, New Zealand

26 Oct

If there was ever a place where it was impossible to feel sad, Wanderlust festival is it. There’s no other way to describe it.
There’s a buzz in the atmosphere that is electric – the result of a bunch of like-minded people who appreciate a day of fitness in the sun, the most delicious healthy foods and lots of happy faces.
Me and my friend Bridget went along to this festival with no yoga training whatsoever. We didn’t have a mat or any exercise gear.
We just wanted to observe, as yoga has been a thing we’ve both wanted to tick off the bucket list for a while now.
We got to kick back and watch a lot of ladies (and a few men) decked out in their Lulu Lemon gear twist themselves into different positions in the hot sun. Meanwhile, we munched on Little Bird goodness and slurped on The Beverage Boy juices.

feet,toes,yoga,people,Wanderlust, Auckland, New Zealand

Looks great! :)

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Tangled – New York City

25 Oct

woman,mp3,player,people,photography,Tangled,New York City

Good one! :)

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