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On The Beach – Pelgurand, Tallinn, Estonia

1 Aug

The other day we spent the evening on the beach. My friend organized a bday picnic there, but somehow we were too early, so we had time to play with sand and I managed to take some photos.

dad,son,photograph,feet,toes,On The Beach,Pelgurand, Tallinn, Estonia

boy,feet,toes,On The Beach,Pelgurand, Tallinn, Estonia

Great shots! :)

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Toes And More Toes From Alicante, Spain

31 Jul

In quest of learning Spanish I am still in Spain, where I attended summer school in Alicante. The biggest problem is that I have lost my English (I don’t know why, but even this message I begun composing with both languages (English and Spanish in my mind). Let’s hope it’s temporary. But this message I wanted to send because there is La Rambla not only in Barcelona, but also in Alicante, a bit different though, how you’ll see.

With love from Alicante from www:travelingaround50.wordpress.com
feet,sandlas,toes,fish,Toes And More Toes From Alicante, Spain
children,playing,playground,Toes And More Toes From Alicante, Spain
infant,slide,playground,man,Toes And More Toes From Alicante, Spain
dog,feet,toes,legs,street,Toes And More Toes From Alicante, Spain
Great shots! :)

Cambridge River Festival – Cambridge, Massachusetts

31 Jul

My friend Anna and I moseyed on over to the Cambridge River Festival – which, due to construction, was held in Central Square and not actually on the river – today.  There were lots of artists and vendors, music, and performers.  It was great fun! I even bought a cute glass frog to add to my collection of crawly animal figurines.

balloon,child,people,photograph,Cambridge River Festival,Cambridge, Massachusetts

Woman,hulahoop,photograph,people,Cambridge River Festival,Cambridge, Massachusetts

street,chalk,art,people,Cambridge River Festival, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Girl,hula,hoop,street,Cambridge River Festival, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Looks like a wonderful event! :)

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Porch Time Toe Mail – Saint Paul, Minnesota

30 Jul

My favorite cat, Bagheera, has a game he loves to play: capture the human toes that invade his cat tree. He is ever so gentle- never a claw comes out- just a squeeze to say “gotcha”!!

cat,foot, toes, Porch Time Toe Mail, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Looks like he is having a ball! :)

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Remembering Moments – Cannon Beach, Oregon

30 Jul

I took these with my iPhone then edited in VSCO Cam (also available for android users).  In the silhouette photos I learned that I couldn’t click at the moment my 12-year-old dancer jumped.  When I did that, I ended up missing her jumps since they happened pretty fast.  Instead, I clicked just a second before and that did it!  It’s all about timing.  It would have been easier if I had the DSLR with me but I didn’t bring it.  The family was trying to travel light since this was a road trip in the Camry.

Girl,jumping,feet,toes,Remembering Moments,Cannon Beach, Oregon

Great shot and advice! :)

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Kids In The Woods – Somewhere

30 Jul

Girls,feet,toes,colorful,acting,funny,Kids In The Woods , Somewhere

Fun shot! :)

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The Blue City – Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

29 Jul

Time flies. And so do I – all over India. This past weekend was dedicated to Amritsar – known for its Golden Temple and the Wagah Border. The upcoming weekend will be spent in Varanasi – apparently one of the craziest places on earth. However, two weekends ago I was in Jodhpur – the Blue City. Here it is;

Woman,child,feet,toes,photograph,The Blue City ,Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Alley,blue,biles,The Blue City ,Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

The Blue City,photograph, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Great shots! :)

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Movie – Million Dollar Mermaid

29 Jul

Poster,feet,toes,Technicolor,MGM,Movie,Million Dollar Mermaid

Love them old movie posters! :)

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Vintage Furniture – Seattle, Washington

28 Jul

I want to tell you a quick love story.

It all started while my man and I were wandering through a new-to-me Goodwill last weekend. I spotted the beautiful, golden mid-century desk from across the room. As I walked quickly towards it, I noticed its slender legs and wonderfully sized drawers.

desk,toe,jeans,Vintage Furniture ,Seattle, Washington

The decision to purchase was only slightly difficult as I had had a long, moving-furniture kind of week. Thursday and Friday evening had been spent loading in my lovely, new white couch and loading out my huge, dark couch to its new home. I was a bit tired of loading furniture like I was in the process of moving. There was lots to consider. However, for over a year I have been using a pop up table as a desk and a mid-century desk would fit wonderfully in my 1962 apartment. The finish needed a bit of love, but when I saw the price of only $15, it didn’t take long for me to realize that it was meant to be. I took it home and loaded it immediately on to my porch in order to sand it down.

As I was unscrewing the handles from the face of the drawers, I noticed something I had not seen before. A key! A beautiful key with a heart-shaped center had been carefully hidden, screwed in on the back of a handle. Somebody had obviously cherished whatever the key belonged to enough to hide it so well.

key,Vintage Furniture,Seattle, Washington

What a great find! :)

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Street Monkey – Bali, Indonesia

27 Jul

feet,toes,Men,Monkey,photograph,street,Street Monkey,Bali, Indonesia

Awesome shot! :)

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Laundromat – Boston, Massachusetts

27 Jul

feet,toes,woman,machines,sitting,Laundromat,Boston, Massachusetts

Good shot! :)

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Prom – Queens, New York

27 Jul

on the way to prom Queens NY

feet,toes,sandals,Prom,photograph,Queens, New York

Fancy, fancy! :)

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It’s Raining – Berlin, Germany

27 Jul

feet,toes,people,baby,stroller,phone,It's Raining,Berlin, Germany

Great shot! :)

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Celebrity Summit Cruise – Bermuda

26 Jul

Here’s me hanging off the railing of the Celebrity Summit on a cruise to Bermuda this May.

feet,toes,railing,ship, Celebrity Summit Cruise , Bermuda

Must have been fun! :)

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Lemons – Hampstead Heath, London, England

26 Jul

feet,toes,flipflops,Lemons, Hampstead Heath, London, England

Good shot! :)

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