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Reading – Bryant Park, New York City

23 Aug

feet,toes,park,woman,people,Reading ,Bryant Park, New York City

Nice shot! :)

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Fate – Dublin, Ireland

22 Aug

feet,cherubs,toes,housing,clouds,Fate,collage,Dublin, Ireland

Beautiful! :)

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Toes in Chicago, Illinois

21 Aug

Sitting on the patio reading a mystery on a beautiful summer day.

feet,toes,sandals,stool,sun,Toes in Chicago, Illinois

Nice shot! :)

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Hippie Surgeon – Sydney, Australia

21 Aug

feet,toes,cartoon,Hippie Surgeon,Sydney, Australia

Good one! :)

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Reader – Stockholm, Sweden

21 Aug

feet,toes,reading,bench,city,Reader,Stockholm, Sweden

Nice shot! :)

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Ms. Zulu – Florida

20 Aug

More greetings from Florida. It is a rainy day today so my dog Ms. Zulu and I waited for the rain to stop before we wandered outside.  I adopted Ms. Zulu from the animal shelter and it is her goal to spread the word about pet adoption, see my website: http://anarette.com/about/the-crew/

foot,toes,dog,window,Ms. Zulu,Florida

What a beautiful dog! :)

Dance – Basque Country

20 Aug

feet,toes,dancer,crowd,Dance,Basque Country

Good shot! :)

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Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli’s Field, Reprising the 1960s

19 Aug

Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli’s Field is the first installation in which Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama (Matsumoto, 1929) made use of mirrors, a material that she has continued to use ever since and which. Together with her characteristic dots, mirrors are an essential component of Kusama’s. Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli’s Field was Kusama’s second large-scale total environment: a mirrored room that consumes the visitor and makes him or her a participant in the work. It is a key work in the oeuvre of one of the most important artists of the second half of the 20th century.

feey,toes,art,Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli's Field, Reprising the 1960s

Yayoi Kusama, Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli’s Field (Floor Show), 1965 (1998), Photo: Bob Goedewaagen

Interesting! :)

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28 toes on Umhlanga Beach, South Africa

19 Aug

Here is another beach pic with toes; eighteen puppy toes and ten human ones.

puppy,kids,feet,toes,28 toes on Umhlanga Beach, South Africa

Beautiful puppy! :)

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Aerial Arts – Koh Phagnan, Thailand

18 Aug

I’ve been home for about 2 months now, and I’m starting to really get back into serious aerial arts training and classes at Clubmynx here in Saskatoon. I just wrote a blog post for them about getting back into the swing of things without injuring myself and balancing my expectations, reality, and enthusiasm in coming back.

Check out my post here all about what I think I did that helped me come back to my fitness regime safely!

feet,toes,pole,woman,water,Aerial Arts ,Koh Phagnan, Thailand

A little beach poling in Koh Phagnan, Thailand back in Februrary.

Looks like fun! :)

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Give Peace A Chance – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

18 Aug

Great song, and as relevant as ever!

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Grand Daughter’s Toes – Portland, Orgeon

17 Aug

Desirae Muncy, 10 yrs. old. Portland, Oregon, Rocky Butte (From Gary Muncy, SwittersB & Exploring, by Gramma Mary Jo)

feet,toes,legs,Plaque,Grand Daughter's Toes, Portland, Orgeon

Nice shot! :)

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420 – Denver, Colorado

17 Aug

420 Rally in Denver, Colorado

feet,toes,tattoos,woman,signs,MIle 420,420,Denver, Colorado

Fantastic shot! :)

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Twenty – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

17 Aug

feet,toes,nudes,men,running,collage.clock,Twenty,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Good work! :)

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Biting Your Toenails – Melbourne, Australia

16 Aug

Here’s a photo of an artwork that I saw last week in Melbourne but didn’t include in my post about homeless art. (http://sustainabilitysoapbox.com/2014/08/08/hidden-talent-homeless-art-poetry/)
The artist is Brett Andrew Carlson who lives in housing provided by Supported Residential Services (SRS).
It was placed in a shop window as part of the ‘No fixed address’ community art project for National Homeless Person’s Week 2014.
It is very common for homeless people in Australia to suffer from frostbite and trench foot.
Never underestimate the value of healthy toes and warm dry footwear!

Drawing,art,feet,toes,man,Biting Your Toenails, Melbourne, Australia

Sounds like they are doing good things! :)

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