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Wedding – Sayulita, Mexico

2 Sep

Wedding day.  Bare feet in a circle on the Mexican Beach.  We actually got naked!  Here’s the story: http://wp.me/p1M11-gN   We also did some of the other perhaps untraditional and surprising things on that day–which all added up to bliss.  http://wp.me/p1M11-eq

feet,toes,beach,people,sand,anklets,Wedding,Sayulita, Mexico

Must have been awesome! :)

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Alive Museum – Singapore

2 Sep

WARNING: This entry is photo-heavy and contain spoilers of the content of the museum! If you’re thinking of visiting this museum and want to keep the element of surprise, you may want to give this post a miss.

Feet,toes,toemail,phtography,Alive Museum, Singapore

feet,toes,toemail,phoptography,Alive Museum,Singapore

feet,toes,toemail,phoptography,Alive Museum,Singapore

feet,toes,women,toemail,photography,Alive Museum ,Singapore

feet,toes,painting,woman,toemail,photography,Alive Museum,Singapore

Fantastic pictures! :)

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Aquarium Tunnel – Las Vegas, Nevada

1 Sep


Illustrator: loujen haxm’Yor

Photo Title: ‘Yor Feet

CGI Artwork: A composite of my feet and an aquarium tunnel at one of the Las Vegas casinos.

My blog: loujenhaxmyor.wordpress.com

Have a wonderful day!  Peace.

feet,toes,fish,Aquarium Tunnel,Las Vegas, Nevada

Good shot! :)

Slang – Australia

1 Sep

I’ve been down under for a month now, and every time I talk to my parents or friends I have to key them in to what I’m talking about when I use Australian slang. There’s so many words here that have just left me baffled, until I find out that they just refer to things differently than Americans do. Even my English housemate finds it hilarious the way I pronounce aluminum, and that I call “trousers” “pants”. Here’s a bit of Aussie slang that I’ve learned since coming here, and will definitely be bringing back to the states to annoy my friends and family with.

Arvo- afternoon
Scull-chug or down a drink
Jumper-jacket or coat
Gum boots-rain boots
Maccas- McDonald’s
Thongs-flip flops

And some more inappropriate ones…
Fucked/pissed-drunk, like, super super drunk
Double fisting-does not mean holding 2 drinks here…don’t say it

That’s all I’ve really got to say today, I just have wanted to do a post like this for a while! Unfortunately now if I tell my mom I’m having heaps of bevvies in the arvo now she’ll know what I mean. Ciao!


Nap – Sheffield, England

31 Aug

There is always time for a nap // 25 06 14

feet,toes,woman,fantasy,doves,Nap,Sheffield, England

Beautiful image! :)

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Woods – North Of Toronto, Ontario

31 Aug

Barefoot Stoner Girl

… in the woods …

feet,toes,,ground,Woods,North Of Toronto, Ontario

Nice shot! :)

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Festival Fringe – Edinburgh, Scotland

30 Aug
I’m attaching yet another toemail-ready photo, from my recent trip with my 16-year-old son to the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We were both surprised to see the shape of the toilet, so it figures that I included a picture of that in this post:
The name of the blog is “The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally.”
Thanks for being there, so spectacularly!
foot,toes,toilet,Festival Fringe ,  Edinburgh, Scotland
Great shot, thanks! :)

Peaceful – Hoi An, Vietnam

29 Aug

During this voyage I realized that traveling alone is the biggest experiment I can conduct on myself. I say that because since I am the only person making decisions in new places, I can see the immediate results of my decisions and how exactly I react to new environments. I know I can see how decisions and environment affect me at home, but not quite as explicit as when I am this isolated and controlled subject. I can trace exactly how I met a person and what I did that lead to my circumstance right now.

When traveling alone, I’m an isolated variable and my new contexts are new experiments.

Hoi An is a beautiful port city with buildings painted with bright colors like yellow and turquoise, once colonized by the Chinese for its premium location in Southeast Asia. In Vietnamese, this dreamy city’s name means ‘peaceful gathering’ and when I was here, the open spaces and clear air refreshed my mind that I almost forgot about all the busy ruckus left behind in Hanoi.

woman,face,beautiful,sunglasses,Peaceful,  Hoi An, Vietnam

art,gallery,building,Peaceful, Hoi An, Vietnam

man,feet,toes,street,Peaceful,Hoi An, Vietnam

woman,alley,feet,toes,Peaceful,Hoi An, Vietnam

Nice shots! :)

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Villa Anna – Victoria, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

29 Aug

After our most treasured Puerto Galera trip, my friend who is a local in Oriental Mindoro invited us over for a few more days of fun.

My good friend is from Victoria, Oriental Mindoro. We stayed the night at their abode then come morning they invited us over Villa Anna Paradise Resort and Farm.

It was such a peaceful and beautiful place. In here, you have all the time to spend with nature. If you are the type of person who likes the green green grass, tall trees, fresh air, chirping of birds amongst other things, this is the place for you. I must say this will be serenity with mother nature at its finest.

feet,toes,women,porch,Villa Anna,Victoria, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Heads,women,funny,Villa Anna ,Victoria, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

feet,circle,women,friends,grass,flipflops,Villa Anna ,Victoria, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Nice shots! :)

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Victoriana – Cottage Grove, Oregon

28 Aug

My day is never boring when I work at my aunt’s costume shop, Victoriana, in Cottage Grove, OR. Currently I am in the process of building her a website and we needed to get some photos of various costumes. Now this was nothing formal, just pick a costume, put it on and take a picture with someone’s phone, but it turned into a fun filled day.

Lesley Nuefeld, owner of Victoriana, used to work in Hollywood as a costume designer. She has a huge selection of costumes in her shop as well as the knowledge and skill to create specialized costumes for those who ask. I definitely recommend dropping by!

feet,toes.costume,woman,Victoriana ,Cottage Grove, Oregon


woman,costume,Victoriana,Cottage Grove, Oregon

Steampunk Pirate

woman,costume,Victoriana, Cottage Grove, Oregon

Miku Anime

woman,costume,red,street,dress,Victoriana ,Cottage Grove, Oregon

Flapper Girl

Wow, that must have been a blast! :)

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Elliot Erwitt – New York City, 2000

28 Aug

100 years of the Leica camera – in pictures

From Henri Cartier-Bresson to Annie Leibovitz, many of the 20th century’s defining images were shot on a Leica.

feet,toes,dog,steps,person,Elliot Erwitt,New York City, 2000

New York City, 2000. Erwitt produced many images incorporating the canine to beguiling effect. Photograph: Elliott Erwitt/Magnum Photos

Interesting picture! :)

Check out the rest of the article here!

Dance – Western Washington University

27 Aug

Dance has been a huge part of my life ever since I can remember. Expressing music artistically through my body is both exhilarating and meditative. I dance to smile, I dance to cry, I dance to love.

I was recently in a performance that featured choreography by the Bachelors of Fine Arts dance students at Western Washington University. The beautiful culmination of their hard work exhibited mastered technique, told fascinating stories, and made the audience laugh as well as stare in captivation. I was able to photograph the performance during dress rehearsal as well as backstage. These are some of my favorite performance moments.

*”No Big Deal” was the name of the piece in which I danced.

dancers,feet,toes,Dance, Western Washington University

feet.toes,dancers,Dance, Western Washington University

feet,toes,dancers,Dance, Western Washington University

feet.toes,dancers,Dance,Western Washington University

Great pictures! :)

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Bittersweet – Central California Coast

27 Aug

feet,toes,sandals,flowers,Bittersweet,Central California Coast

Nice shot! :)

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Half-Time – Northwood, New Hampshire

26 Aug

Half-Time; Photo taken by Barbara Rath Hoover in Northwood, NH. To see more NH bugs, visit

feet,toes,bug,insect,Half-Time, Northwood, New Hampshire

Great shot!! :)

Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon, Arizona

26 Aug

Here are my sandy and slightly dirty feet dangling over the edge at Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon AZ, USA. A fantastic place!

Feet,toes,Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon, Arizona

Great shot! :)

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