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Lombok, Indonesia

14 Apr

From Where I Stand III

Eximus // Kodak Colorplus

On the deck of a boat to Lombok, Indonesia

on the deck of a boat going to Lombok, Indonesia

Terrific shot! :)

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Naples, Florida

13 Apr

toes on a beach with starfish in Naples, Florida

Nice shot! :)

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Bali, Indonesia

12 Apr

people walking by monkeys in Bali, Indonesia

Fantastic shot! :)

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Noosa Heads, Australia

10 Apr

After spending a week apartment hunting on the Gold Coast, actually finding an apartment, and coming within 24 hours of putting down a deposit, we made the completely natural 20-something decision to pack up our bags and road trip north… with a German traveler we found online who had two open seats in her camper-van. We spent two nights camping at Coochan Creek with her and an eclectic crew of backpackers and Aussie adventurists, but our desire for a proper shower overrode our lust for a coastal road trip and we knew it was time to move on.

Hopping on a bus we found our way to Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast and fell head-over-heels in love. The vibe we get here is Europe meets Southern California, with all the positives of both and hardly any negatives. Our evening went something like this: beach, wine, Tim-Tams (the best cookie ever made), wine, live music, beach… you get the idea. We would stay, but we already bought our bus tickets up to Airlie Beach, so we are marking Noosa as a to-be-continued…

group around a hippie bus in Noosa Heads, Australia

Super cool bus! :)

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Seth Globepainter – Street Art

10 Apr

Mural by Seth

Woman posing by a Seth mural

Mural by Seth

Woman pouring water by a Seth Mural

boy looking up at a mural by Seth

Seth Globepainter

Kandy, Sri Lanka

9 Apr

Sri Lanka 7: Kandy Botanical Gardens

man and woman posing in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Great shot! :)

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Bangkok, Thailand

7 Apr

In the streets of Bangkok, the perfect place to find inspiration for photography and writing

photograph of woman and a man on a bike with many boxes in

Fun shot! :)

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Hong Kong

6 Apr

man talking with parrots in Hong Kong

Nice shot! :)

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6 Apr

airplane timelines } qatar airways flight QR1074 doha to kuwait } march 27, 2014

photograph of papers with toes on bed in Kuwait

drawing of a woman with text in Kuwait

a little sparse. i was too busy enjoying m’s company. i have to say, this is one of the best flights i’ve had ever. it was like those dreams i have when i’m wondering why the plane is too comfy. it’s hard to explain

Love your posts! :)

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Machu Picchu, Peru

3 Apr

…was taken a couple of days ago as my friends and I sat on one of the terraces overlooking Machu Picchu enjoying the sunshine and the view.

picture of machu pichu with toes, Peru

Wonderful shot!! :)

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Varadero Beach, Cuba

2 Apr

Varadero beach break after scootering along the coast

group on the beach in Varadero Beach, Cuba

Nice shot! :)

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Beit She’an, Israel

31 Mar

We got to visit an old Roman city of Beit She’an, and learned how to engage culture. Again, we discussed how Jesus & Paul did not fear culture. Paul came to this place and didn’t see the prostitution, sexual sin, and child sacrifice. He went into cities (including this one), preached the Gospel, discipled believers, planted churches, and transformed culture. He didn’t see barriers (these people will never repent and trust in & follow Jesus), but He saw Gospel opportunities (wow, look at all the people who need Jesus! And I can tell them!!). We should do the same!!

Woman standing in ruins in  Beit She’an, Israel

Nice shot, tons of history there! :)

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Tokai Forest, South Africa

28 Mar
Person standing barefoot in Tokai Forest, South Africa

Photo: Katie Rentzke

Nice shot!

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Out and About in Thailand

26 Mar

Since leaving Phuket, we’ve traveled to Chiang Mai, Pai, and are now waiting in Bangkok to catch a train to Koh Samui.
Braydon’s sister, Ali, has joined us for the next few weeks around Asia as well, which has been a blast so far!
Here’s a quick view of the last week and a bit in photos.

collage of pictures from around Thailand

Montage of pictures from around Thailand

Great shots, love the format! :)

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Tasmania, Australia

25 Mar

Tasmania is mostly known for its devils, but it certainly felt like basking in paradise once we had a chance to visit this corner of the world. Picturesque meadows, lush rainforests, beaches with water so clear that the waves are almost see-through — this state has it all.

With it being peak season, I was expecting the parks to be overrun with visitors, but amazingly, crowds were sparse. It was even a bit ironic that Tasmania is one of the rare places where I didn’t meet a lot of Aussie adventurers. Truly, there were times when I felt like we were the only group carousing through the garden of Eden in a coaster bus.

If you’re planning to visit Tasmania, I’d recommend for you to fly into Launceston and start exploring from there. Whether you’re heading west for the mountains and rainforests, or heading east for the beaches like we did, it’s all accessible from there. If you want to visit the same aquamarine paradisos, check out the itinerary for Jump Tour’s East Coast Adventure.

two women jumping on a beach in Tasmania, Australia

tasmanian devil looking at the camera

Behold the Tasmanian Devil. No, it doesn’t spin.

two women overlooking a bay a nd mountians in Tasmania, Australia

At the Hazards, overlooking Freycinet peninsula

Fantastic shots, must have been an awesome adventure! :)

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