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Bangkok, Thailand

7 Apr

In the streets of Bangkok, the perfect place to find inspiration for photography and writing

photograph of woman and a man on a bike with many boxes in

Fun shot! :)

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Rural Vietnam

31 Mar

WordPress give us a weekly photographic challenge. This week it’s Street Life as a topic.
I saw this woman on a small back road in rural Vietnam, moving her household belongings from one part of her village out along this little lane to another. Her little cart was loaded with bedroom and dining furniture and I imagined at the time she was a newly wed woman moving into her new husbands home.

Woman pulling a cart in rural Vietnam

Fantastic shot! :)

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29 Mar
photograph of a woman laying on a log by Eve Solomon

Photo: Eve Solomon

Wonderful image! :)

Check out Eve Solomon’s blog, solphotographydotorg !

Growing Bolder – Global

26 Mar

Picture of a woman in lotus position

So true! :)

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

24 Mar

Descent (street impressions)

woman walking down stairs in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Nice shot! :)

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27 Feb
woman sunbathing in Colorado

Sandra Leidholdt

Fun shot,  would love to be by the water right now, in the sun! :)

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13 Feb

photograph of peasant woman in Romania

Love those Old Timey pics! :)

Check out Badass Lazerz !

Honolulu, Hawaii

10 Feb

New Year’s

woman standing in front of building with hanging thing in Honolulu, Hawaii

Interesting picture and you look great!

Check out Slumber Dept’s Flickr Photostream !

San Francisco, California

8 Feb

Painting,Stephen,Kelly,San Francisco, California

Beautiful! :)

Check out Stephen Kelly Creative !

Bonn, Germany

29 Jan


feet,toes,woman,portrait,polaroid,Bonn, Germany

Wonderful portrait! :)

Check out Thomas Bottcher Photography !

Krakow, Poland

25 Jan
woman,statue,likeness,feet,toes,serious,Krakow, Poland

All rights reserved (c) Cosmin Munteanu

Great shot! :)

Check out Cosmin Munteanu !

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

23 Jan

woman standing in front of a fountain in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Nice shot! :)

Check out mandiesgurl’s Flickr Photostream !

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

21 Jan

people,fet,toes,subway,sleeping,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nice shot, please don’t wake her. :)

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Fort Kochi, India

12 Jan

Spanish artist Aryz decided to finish 2013 with a new piece, the last of 2013.
Looking forward to see more from him next year… maybe already this weekend!

feet,toes,mural,womanstreetart,Fort Kochi, India

Great picture! :)

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Unknown Location

8 Jan

“no·mad (nmdn. 1. A member of a group of people who have no fixed home and move according to the seasons from place to place in search of food, water, and grazing land. 2. A person with no fixed residence who roams about; a wanderer.”

Such an interesting word to describe ones’ desire of wanderment. To explore with a backpack and see and do what can be seen and done.

It probably comes down to the core of maybe I am just a nomadic soul. I don’t like to just start put. To be defined by others and things or places. Rather, they just become a part of the whole. I doubt I am the type to search for food, water and grazing land, since, lets’ face it, I am adventurous and all, and did consider becoming a farmer when I came back from England, but herding animals is too scary. Not my cup of tea, nope. Now to be a person that roams, a wanderer, I like the sound of that. It speaks to me of sorts. I don’t like to be bound, either physically or emotional. I’m not saying I am a bad friend, after all what is Whatsapp, Facebook and all that social media for, but bound in the sense that there can only be one way. One way to lead. One place to lead it. It seems restrictive and unfair almost. Why would this magnificent Earth be so amazing in all its wonders, and I choose to stay in one place. I’m sure you ask the pigeons the same question, but I think they are bound my migratory, geography and biological matters to really decide where they want to live. Maybe this aspect of studying abroad was so thrilling, I was responsible for my own and if that meant walking the streets of Strasbourg, then that’s what I did. The thrill of getting on a train and just going where it leads, it’s so intoxicating. Now to be ‘stuck’ (such bad choice of words, it makes it seem as if I’m such an ungrateful brat) in a snow filled land knowing that the direction I am headed means setting my roots, kinda sucks.

But the story is not over yet, so lets see.

picture of barefoot woman with umbrella in the sky

Lovely picture! :)

Check out the dancing orange !


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