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Monkey Temple – Kathmandu, Nepal

14 Aug

I was so enamored with the Monkey Temple that returned to it a second time during my trip to Kathmandu. Instead of a car, I made a long walk to the temple and again climbed the 365 steps. I hoped to again be there for a ceremony and feel the mystical aura with the music and chanting. Unfortunately, that was not to be the case. The temple where the ceremony was originally held was almost empty except for one monk and a man and women in meditation. It was dark inside, too dark to use my zoom lenses so I popped the 85mm F1.8 lens onto my camera and snapped pictures of whatever fit into the frame. The foot of the woman in meditation happened to be an image I captured.

feet,toes,jeans,meditation,woman,Monkey Temple, Kathmandu, Nepal

As still as a statue! :)

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Halcyon No.1 – Trudy Good

22 Jul

drawing by Trudy Good

Beautiful! :)

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And Trudy Good’s Website!

Kolkata Handicraft Expo – Kolkota, India

10 Jun

Colourful India

Taken in Kolkata Handicraft Expo, 2014.

Woman with colorful wares at Kolkata Handicraft Expo, Kolkota, India

Great shot! :)

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New York

9 May

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”
― Diane Arbus

The Secret

Surreal,feet,toes,woman,silos,New York

Fantastic image! :)

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26 Apr

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

This photo was taken on Guam. This was the beat up house my cousin and his daughter used to live in. Our cousins and friends called it “The Shack” for obvious reasons. But it was a common place for us to gather and be together.


Excellent picture! :)

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Bangkok, Thailand

7 Apr

In the streets of Bangkok, the perfect place to find inspiration for photography and writing

photograph of woman and a man on a bike with many boxes in

Fun shot! :)

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Rural Vietnam

31 Mar

WordPress give us a weekly photographic challenge. This week it’s Street Life as a topic.
I saw this woman on a small back road in rural Vietnam, moving her household belongings from one part of her village out along this little lane to another. Her little cart was loaded with bedroom and dining furniture and I imagined at the time she was a newly wed woman moving into her new husbands home.

Woman pulling a cart in rural Vietnam

Fantastic shot! :)

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29 Mar
photograph of a woman laying on a log by Eve Solomon

Photo: Eve Solomon

Wonderful image! :)

Check out Eve Solomon’s blog, solphotographydotorg !

Growing Bolder – Global

26 Mar

Picture of a woman in lotus position

So true! :)

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

24 Mar

Descent (street impressions)

woman walking down stairs in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Nice shot! :)

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27 Feb
woman sunbathing in Colorado

Sandra Leidholdt

Fun shot,  would love to be by the water right now, in the sun! :)

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13 Feb

photograph of peasant woman in Romania

Love those Old Timey pics! :)

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Honolulu, Hawaii

10 Feb

New Year’s

woman standing in front of building with hanging thing in Honolulu, Hawaii

Interesting picture and you look great!

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San Francisco, California

8 Feb

Painting,Stephen,Kelly,San Francisco, California

Beautiful! :)

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Bonn, Germany

29 Jan


feet,toes,woman,portrait,polaroid,Bonn, Germany

Wonderful portrait! :)

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