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Painting – Andrej Vystropov

15 Aug

The path of life
Is cruel and full of beauty
Who plays at dice?

Pains and joys are the colors
Of this world of confusion.

feet,toes,fantasy,women,surreal,Painting, Andrej Vystropov


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Warmth of the Locals – Siem Reap, Cambodia

24 Jul

Seeing the locals warmly smile to us, with the beautiful backdrop of the fields of rural Siem Reap, made the quad ride (and waking up early!) all worth it. :)

feet,toes,people,walking,firlds,road,Warmth of the Locals, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Nice shot! :)

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Feeling Caged? – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

20 Jun

Women,feet,toes,steps,fancing,Feeling caged? - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Beautiful composition! :)

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Women – Delhi, India

18 Jun

Sometimes it is true that a picture can paint a thousand words. This week’s photo challenge: A Split-Second Story, inspired me to dig deep throughout my vast archive of photographs, each one telling a story of a certain place and time. In my opinion, there is no place on earth that a simple photo can tell so much about a place than India.

India, one of the most populous countries on the earth, is full of color, contradiction, glory and pain. It is a place of wonder, sorrow, fear and hope. India bursts with humanity on every street or corner you pass. You can see it all there – poverty, wealth, good, bad, happy, sad, beauty and tragedy.

Behind the beautiful, lavish parts of India always lies the most abject poverty imaginable. Nothing can prepare you for the stark reality of desperation, misery and despair of walking through a real live slum in the heart of India’s capital. Sometimes the most severe poverty is hidden behind the walls and within the confines of a slum. Other times, it stares right back at you like a hard slap across your face. You try to look away, and ignore the creeping, uncomfortable nagging guilt. But you can’t.

Woman,poverty,cane,walking,Women - Delhi, India

Woman leaving the newly constructed toilet compound thanks to WaterAid.

feet,toes,poverty,Women - Delhi, India

Women living on the street, outside the walls of the American Embassy near Vivekananda Slums in Delhi, India.

Horrible poverty!

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Columbo, Sri Lanka

8 May

Colombossa aikaa oli tasan vuorokausi. Karkasin siitä aamupäiväksi omille teilleni – minulle olisi mahdottomuus jättää kaupungin katselu kokonaan väliin, vaikka kokouksiakin riitti. Kun oli tottunut olemaan porukassa, niin tuntui ihan kihelmöivän ihanalta päästä aistimaan kaupungin menoa yksin. Hellettä oli sen verran, että nappasin jo sadan metrin kävelyn jälkeen tuk tukin ja pyysin ajamaan kaupungin pohjoisosaan markkinoille. Sain kulkea melko rauhassa, moni huuteli good morning, mutta kukaan ei lähtenyt seuraamaan eikä juttelemaan pitemmin. Kerjäläisiä Colombossa ei juuri ole (selvästi vähemmän kuin Helsingissä). Sri Lankassa rikollisuus ulkomaalaisia kohtaan on ainakin Rough Guide -opaskirjani mukaan hyvin harvinaista. Olin itsekin tämän suhteen hyvin huoleton, eikä mitään ikävää sattunut.

barefoot women sitting in Columbo, Sri Lanka

Women sitting outdoors in Columbo, Sri Lanka

Young people dancing in Columbo, Sri Lanka

Great shots!! :)

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Art by Cristina Troufa

16 Apr

painting of three woman by  Cristina Troufa

Cristina Troufa was born in Oporto, Portugal. She has a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a Masters in Painting from University of Porto. Through her work she defines her beliefs and herself. She explores life, feelings, friendship, fear, loneliness. “At this moment of my life, I realise that life is so short, and some things are not as important as we may think [...]” she explains. Her work is wonderful. Enjoy.

a woman with her feet in buckets by  Cristina Troufa

woman with a step ladder by Cristina Troufa

Woman on hands and feet by Cristina Troufa

woman hanging on a string by Cristina Troufa

Excellent work!

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Langkawi, Malaysia

17 Mar

In Langkawi, there are plenty of sea sports to choose from and one of them which we did was Parasailing! The bride and groom managed to negotiate for a discounted rate from Naam who is reputed for their modern technology, safety measures and fully insured package for their participants. They made used of a custom made vessel specifically designed for the parasailer’s comfort. It is really fun as the vessel will also play upbeat music on their audio system. It is a pricey activity as we paid around RM 170 – 190 per pax for a short 10 mins time in the air but it’s really safe and stable. The most exciting part is when we ascend, there after it was really stable and we thoroughly enjoyed the view up above!

Upon descending, we can also opt for three levels of dipping in the sea! Level 1: Ankle Dip, Level 2: Knee Dip and Level 3: Neck Dip! Haha. Our group opted for Knee Dip but our dear friends on the vessel requested for Ankle deep for us! Thankfully for them, as the splashes soaked up our bottoms!

foot from parasailers view above water in Langkawi, Malaysia

threew woman on a parasail above the water in Langkawi, Malaysia

3 woman in front of a surf board sign at a beach in Langkawi, Malaysia

Great shots, must have been a blast! :)

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Galveston, Texas

13 Feb

Here, Melissa and two fellows yogis are doing some flying with AcroYoga at a retreat in Texas!  Truly gorgeous.  Thank you for sharing, Melissa, and I look forward to receiving many more submissions from this dedicated yogi!

Please check out her site, chalk-full of information, resources, and retreats: www.melissasmithyoga.com

Remember: the possibilities are endless when one body does yoga…and even more infinite when bodies unite to do yoga together!

three woman in difficult yoga pose in Galveston, Texas

Wow, the one on the bottom must be pretty strong! :)

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Unknown Location

6 Feb

four woman posing in bathing suits

Great picture! :)

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Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

27 Jan

The Shwedagon Pagoda is a Buddhist temple complex that lies a little way apart from the centre of Yangon, in its own parkland. Local legends suggest that the first temple on the site was built more than 2,000 years ago. The present structure is more recent  – the gold plating originating with a Queen Shinsawbu, who ruled Burma in the 15th Century. In the decades following it has been added to, repeatedly to include hundreds of shrines and meditation halls.

Shortly after I arrived, I started to hear a group of people chanting – intrigued, I went in search of the source, expecting to find, perhaps a group of novice monks at prayer. Instead I found this group of teenage girls, many in uniform, chanting but also preparing some kind of meal, and occasionally, it seemed catching a moment to swap some gossip.

people,buddhists,photograph,females,temple,sitting,Yangon, Burma (Myanmar)

Beautiful shot! :)

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Clear Creek, Colorado

22 Jan

feet,toes,legs,girls,inner,tube,creek,fun,Clear Creek, Colorado

Wonderful shot! :)

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Koh Phangan, Thailand

4 Jan

So after leaving the yoga retreat I headed down to Srithanu where I have spent the last few days. With soo many great restaurants around and an ocean view from the hammock on my balcony it has been quite enjoyable. Being on the island has been so relaxing but with full moon tonight the atmosphere starts to change. The awful Thai pop blaring from down the road with bass that moved my room was an interesting kick off. Tonight I will move down to Haad Rin for a few days where the action takes place. I think the full moon party may be a little out of my taste but will check it out before heading on a boat to the good party where the hippies are chillin.

I will miss all the great friends I have made on this side of the island but I’m sure ill be back before I know it.

I did learn a valuable lesson last night though… Do NOT leave dirty, sweaty yoga clothes and bathing suits on your bed unless you want a manifestation of hundreds of little bugs. These things seem to apparate out of thin air. Gross.

For now I am off to do a bit of shopping at Thong Sala before some yoga.


women,swing,beach,feet,toes,sand,Koh Phangan, Thailand

Great shot! :)

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Gisborne, New Zealand

4 Jan


toemail, toes, feet, photography, Gisborne, New Zealand

Cute and great shot!

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Bali, Indonesia

22 Dec

Of all the places I’ve travelled to and connected with, I must say that Bali was a place I’ve connected with spiritually. Thank you Bali for being so beautiful and allowing me to find inspiration in every corner. Maybe its the magic of this place that led me to meet cool cats who seem so comfortable with who they are, living their dreams and just being their balling hippy selves.  This places made me realise that souls are brought onto this universe without any personality traits or specific labels, but that all souls are connected with the universe with the pure essence of being peaceful, beautiful and full of love.  Bali made me open my heart again, trust the universe even more, and well…  made me believe & see magic everywhere. So thank you Bali, I will be back!

And of course my friends wedding festivities followed by another friends bday festivities were some of the best highlights of this trip. Such good good times! It was chill, it was cray, it was amazing! I didn’t have that many chances to take pics but above are some snaps  :)

two pairs of feet on a beach in Bali, Indonesia

woman standing on beach in Bali, Indonesia

group of woman jumping in Bali, Indonesia

Barcelona, Spain

18 Dec

Barcelona is a very “fun” city to study in, by fun I mean excellent nightlife. You could go out every single night of the week, never go to the same bar twice and have the time of your life. However, my roommates and our group of friends have dubbed Espit Taberna’s, a small bar with a familiar bartender, our go to. On any given night we may be the only group in the place; crowded in the back playing “Cheers Governor”, leaning against the bar convincing friendly Gustavo (the bartender) we are the coolest American’s he’ll ever meet, or playing a game of beer pong. We’re loyal to our favorite spots.

I’ve discovered a nearby market that is awesome for all produce purchases! Super fresh and super cheap! I even managed to find peanut butter which, as my roommate Kristy likes to say, “just fills the cracks of the heart”. All you American’s who haven’t spent extended amounts of time outside of the country can take my word for it that you will have a new found appreciation for peanut butter!

three woman standing and smiling in Barcelona, Spain


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