19 Mar

“In Haitian society it is women young and old who are the pillars that will rebuild the country’s economy and frail international self-esteem. In every family that we met there was a strong woman at the core making certain that everyone’s needs are met day by day. In a globalizing world the role of the Haitian woman is a paradigm for the endeavors of women in third world circumstances. Mostly the regular Haitian woman works from sunrise until returning home to maintain the household, frequently without help from their mates. Unfortunately too often poured into this matrix of work and survival is the blood and nervy sweat of domestic violence. Haitian society is widely accepting of this sort of abuse doled out to both women and children. Walking this line of chaos and order the women of Haiti deserve recognition for their efforts and their intrepid resilience facing each day.

Please take a look at this compelling post produced by the Charity Water team in support of Women’s Day 2012, and enjoy the pictures of Kabik and Jacmel women below.”

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Wonderful shot!

Check out more photos at Ayiti P’ap Peri !

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