London Eye, London, England

28 Nov

There’s a lot to see in London and we got to work seeing it all:

1. London Eye – check
2. Tower Bridge – check
3. Cruise on the Thames – check
4. Big Ben – check
5. Parliament Building – check
6. Tower of London – check
7. Changing of the Guard – check
8. Tate Modern – check
9. British Museum – check

toemail,feet,toes,photography,travel,London Eye, London, England

Great shot, bet it was an awesome trip!

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2 Responses to “London Eye, London, England”

  1. mosrubn November 30, 2012 at 6:38 pm #

    I guess this is the full You here but not just the beautiful feet or toes for that matter. I had to take some time to understand the toemail and now I have some more understanding and appreciation that has got me this far. Quite a distinctive brand you have of your travails and blog for that matter. Back in college, in moments of “me time” and occasionally now as a family man, I had some pleasure gazing at my feet – the one beautiful thing that I recognized had been passed on to me from my father.
    My dad always had clean beautiful feet while we were kids living and roaming with cattle back in the country side of Eastern Uganda and my feet were usually dirty in school holidays when we boys herded cattle in the swamps. I often saw my dad’s clean feet in the evenings and I only realized that my feet resembled my dad’s when I had clean feet and had the time to gaze later in my college years.
    Thanks once again for sharing the world around you through your beautiful feet. May you put more miles to your feet.

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