Anna Maria Island, Florida

1 Mar
Mini golf, Anna Maria Island, Florida

I was supposed to wear a green dress, but I ended up wearing a white wedding dress.  But the green on my toes went well with it, and green is my favorite color.  This photo was taken a few days before my “American wedding” to my love (the mini golf was part of my “bachelorette” party).  We were already married, having had a civil ceremony at the town hall in our tiny, 500-person village of Zitsa in the northwest mountains of Greece.  That is where we live.  My husband is Greek, the baker of the village, and before I met him and moved here and became a baker’s assistant, I was a lawyer in America.  We were having an American wedding so that most of my family and friends, who had not met Kostas yet, could meet him and be part of our union.  I was not planning on wearing a wedding dress, but as the 3 mail-order green dresses I had all fit me in various awful and non-flattering ways, I went to a bridal shop a few days before out of desperation.  They had a beautiful, simple white dress that fit me very well, so I bought it and that was that!

feet,toes,golf ball,Anna Maria Island, Florida

Nice story, and the picture makes us wonder how you made out with those “putters”. :)

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  1. travelingaround50 March 1, 2013 at 8:55 pm #

    Now, she is a happy girl. There was something in her post that evoked my curiosity and I checked her blog. Her Kosta is really fantastic. I watched the video about him working. No, I just sat fascinated by his moves of hands. Liked, liked very much

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