London, England

17 Apr

Please let me introduce someone I’ve known for almost my whole life, and is basically another family member…Lauren Drozynski.

Home University: St. Lawrence University (class of 2011)

Study Abroad Destination: London, England

When traveled: January-May 2010, junior year spring semester

Program Traveled with: SLU London Programme

University Attended: The St. Lawrence University London Programme 

Claire: When did you go to London? How Long where you there?

Lauren: Junior year spring semester. This was the best time to go because the end of winter was mild and the spring was BEAUTIFUL.

C: What was your favorite part about London?

L:The culture difference and freedom I felt there. There was always something different to do because London is such a big and diverse city. Each part of it is completely different and I never got tired of exploring. There are parts of London that I didn’t even get to that I still want to check out.

C: What was your least favorite part about it?

L: Going home and not being able to travel anymore!

Places to go and see:

Alexandra Palace- In the very back behind the building, there’s an open park area with a big hill and you can see all of London. Go with friends, take some beer/wine/snacks and lay out all day.

Hyde Park – has the Peter Pan statue and Princess Di memorial


Buckingham Palace

Tower Bridge/ The tower of London

Westminster Abbey

Parliament and Big Ben

C: Did you do/see anything that you thought wasn’t worth your time?

L: Never! Even when I got lost, it was an adventure, something new and exciting, even if I didn’t mean for it.

C: Name some other places that you traveled to outside of London.

L: The other places I traveled to and loved were Brussels, Naples, Pompeii, Rome, Florence and Venice. I was always excited to come back home to London.

toes,feet,London, England

Great interview, and who wouldn’t want to visit London? :)

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