Kandy, Sri Lanka

24 May

Ray and I walked around this busy and hectic city, manoeuvring our way through the street traffic and the crowds of people until we both decided it was time for lunch.  The area around the lake in Kandy is magnificent and we thought it would be a good idea to get take away curry and eat by the lake so we could enjoy the scenery. Finding take away food was easy, however finding plastic cutlery at a take away place proved to be somewhat difficult. We didn’t factor in that because people eat with their hands they might not have cutlery, especially plastic cutlery. Luckily, just as we were about to give up on our improvised picnic idea, one of the waiters showed up with forks and spoons, hooray!

Our picnic was surreal, sat under the shade of a tree with our back towards the Tooth Relic Temple facing the lake and, oddly enough, a bath house. We met a Sri Lankan guy with a popcorn and drinks stand whose eyes lit up when he saw I had a pack of cigarettes. We pulled a barter deal, one of my cigarettes in exchange for a ginger beer. J Apparently, locals are not allowed to smoke (or drink alcohol for that matter) in public, so the guy was hiding behind a tree and enjoying his cigarette. I was glad to be of service and even more glad to have my cold ginger beer. J

feet,toes,popcorn man,Kandy, Sri Lanka

Photo: Maya Christova – Ray, popcorn stand man and my ginger beer :)

Nice shot, always amazed by the people we meet! :)

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