Denver, Colorado

7 Jun

{ buena vista bust }

I took Friday off of work to get a jump start on Memorial Day weekend fun. Matt and I headed up to Turquoise Lake in Leadville to set up camp, but were met with what looked like the scene in The Lion King when Scar and the hyenas took over the pride land. That is to say, it was barren and utterly depressing. Hardly any water in that beautiful lake! So we ventured south to Buena Vista for the night. Unfortunately, again, all the hikes we wanted to do are covered in snow because of a ton of late snowfall. So we’ve retreated to Denver for the time being to regroup and re-strategize our weekend plans. Here’s to part two of the weekend!

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Fun shot!

Check out Eaten the Moon !

3 Responses to “Denver, Colorado”

  1. Impower You June 7, 2013 at 2:59 am #

    The late snow falls were worst than the freezing winters in the SLV. We would be so ready to hike up to Crestone Peak, but we couldn’t. Oh well, glad you had fun anyway. Thanks for sharing, you just flooded me with memories to entertain me for the ride home. :)

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