Athens, Greece

9 Jul

Phaedra is in three of them, Alkmini is in one. Now how is this linked, apart from being sisters? Alkmini is in the hospital for 7 days now, with her mother,  and since school’s out,  I have to take Phaedra with me to work. It is an early morning, 30 minutes, ride with the bus.  Each day we try to make an adventure of the whole trip. It doesn’t always work, and sleep eyes sometimes take over. But a new dress every second day makes a difference both in appearance and with the psychology and here we are with our toes showing!

feet,toes,girl,bus stop,Athens, Greece

feet,toes,baby,sleeping,hospital,Athens, Greece

toes, feet,Father,daughter,bus stop,Athens, Greece
toes,feet,dress,girl,sandals,bus stop,Athens, Greece
Great shots, what a great document of these times! :)
Check out Vassilis D. Gonis !

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    Wish I could have seen it long ago, before asphalt!

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