Gilli Islands, Indonesia

17 Jul

Early morning, I woke up just to catch the sunrise. I thought my younger group of friends who already planning to do sunrise watching last night were already standby, but they’re not answer my text then they’re must be sleeping. Kids these days :D . But it’s only the bapak bapak & ibu ibu who already standby at the beach.

After breakfast, we’re leaving the hotel for hoping the island. It’s a little trip to jump between Gili Air, Gili Trawangan & Gili Meno. And we did snorkeling too. This is my first time to jump in the sea. Too excited to see plus tasting the salty water :) . I am actually using my underwater camera, but my friend Acuy is taking my pictures so I’m just posting the underwater pics from him.

feet,toes,legs,underwater,Gilli Islands, Indonesia

group photos

feet,toes,legs,camera,bubbles,underwater,Gilli Islands, Indonesia

me taking pictures

Pictures look good, must have been a great time! :)

Check out me and life !

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