Red Rock State Park, Arizona

27 Aug


What are the odds that there will be a yoga studio in San Francisco de Yojoa?

You see, right now I’m really in to Yoga. My training preferences vary drastically from year to year. Last year I was totally hooked on Power Walks and Tabata influenced training, the year before that I did a lot of BodyPump and heavy lifting, before that I went to all the different classes offered at “Friskis and Svettis” in Kristianstad (spinning and all kinds of group exercises). But as I said, right now Yoga caught my interest and I can tell it’s very good for me. Both mentally and physically. I am no real Yogi though… I call all the classes “Yoga” even if it says “Vinyasa”, “Bikram” or “Hatha” in the class schedule at my studio. I also feel a little bit competitive and want to perform better than the person next to me (totally wrong in the world of Yoga..). And I have problem with the “ooohhmmmm” and super loud breathing. Makes me giggle. But I´m working on it!

And no, I doubt there will be any yoga studios where I’ll stay in Honduras, I’ll pack my mat and become my own guru.


feet,toes,bridge,yoga,woman,Red Rock State Park, Arizona

When I was a kid this pose was called “Bridge”. So when I shot this picture, my clever idea was to make a bridge-bridge. Now I learned that this is actually called the “Wheel pose” or “Upward bow”. Fail.

Awesome shot, sure wish we could do that :)

Check out From my point of view !

2 Responses to “Red Rock State Park, Arizona”

  1. Scott Sappenfield August 27, 2013 at 9:09 pm #

    I’ll be doing some yoga tonight! Of course, I also just had to share this since you’re into Yoga now! :>

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