Swiss National Day, Geneva, Switzerland

3 Sep

Hello my Swiss people and others all over the world  :) Today is Swiss national day (August 1), so let`s celebrate it  :)

This week i have been out every day and taking my camera with me everywhere.. So here you can see some pictures what i have made .

So the weather is hot , so that`s why i dont have much time to be behind the computer and more posts :) Of course fetes De Geneve is on .. Even though i do not like this year it that much. I have no idea what is the problem why ? But i guess that too many people are in such a small area and then in the end its just pushing each other and trying to get the better place.

Also Ms.B Is organizing photo shooting day with my people , so follow my blog . Keep posted and be there ! ;) Information will be up soon . PS. I wont be the only photographer  !( so if you would like to get some nice Summer end photos only thing what you have to do – Follow my Blog, Write in the comments and share in the facebook ) More information will come up on the next post.

And after all , Let`s have some great Swiss wine today and cheese ! ;) We Love Switzerland.

people,party,fun,Swiss National Day, Geneva, Switzerland

people,party,fun,Swiss National Day, Geneva, Switzerland

feet,toes,legs,book,Swiss National Day, Geneva, Switzerland

Nice shots, and a very beautiful national anthem! :)

Check out MSB Partytime !

2 Responses to “Swiss National Day, Geneva, Switzerland”

  1. msroosipuu September 4, 2013 at 6:37 pm #

    Thank you again for sharing my ideas and stories ;) Nice !!

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