Gilutungan Island, Cebu, Philippines

14 Sep

It wasn’t part of the plan to take this photo especially not with my foot in it. However, there was something about this photo which I took after a long walk around the island.

This was taken in an island I have visited for the first time where there was no electricity and had a community where kids don’t have proper nutrition nor hygiene. The main livelihood of each family living here  was fishing.

In one day of staying in this island where I found serenity within myself away from the bustling city, I have also seen how these people live. They had to go to the mainland to buy water for cooking and drinking. They don’t have a health center within the island which for me is the least thing our local government could do to make sure their health are in good condition. But no, they don’t have one. The kids walk around with no slippers, not even proper clothes.

Most of the kids I saw had distended abdomen and may have been infected with intestinal worms.

One of the reasons we were there was to check on the community for a feeding program that we were planning to do with a group of friends. However, I believe they need much more help with their health and proper hygiene.

And I really hope our group can help them even in our own little ways. Soon.

foot,toes,trees,bush, Gilutungan Island, Cebu, Philippines

children,village,deck,clotheslines,houses, Gilutungan Island, Cebu, Philippines

village,nousing,alley,trees, Gilutungan Island, Cebu, Philippines

Good shots, we sure hate to see children going without basics, thanks for your great work! :)

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