Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York

20 Sep

We had an unusually cool day yesterday here in the big fat apple. In fact, if I had a dollar for every complaint I read about how “summer is over”, I’d be a rich woman right now.

For me, it was a welcome preview of my favorite season of the year! But according to the forecast, we’re cruising back up to uncomfortably hot temperatures, so you guys can get back to complaining about the heat. I’ve got my short-shorts, sunnies, and easy-breezy collection of graphic tanks to pair them with, so I’m good to go. ;}

Here are a few snaps Raffa took of me for a post over at Denim Therapy, featuring this rad tank sent to me by Durty Laundry, shot right here at the bread factory in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

feet,toes,grafitti,street,art,woman,model,Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York

feet,toes,model,woman,pointing,grafitti,smile,Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York

Fantastic shots! Love street art and you are so cool! :)

Check out the whole shoot at Hey Mishka !

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