Guzelyali Beach, North Cyprus

10 Jan

This is a photo of Guzelyali Beach in North Cyprus, eastern Mediterranean. The Med is in the foreground, with the Taurus Mountains of Turkey on the horizon, and my tootsies at the bottom.  Most times you can’t see the mountains but in certain atmospheric conditions, the coastline suddenly appears, almost like a mirage. In this photo you can clearly see the snow on the mountains, but luckily we don’t get very much here on the north part of the island at all. Guzelyali Beach, on the western side of the historic port of Kyrenia,  is one of the beaches where green, caretta-caretta and loggerhead turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. The other beach is Alagadi, on the eastern side of Kyrenia. You can visit both beaches during mid-May until mid-October, but nests are protected with cages and you’re not allowed to disturb them or turtles if you go swimming.  At night you can take part in “Turtle Watch”, and see these endangered turtles hatching from their nests and running back into the sea. These turtles are less than half an hour old, however, numbers of watchers are limited. There are also programmes in place to monitor and protect the turtles, their nests and the hatchlings. There are plenty of other scenic destinations in North Cyprus, including the three Crusader castles, Kantara, Buffavento and St Hilarion, the historic ruins of Salamis on the south coast, the historic port of Famagusta, and the old city of Nicosia. Plus, there are lovely views out on the Karpaz Peninsula (including wild donkeys!) which is the last unspoilt wilderness in Europe. We moved here from Australia in 2012 and love it as it’s a little piece of paradise – unspoilt, non-commercial and Turkish-Cypriots are incredibly friendly, helpful and sociable, plus they have a great sense of humour.

feet superimposed on picture of  Guzelyali Beach, North Cypress

Nice shot, very well done! :)

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  1. Sreejith Nair January 11, 2014 at 6:00 am #

    Nice shot :)

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