13 Jan

Once checked in we didn’t waste any time in heading to Tiger Kingdom. We went for the package where you get to see the smallest, small and big tigers – getting in to the cages with them. I loved this experience – tigers are my favourite animals and to be that close to them was a joy! Some people are skeptical about the tigers and claim that they are drugged but they say on their website that none of them are and from what we could see the majority of them were up and about, and all looked well cared for. In the evening, we went to one of the recommended restaurants from Nuy called Lemongrass – the BEST chicken satay we had ever had! It was so good we went back again a few nights later, and you know a place is good when there are handwritten comments covering all the walls from people all over the world commenting on how delicious everything is.

two woman sitting with a tiger in Thailand

On the third day we visited the elephants at Woody’s Elephant Training – this was an amazing day! Interesting fact – did you know an elephant can smell things up to 400km away – so they could smell us coming and apparently we smell of mosquito spray – eau de deet! After learning how to care for the elephants and learning various commands that would come in handy when we would ride them later we went to feed them. Our favourite, was called Mai, and we were really pleased in the afternoon when we got her as the elephant we would look after and ride. We took our elephants out in to the jungle, and fortunately we’d written all the commands on our arm as holding on to a piece of paper while riding an elephant takes skill! After our ride, we got in to the water to bathe them and the cheeky things through water over us with their trunks!

woman sitting on top of an elephant in Thailand

We were very sad to leave Chiang Mai but are excited for the rest of our trip.

Thank you Thailand for your beautiful smiles, generous hospitality and we’ll see you again soon!


Nice shots, glad you enjoyed yourselves! :)

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3 Responses to “Thailand”

  1. Sherry Key, Artist January 13, 2014 at 3:39 pm #

    Looks like fun photos…made me smile!

  2. Gypsy Bev January 14, 2014 at 1:26 am #

    Elephants, tigers, and bears?, oh my! What fun visiting the animals!

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