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Sculpture – Sydney, Australia

2 Nov

Bondi Beach to Tamarama

Now in its 18th year, the Sculptures By The Sea installation has been successful in drawing large crowds over the years. The 2km coastal stretch between Bondi beach and Tamarama is, once again, packed with hundreds of sculptures to add to the already scenic surroundings. Having started on Thursday, you have until November 9th to check out the sculptures that have been created by both local and international artists.

This year, Alexandria’s favourite cafe will also join in the fun with a beach shack style pop up, The Grounds By The Bay, serving their trademark coffee, fresh juices, and breakfast lunch and dinner.

feet,toes,figure, Sculpture,Sydney, Australia

Good one! :)

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Competitive Travel-Yoga – Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia

21 Oct

Competitive travel-yoga guide (for dummies and winos)

It has come to my attention, that travelers now, will take yoga to the extreme, I imagine to show people, “Hey! I’m flexible, AND I travel!”Screw the sweaty hot yoga classroom, or yoga room, or…(I’m not sure what it is exactly), you can do a tree pose? I can do a tree pose in front of the ocean! Child’s pose, ha! Child’s play unless you’re doing it on a mountain top with an eagle eating a fish’s head in the background!

Since this new “competitive travel yoga” has come about, I’ve decided to take it down a notch, and let other travellers know, that it’s not unattainable to compete with these yoga gurus, even if we don’t do yoga on a daily basis, or monthly basis, or ever really. It’s all about inner peace, and wine.

This pose is perfect for those who don’t want to go on a bike ride or run with a friend or loved one. it allows you to blend in to your travel surroundings, avoiding unnecessary exercise. It is also good for hunchbacks looking to “hunch-it-out”.

feet,toes,sandals,yoga,woman,pose,Palm Tree,Competitive Travel-Yoga,Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia

this move is perfect for when you sneak wine into a movie theatre, and no one else is there. You paid $20 to watch a movie, so take advantage by drinking wine and doing a yoga move. Or a kind of yoga move.

feet,sandals,lying,theatre,seats,woman,Competitive Travel-Yoga,Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia

don’t let this pose fool you, it isn’t easy, it takes about 2 hours of afternoon drink, and a hammock. Notice the focus on leg and chin placement. He has found his happy place.

man,hammock,sleeeping,Competitive Travel-Yoga, Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia

Let’s face it. Yoga, traveling, beaches and beer, are all hard things to put together. But this majestic yoga move that I’ve created, allows for all of this to flow easily, while making all of your travel-yoga friends super jealous that you’re on the beach doing yoga and they’re not. Because that’s what it’s all about.

2 cents and the hanky peskatarian 4

Now that you have some tips for a great yoga-travel day, try them out in your favorite travel spot! A trash dump, On top of an elderly person, or even at your local liquor store. Get out there and discover your inner peace!
(My inner peace is wine, when it’s in my belly)
That’s my 2 cents

LOL great post :)

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She Cuts – Newcastle, Australia

15 Oct
feet,toes,water,surfing,woman,She Cuts,Newcastle, Australia

She Cuts Back

Awesome shot! :)

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Opera House, Harbour Bridge – Sydney, Australia

6 Oct

foot,toes,grass,water,photography,Opera House, Harbour Bridge,Sydney, Australia

Two landmarks for the price of one, cool! :)

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Slang – Australia

1 Sep

I’ve been down under for a month now, and every time I talk to my parents or friends I have to key them in to what I’m talking about when I use Australian slang. There’s so many words here that have just left me baffled, until I find out that they just refer to things differently than Americans do. Even my English housemate finds it hilarious the way I pronounce aluminum, and that I call “trousers” “pants”. Here’s a bit of Aussie slang that I’ve learned since coming here, and will definitely be bringing back to the states to annoy my friends and family with.

Arvo- afternoon
Scull-chug or down a drink
Jumper-jacket or coat
Gum boots-rain boots
Maccas- McDonald’s
Thongs-flip flops

And some more inappropriate ones…
Fucked/pissed-drunk, like, super super drunk
Double fisting-does not mean holding 2 drinks here…don’t say it

That’s all I’ve really got to say today, I just have wanted to do a post like this for a while! Unfortunately now if I tell my mom I’m having heaps of bevvies in the arvo now she’ll know what I mean. Ciao!


Hippie Surgeon – Sydney, Australia

21 Aug

feet,toes,cartoon,Hippie Surgeon,Sydney, Australia

Good one! :)

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Biting Your Toenails – Melbourne, Australia

16 Aug

Here’s a photo of an artwork that I saw last week in Melbourne but didn’t include in my post about homeless art. (http://sustainabilitysoapbox.com/2014/08/08/hidden-talent-homeless-art-poetry/)
The artist is Brett Andrew Carlson who lives in housing provided by Supported Residential Services (SRS).
It was placed in a shop window as part of the ‘No fixed address’ community art project for National Homeless Person’s Week 2014.
It is very common for homeless people in Australia to suffer from frostbite and trench foot.
Never underestimate the value of healthy toes and warm dry footwear!

Drawing,art,feet,toes,man,Biting Your Toenails, Melbourne, Australia

Sounds like they are doing good things! :)

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Barefoot Lawn Bowling – Sydney, Australia

18 Jul

Think of lawn bowls, and you will probably imagine elderly men and women in white, competing in sombre silence. But in Australia the game is being taken over by the young and the hip – who want to have fun and walk barefoot on the grass.

They are tanned, they are twenty-something and they are drinking beer, with the vast South Pacific Ocean stretching off into the distance.

This is the scene at Clovelly Bowling Club in Sydney, one of 2,000 bowling clubs in the country where the game is undergoing a youthful transformation.

There are no dress codes, no rigid regulations and no shoes – think swimming trunks rather than starched whites.

Barefoot bowls, as players lovingly call the new game, has been growing for more than a decade, possibly driven by two Australian pop culture phenomena – a low-budget comedy film called Crackerjack released in 2002, and a Melbourne-based TV show called the Secret Life of Us which aired from 2001 – 2005.

Both featured young people playing lawn bowls, albeit somewhat ironically, and that – says Tony Sherwill of Bowls Australia – started changing the image of the sport.

“For a lot of people the stereotype was that bowls was played by retirees and it was stiff, but those two shows busted the stereotypes that people had,” he says.

Mick Malloy who wrote, produced and starred as the title character Jack in Crackerjack, says he’s glad the film seems to have had this unintended effect.

“Even though there’s a bowls club in pretty much every town I think young people kind of just walked past them and felt it was ‘secret old people’s business’,” he says.

“Hopefully the film showed that bowls clubs by and large are very welcoming, and fun places to be – a game of bowls is basically a front for a social occasion. And, as Jack says [in the film], the drinks are at 1970s prices. That probably helped.”The new clientele has helped breathe new life into a sport that was in decline.

Bruce Hockey, 61, a competitive bowler at the Clovelly Bowling club, says it was close to closing a few years ago, but the influx of new players turned things around.

“At one stage it was going pretty bad, but the new bare footers, that’s why the club is doing so well. We get 200 bare footers every weekend and it’s really big money.”

These casual players generally don’t become registered members of the clubs they frequent, opting to pay by the hour to play instead. They also spend a lot more at the bar than the older generation.

“It’s more about socialising with your mates It’s like a daytime alternative to going out and drinking at a bar,” says Justine Anderson, 31.

“I know I don’t take it seriously. I play it like I am playing 10-pin bowling.”

We have lots of old lawn bowling clubs in Ontario, but some have closed down in recent years. I hope this spreads across the Pacific!

feet,toes,bowl,Barefoot Lawn Bowling,Sydney, Australia

Interesting trend! :)

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Sydney Harbour Bridge – Sydney, Australia

11 Jul

Today we are going to explore another world-wide famous icon located here in Sydney, Australia… I’m talking about the Sydney Harbour Bridge, -locally called “The Coat-hanger” due to its arch-based design.

foot,toes,grass,Sydney Harbour Bridge,Sydney, Australia

Nice shot! :)

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Pasteup by Minou – Collingwood, Victoria, Australia

17 Jun

I woke up to the sound of rain. My first thought was water running down your face. Hours pass, but beauty never fades. Pasteup by Minou, Collingwood.

Collage,image,Pasteup by Minou - Collingwood, Victoria, Australia

Image: Vetti : Live In Northcote

Good work! :)

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2 Landmarks in 1 Picture – Sydney, Australia

15 Jun


Opera House, Bridge,2 Landmarks in 1 Picture - Sydney, Australia

Great shot! :)

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Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia

4 Jun

I’m in Company Magazine!

Exciting news- I am in this month’s issue of Company’s High Street Edit magazine as part of a Beach Bloggers feature!

You can pick up the mag in newsagents now to read my piece about the surfers’ haven, Bondi Beach. I think this is a sign I need to go back!

You can read my blog post about Bondi here.

I’m also thrilled to be on the Company website talking about why I feel you should spend your hard earned cash on travel rather than blowing it on clothes and nights out.

You can read it here.

I’m so excited to be involved in Company, a magazine I read religiously. Another dream come true!

Woman,beach,feet,toes,sand,Bondi Beach,Sydney, Australia

Fantastic! :)

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The Old Fakir – Australia

2 Jun

Old picture of a fakir in Australia

Fascinating image! :)

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Noosa Heads, Australia

10 Apr

After spending a week apartment hunting on the Gold Coast, actually finding an apartment, and coming within 24 hours of putting down a deposit, we made the completely natural 20-something decision to pack up our bags and road trip north… with a German traveler we found online who had two open seats in her camper-van. We spent two nights camping at Coochan Creek with her and an eclectic crew of backpackers and Aussie adventurists, but our desire for a proper shower overrode our lust for a coastal road trip and we knew it was time to move on.

Hopping on a bus we found our way to Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast and fell head-over-heels in love. The vibe we get here is Europe meets Southern California, with all the positives of both and hardly any negatives. Our evening went something like this: beach, wine, Tim-Tams (the best cookie ever made), wine, live music, beach… you get the idea. We would stay, but we already bought our bus tickets up to Airlie Beach, so we are marking Noosa as a to-be-continued…

group around a hippie bus in Noosa Heads, Australia

Super cool bus! :)

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Tasmania, Australia

25 Mar

Tasmania is mostly known for its devils, but it certainly felt like basking in paradise once we had a chance to visit this corner of the world. Picturesque meadows, lush rainforests, beaches with water so clear that the waves are almost see-through — this state has it all.

With it being peak season, I was expecting the parks to be overrun with visitors, but amazingly, crowds were sparse. It was even a bit ironic that Tasmania is one of the rare places where I didn’t meet a lot of Aussie adventurers. Truly, there were times when I felt like we were the only group carousing through the garden of Eden in a coaster bus.

If you’re planning to visit Tasmania, I’d recommend for you to fly into Launceston and start exploring from there. Whether you’re heading west for the mountains and rainforests, or heading east for the beaches like we did, it’s all accessible from there. If you want to visit the same aquamarine paradisos, check out the itinerary for Jump Tour’s East Coast Adventure.

two women jumping on a beach in Tasmania, Australia

tasmanian devil looking at the camera

Behold the Tasmanian Devil. No, it doesn’t spin.

two women overlooking a bay a nd mountians in Tasmania, Australia

At the Hazards, overlooking Freycinet peninsula

Fantastic shots, must have been an awesome adventure! :)

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