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The Old Man and the Sea – Crescent Beach, St. Augustine, Florida

11 Dec

I don’t know what it is about this photo, but it is one my favorites that I have ever taken. He could have been staring off into the distance thinking about the taco he was going to be having for lunch, how the Harlem Shake videos are getting really redundant and annoying, Beyonce or anything else that could make you really sit and think about life ( like, food. Did I mention that? Lunch? Tacos? Spanakopita? Eggplant Parm. K, just want to make sure). He could be thinking about a loved one, a missed opportunity, his lover- and the beauty is we will never know. And looking at this picture I took a guess, and kept on guessing until I created, “The Old Man and the Sea.”

So have a look and have a read. Dive on in.  (ps. sorry for the obnoxious spacing, I can’t figure out how to fix it)

Peace and blessings,



The Old Man and the Sea

There once was a man who lived in a house

And the house was made of wood

It always had been

There once was a man who lived in a wood house

Who had nothing to worry about except

The fish in the sea, the sun in the sky, and the call of the birds

That flew overhead

It had always been that way

Continue reading The Old Man and the Sea here.

Excellent! :)

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Natural Act – Collages for magnificent nature

22 Nov

Turkish artist Merve Ozaslan takes vintage black and white photographs, from people on the street to young ladies on the beach, and inserts pieces of colorful natural scenery in a clever and fun kind of way.

feet,toes,girl,collage,Merve Ozaslan

feet,toes,people,waves,beach,Merve Ozaslan

feet,toes,women,circle,clouds,Merve Ozaslan

women,poles,volleyball,green.collage,Merve Ozaslan

Good work! :)

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Ceramic Fish – Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

10 Nov

Here’s a pic of my toes on one of the ceramic fish which decorate our pier in Umhlanga Rocks in South Africa.

ceramic,tiles,foot,toes,pier,Ceramic Fish, Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Very cool pier! :)

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Monterrosso, Italy

23 Oct

Sometimes, we don’t realize what we have until we say goodbye.

Was missing Italia today. This was possibly one of my most favourite days of 2012.

Photo by Martin Romo

feet,toes,beach,water,sand,Monterrosso, Italy

Nice shot! :)

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Competitive Travel-Yoga – Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia

21 Oct

Competitive travel-yoga guide (for dummies and winos)

It has come to my attention, that travelers now, will take yoga to the extreme, I imagine to show people, “Hey! I’m flexible, AND I travel!”Screw the sweaty hot yoga classroom, or yoga room, or…(I’m not sure what it is exactly), you can do a tree pose? I can do a tree pose in front of the ocean! Child’s pose, ha! Child’s play unless you’re doing it on a mountain top with an eagle eating a fish’s head in the background!

Since this new “competitive travel yoga” has come about, I’ve decided to take it down a notch, and let other travellers know, that it’s not unattainable to compete with these yoga gurus, even if we don’t do yoga on a daily basis, or monthly basis, or ever really. It’s all about inner peace, and wine.

This pose is perfect for those who don’t want to go on a bike ride or run with a friend or loved one. it allows you to blend in to your travel surroundings, avoiding unnecessary exercise. It is also good for hunchbacks looking to “hunch-it-out”.

feet,toes,sandals,yoga,woman,pose,Palm Tree,Competitive Travel-Yoga,Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia

this move is perfect for when you sneak wine into a movie theatre, and no one else is there. You paid $20 to watch a movie, so take advantage by drinking wine and doing a yoga move. Or a kind of yoga move.

feet,sandals,lying,theatre,seats,woman,Competitive Travel-Yoga,Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia

don’t let this pose fool you, it isn’t easy, it takes about 2 hours of afternoon drink, and a hammock. Notice the focus on leg and chin placement. He has found his happy place.

man,hammock,sleeeping,Competitive Travel-Yoga, Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia

Let’s face it. Yoga, traveling, beaches and beer, are all hard things to put together. But this majestic yoga move that I’ve created, allows for all of this to flow easily, while making all of your travel-yoga friends super jealous that you’re on the beach doing yoga and they’re not. Because that’s what it’s all about.

2 cents and the hanky peskatarian 4

Now that you have some tips for a great yoga-travel day, try them out in your favorite travel spot! A trash dump, On top of an elderly person, or even at your local liquor store. Get out there and discover your inner peace!
(My inner peace is wine, when it’s in my belly)
That’s my 2 cents

LOL great post :)

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16 Oct

Santorini, Rhodes, Dubai, Zanzibar, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, London, Glasgow and now back to the small paradise, back to Nevis. It was a great summer with so many trips and beautiful adventures! I have many photos, tips, adventures, recipes and books to share!


Nice shot! :)

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Mykonos, Greece

5 Oct

We were headed to Mykonos, and we didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn. It was great, we slept in a little, had a relaxing breakfast at Lumiere’s, instead of the busy buffet, and then headed out for a day at the beach. We got on a bus and headed to Elia Beach. We didn’t get to see any of old town but we got to see a lot of the famous white square buildings as we drove, and soon we’d be relaxing. The excursion included 2 beach loungers with an umbrella and lunch. This was perfect, I didn’t need to bring my whole house to the beach like we normally do. We got to just relax and splash in the Mediterranean, because how can you go all the way to Greece and not get in the beautiful blue water?

People,beach,feet,toes,photography,Mykonos, Greece

Must have been a great day! :)

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Black Sand – Bali, Indonesia

30 Sep
Best day to end the Bail trip. Great month and great company. Legit the BEST sunset ever! Special thanks to the photographer – Alan Wong (https://www.facebook.com/ alan.wong.14855
Goal of my blog:
I will be writing more about this Bail vacation in my later post. Where did we go? What big thing happened there, and lessons that I have learnt.
Also, I will be mainly blogging about fashion clothing and interior design. Clothes that I wear & interior design inspiration.
Begin of my fashion study at The Fashion Institute in Sydney.
Daily life update of foodie and life back to my lovely hometown – HONG KONG. Hopefully more and more traveling posts!
I am more than appreciating people who comes across to my newbie blog – “skim flat white”. Thank you so much for the interest and support. For those who are curious why is it called skim flat white. Closest friends might find out because it is the one & only coffee I would drink. Stick with SKIM FLAT WHITE :) ktx
Woman,walking,beach,photgraphy,sunset,Black Sand,Bali, Indonesia
feet,toes,woman,beach,phtography,Black Sand,Bali, Indonesia
picture,polaroid,beach,woman,feet,toes,Black Sand, Bali, Indonesia
feet,toes,picture,beach,woman,polaroid,Black Sand,Bali, Indonesia
Very nice shots! :)
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Feet in Water – Kustenje, Constanta, Romania

25 Sep

feet,toes,water,dress,green,Feet in Water , Kustenje, Constanta, Romania

Nice shot! :)

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Benches – Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

19 Sep

At the end of our beach promenade in Umhlanga Rocks, are two benches. This particular one is my favourite, and I love to sit on it, watching the waves and the action on the beach, before starting on the 3km walk back home. Today, it was already taken, by a pair of green flip flops belonging to this sunbather. I didn’t like to ask her to move them, and anyway, I would have been sitting right on top of where she was laying, so I had to settle for second best.

feet,toes,beach,sand,woman,Benches,Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Nice shot but hate when that happens! :)

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Prints on the Rocks – Bahamas

12 Sep

I can not believe another week has flown by. I really have no idea where time is going! At least it will be the weekend soon which means I could get use out of this lovely Kate Spade hat while tanning in the next couple days.

This was my first floppy hat purchase and I am glad I got it. It is the perfect size and color for any occasion. Luckily, I got the hat on sale! Kate Spade usually has great deals on their sporadic sales. I was glad I got a hold of this one.

feet,toes,woman,sitting,Prints on the Rocks , Bahamas

This tunic of mine is so colorful and perfect for summertime. Even though summer has come to an end, it was a great top for the Bahamas.

Climbing these rocks were annoying but it had to be done to get a great picture, obviously! It was a gorgeous day out as well which made it even better to have a mini photo shoot ;)

Unfortunately, my pink hat is no longer available but here is one in black that’s similar. Y’all probably think I’m crazy or something for literally wearing my jacks everywhere I go but they are one of my favorite pairs of sandals so I can not get enough of them!!

Kate Spade Hat (similar) / Lilly Pulitzer Tunic (shop here for similar) / Jack Rogers 

woman,beach,water,beauty,hat,Prints on the Rocks, Bahamas

Looking fantastic! :)

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On the beach in Corfu, Greece

9 Sep

feet,toes,water,sand,dress,On the beach in Corfu, Greece

Nice shot! :)

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Beach Vendors – Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

6 Sep

Here in Umhlanga Rocks, the beach vendors, are often to be seen trudging along the sand, pedaling their wares to the holiday makers. These three ladies had decided to take a well-earned break.

feet,toes,beach,people,Beach Vendors , Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

Nice shot! :)

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A Day at the Beach – The Hague, Netherlands

3 Sep

Hi everyone!

I can’t even imagine the last time I wrote a post, which could also say something about me on the other hand. But it, in any case, definitely means that the last time I wrote was too long ago. During the first part of my neglect, I was busy studying for my final exams, making the exams and working. (I passed all of them, so it was worth it for that matter) But after a while a got used to being neglecting and forgot to stick to my challenges and writing posts.
But now that I’m having vacation and got a new camera, there is no excuse to ignore my challenges any longer.
Especially my new camera is a big plus, it’s a true beauty which makes proper pictures, meaning I don’t have to rely on my crappy phone 24/7 anymore, yay!

During my trip to The Hague and Scheveningen yesterday I found the first opportunity to use my new baby, followed by this brand new booming post.
Yesterday my friends and I planned a trip to The Hague and the beach, since the weather is, once again, pretty good this summer and it was one of our last days of free travelling this semester.

Woman,feet,toes,standing,fashion,A Day at the Beach,The Hague, Netherlands

Woman,outfit,fashion,A Day at the Beach,The Hague, Netherlands

I wore a long jeans, only to change into my shorts the minute we’ve arrived in The Hague, a white top which I’ve borrowed from my mom and my light blue Zara jacket. I’m quite flabbergasted by the fact that I was wearing something from my mom, not what I’d expect to happen 10 years ago, but I must say, I’m quite happy with this pick.

women,feet,toes,beach,fashion,A Day at the Beach, The Hague, Netherlands

Fantastic shots! :)

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Wedding – Sayulita, Mexico

2 Sep

Wedding day.  Bare feet in a circle on the Mexican Beach.  We actually got naked!  Here’s the story: http://wp.me/p1M11-gN   We also did some of the other perhaps untraditional and surprising things on that day–which all added up to bliss.  http://wp.me/p1M11-eq

feet,toes,beach,people,sand,anklets,Wedding,Sayulita, Mexico

Must have been awesome! :)

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