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It’s Raining – Berlin, Germany

27 Jul

feet,toes,people,baby,stroller,phone,It's Raining,Berlin, Germany

Great shot! :)

Check out StraBenfotografien !

Pouf – Berlin, Germany

19 Jun

My new pouf

Pouf - Berlin, Germany,feet,toes

Nice shot! Bet it’s comfy too. :)

Check out NWY69 !

Berlin, Germany

22 Apr

Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe (feet hill): Berlin

feet at war memorial in Berlin, Germany

Sad place, but necessary, lest we forget!

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Deenesh Ghyczy – Berlin, Germany

8 Apr

Double vision paintings from Berlin based Artist Deenesh Ghyczy.


painting byDeenesh Ghyczy - Berlin, Germany

Interesting work! :)

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Dorothee Deiss – Berlin, Germany

16 Jan

“(…) when I found the bathrobe in a corner, perfectly fitting to the bedspread, that was when I knew I had the picture”

says photographer Dorothee Deiss, who ended up number four in the  Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, organized by The Portrait Gallery in London. It is one of my Favourite Places, and since I booked a trip to London, I quickly had a look to see what’s on show. This is, and I can’t wait :)

To me portraits seem magnetic and mesmerizing and the Portrait Gallery is like a candy shop in that sense: There are paintings, photographs, films, slides and mirrors, whatever medium necessary to capture human expression at it’s best. Faced with the faces of historical highnesses and common folk alike, my mind wanders, tapping into their stories. The Portrait Gallery used to be around the corner from work when I lived in London, and as a member I would pop in on a regular basis.

Prize winning Dorothee Deiss lives and works as photographer AND pediatric endocrinologist in Berlin. She studied medicine first, then photography, in Berlin and the US. Her portrait, from her project VisibleInvisible, is of twin sisters she visited in their house. First she took a more conventional picture, she says, but then found the bathrobe… eureka! Inspiration found.

sisters,twins,bed,feet,toes,photograph,Dorothee Deiss - Berlin, Germany

Amazing shot! :)

Dorothy Deiss Photography

And check out iforinspirationblog !

Berlin, Germany

13 Aug

Gendarmenmarkt Bore

This  statue is a true representation of how I felt about the Gendarmenmarkt. This is supposed to be one of the best Christmas markets in Berlin and is the only one to charge a fee for entry. Maybe this fee is what attracts people, “this must be the best you have to pay to get in”, well actually no, I think its by far the worst (or wurst :)  ). There was very little room to maneuver as it was far too crowded and the queues to stalls were huge, it was just terrible.  If anyone is going to the Berlin markets just head to the grounds of Alexanderplatz beneath the TV tower, it is free, there is loads of room and the whole experience is just far more enjoyable*.

feet,toes,statue,market,winter,Berlin, Germany

Very nice shot, and thanks for the warning! :)

Check out Photopane and the accompanying Flickr Page !

Berlin, Germany

25 Jun

Dream delivers us to dream, and there is no end to illusion. Life is like a train of moods like a string of beads, and, as we pass through them, they prove to be many-colored  lenses which paint the world their own hue…

Ralph Waldo Emerson

toes,feet,blue,painting,sea,sky,surreal,Berlin, Germany

Art by Erik Johansson


Check out Under The Blue Door and Erik Johansson !

Berlin, Germany

19 May

Currently with KP

I’m loving my most recent project . . . painting unicorns (based on the Lisa Frank character) and castles in a little girl’s ‘secret’ playroom! – yes, it’s quite small in there.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Berlin, Germany

©KPdesign 2013

Looking beautiful!

Check out KPdesign !

Berlin, Germany

29 Mar

I’m emotional, and spontaneous too. That is why is very important to me to work for myself and to do something I love. Sweet dream, isn’t it? I can make a pair of earrings inspirated by the vikings, native indians, love or springs. It’s my art, my inner world, feelings and thoughts. I guess this is valid for every artist. I do not take into consideration the demand, but I want to proceed with the jewelry making and I need some time to think and work on my style. I have to take a new direction and find an inexperienced source of inspiration. ( east, far east sounds good to me  :)  )
I’m learning myself alone, trying new things, experimenting with the stuff I have. I’m grateful for the support I’ve found here. I met great people and their wonderful blogs. The encouragement and the appreciation of the endeavour to create something are much more important than the question: “Would I put this on my ears or not?”. To make art is not easy, even if you are a genius. I believe that every piece of art has its own beauty, everything deserve a “like”, but as it is in life – some objects are getting more stars than the others. Work, talent, charm, luck – probably somewhere in the middle. So, let’s do it – with heart and love – the road is more important than the destination!

feet,toes, bench,readers,Berlin, Germany, toemail, photography

Great words, wonderful picture! :)

Check out INANA DESIGN !

Berlin, Germany

15 Dec

Drawing, not sleeping and worry

Despite my best efforts sleep and get rest, they still seem so hard to achieve.

At night I can’t sleep because I worry about the door locks. I worry about dangerous things around the house that Toddler could kill herself with. I worry about whatever it is I have to achieve the next day. I worry about dying and then I get worked up and think I can outdo anything – if I just stay awake.

I think about Johnny Cash and his lyrics: ‘I felt the power of death over life’ and then I think of my ex boyfriends car, ( and my toe prints on the dashboard ), and I think about how that was another lifetime, when such trivial things mattered and now I have this life that is my responsibility.

And then I feel sad, because there is no one by my side to calm me down. Talk me back to rational. Pat me on the back. You’re doing OK Lily.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Berlin, Germany

Excellent drawing!

Berlin, Germany

13 Nov

For reasons I’m not able to fully articulate, I have a big time weakness for collage, photomontage and its related disciplines. Maybe it’s because the method, (if not the necessary level of skill or pictorial sense), seems tantalizingly within reach; maybe it’s the combination of destruction and construction.

The examples here come from a lucky flea market find in Berlin. Unfortunately I’m unable to credit the artist as they were unsigned and, while the source images appear to be from 1950s/1960s magazines, it’s unclear whether the collages also date from this period or whether they were compiled after the fact.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Berlin, Germany

Interesting collage!

Check out more at Strange Flowers !

The Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany

7 Sep

toemail, toes, feet, photography, The Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany

Sandal feet on other sides of the Berlin Wall, with “Berliner Mauer 1961-1989″ written on a place where the wall used to be.

Awesome picture!

Check out jmannikko’S Flickr Photostream !

The Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany

3 Sep

Do you know that Berlin is the 8th cheap European cities according to Yahoo Travel? But since I did NOT spend a single penny at all thanks to UW, I can´t really confirm how accurate this news really was.

So what can I say about Berlin? Pretty touristy with loads of interesting people. It happened that my sister and company joined us for this day tour also and according to her, weird colorful people abound with green hair on their heads and all.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, The Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany

Just looks like any old wall today, almost hard to believe what it represents.

Check out  Love 2 Type !

Berlin, Germany

15 Aug

With an ever growing love for cycling (the parents will be thrilled), I thought a cycle tour of Berlin sounded like a fantastic idea. I’m a bit skeptical of tours, always wondering if it would be better to save your euros and walk, but the highlights of Berlin are all over town, and there’s just so much to learn about Berlin.

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Berlin, Germany

He looks like he is ready to go!

Check out harrietvstheworld !

Berlin, Germany

26 Jan

Christy Heyob writes, “At first glance, from a distance, I thought I was looking at an image that incorporated a form of Pointillism. Upon closer inspection, it became clear that artist Matthew Davis’ paintings display more than just a multitude of dots. The works require far more attention and patience to construct. (Keep in mind: Pointillism is not quick and easy.)

Davis’ time-consuming, yet effective technique involves dripping drops of oil paints in layers. Between each layer, the artist waits for the paints to fully dry. The amount of time spent waiting for each layer to dry coupled with the time and precision to create the rippling swarm of circles in each image is incredible.

On top of all of that, Davis utilizes a wide range of colors you wouldn’t think to include and it works brilliantly! A blue pool of water is adorned with swirls of reds and greens. A dark night sky is bubbled with rings of whites, oranges, yellows. It seems like everything has every color in it, yet one subject is distinguishable from another. Really remarkable work! ”

toemail, toes, feet, photography, Berlin, Germany

image credit

Amazing technique.  Beautiful!

Check out more at Christy Heyob !


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