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July Fourth – Finger Lakes, New York

3 Aug

feet,toes,boat,flag,July Fourth,Finger Lakes, New York


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Varanasi, Utter Pradesh, India

27 Mar

Arriving to Varanasi:-

I have heard this place was magical, I have heard this place change people’s minds and shakes preconceptions on human behaviors and customs. Once while talking with Glisia, we were planning to visit this place together but unfortunately it couldn’t be possible for different reasons.

Mark visited me a couple weeks ago. An English guy which plan is to travel all india, including Varanasi. Meeting Mark made me understand that being a Solo traveller sometimes is better than traveling with a big pain-in-the-ass group. He taught me the importance of being alone and to enjoy moments and experiences on your own, dealing yourself in different places and situations allows you to grow up and solve problems by your own, going to an unknown place without the help from anyone, getting to manage the uncontrollable things that might happen while traveling is something I have discover in India and something I feel proud myself about: I am still learning but I can say: “I can do it, and it feels great, there’s a little bit of scared on it but stills it feels good”. I am glad I met this guy. He gave me some good lessons that I think I will use for the rest of my life.

With the plan in my mind to go to another country and realizing this place could be a stop during my journey I decided to make it a reality. I would stop in Varanasi for two days on my way to Nepal (A story that I will tell you about in future posts). The whole planning took me a week, where I would go, where I would sleep, which sights I was interested in, how much history these places have, etc.

man sitting in a boat in Varanisi, India

Nice shot! :)

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Granada, Nicaragua

5 Feb

We cruised off the coast of Granada on Lake Nicaragua this January.  It’s the 20th largest lake in the world.  And it is the only fresh water lake with sharks!  So I kept my toes busy inside the boat.  For more on the story visit

Sharon Wagner
Nice shot, didn’t know that about the sharks! :)

Koh Phangan, Thailand

4 Jan

So after leaving the yoga retreat I headed down to Srithanu where I have spent the last few days. With soo many great restaurants around and an ocean view from the hammock on my balcony it has been quite enjoyable. Being on the island has been so relaxing but with full moon tonight the atmosphere starts to change. The awful Thai pop blaring from down the road with bass that moved my room was an interesting kick off. Tonight I will move down to Haad Rin for a few days where the action takes place. I think the full moon party may be a little out of my taste but will check it out before heading on a boat to the good party where the hippies are chillin.

I will miss all the great friends I have made on this side of the island but I’m sure ill be back before I know it.

I did learn a valuable lesson last night though… Do NOT leave dirty, sweaty yoga clothes and bathing suits on your bed unless you want a manifestation of hundreds of little bugs. These things seem to apparate out of thin air. Gross.

For now I am off to do a bit of shopping at Thong Sala before some yoga.


women,swing,beach,feet,toes,sand,Koh Phangan, Thailand

Great shot! :)

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7 Dec

Another greeting from Florida, this time from a sailboat. It was a very ‘stealthy day’ as it was hard to distinguish the sky from the water.  This enticed me to write the poem Blue-Gray, see: http://anarette.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/blue-gray-moments


Nice shot! :)

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Fisherman’s Harbor, Hood Canal, Washington

8 Nov

I found my tribe!

feet,toes,water,boat,Fisherman’s Harbor, Hood Canal, Washington

Nice shot!

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Capurgana, Colombia

24 Sep

too good to not jump

feet,toes,girl,jumping,water,Capurgana, Colombia

Beautiful, almost looks like a dream! :)

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Labuan Bajo Harbor, Flores, Indonesia

3 Sep

I’ve been in Indonesia for over two months, and one of the highlights of my trip was visiting Komodo National Park to see the dragons.  This photo was taken just as we left Labuan Bajo Harbor on our way to Rinca Island for a trek through dragon country.

feet,toes,boat,water,mountains,Labuan Bajo Harbor, Flores, Indonesia

Really nice picture, but wondering what the dragons were like? :)

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Lake St Clair, Tasmania, Australia

31 Aug
Lake St Clair is the deepest lake in Australia, carved out by glaciations over the last 2 million years, although the glaciers are long gone today.  Last summer a couple of friends and I went fly fishing on Lake St Clair, but we only had two rods and a kayak, so I spent most of the day paddling around, completely alone on this vast, serene lake.  I saw snakes sunning themselves, trout leaping for insects and the remains of a weatherbeaten mast with a metal plaque which read ‘LONDON’.  It must have been over 100 years old.  Amazing.
 feet,toes,sandals,boat,woods.Lake St Clair, Tasmania, Australia
Nice shot, wish we were there right now! :)
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Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam

25 Aug

Spending time together :)

feet,toes,boat,two,women,water,Hoi An, Quang Nam, Vietnam

Beautiful shot, you both look so happy! :)

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Fishing out of Malaysia, Somewhere…

2 Aug

this is HEAPS back dated, but I went fishing with the parents on may 24 – 26, 2 weeks after my Hong Kong trip.

feet,toes,bunks,fishing,boat,Fishing out of Malaysia, Somewhere...

so that’s my feet, and bunk beds all around me. I didn’t manage to catch any fish, neither did I get a lot of sleep. every time someone walked passed, it’s as if they took hold of the corners and started shaking it..

on the second night papa fished in the fishing hole (beside the beds) and caught lotsa stuff!!

feet,toes,mother,father,fishing,boat,Fishing out of Malaysia, Somewhere...

papa and momsy with the hand line…

Wonderful pictures, your parents are the cutest couple ever! :)

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Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

20 Jul


feet,toes,boat,group,nochairs,Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Feigning excitement after we realised there was none of the deck chairs that were advertised in its brochure at the tour agent. (Sent for repairs, says the boat’s tour guide).

woman,view,spectacular,Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Holiday bliss.

foot,toes,cave,twowomen,surprised,Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Sung Sot cave is also called the Surprising cave, so this is Mel and I reflecting its sentiments. (Photo: Rachel)

Great shots!

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Island Hopping, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

14 Jun

After having lunch at Snake Island, we then proceeded to our next destination, Codugnon Cave. You have to pass thru a small hole to get inside/outside the cave. The structure of the cave is just so amazing! Our guide told us that locals get to go up the caves just to get Edible-nest Swiftlets (Collocalia fuciphaga). The nests are found in the crevices of the limestone cliffs and are the main ingredient of the health enhancing bird’s nest or most commonly known to us, Filipinos – “nido soup. ”

toes,feet,women, shore,boat,caves,Island Hopping, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Great shot,  you all look like you are having  a great time! :)

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Kolka Beach, Latvia

2 Jun

This is a photo taken some, not very long time ago, but I still cherish the place for the peace of mind and heart it gives. The location is Kolka beach in Latvia. It is reasonably far from the usual tourist places and crowds as in our quite famous beach along the sea resort Yurmala. Beautiful nature and tranquility. What more can you ask for?

feet,toes,boat,woman,Kolka Beach, Latvia

Great shot, not a worry in the world for sure! :)

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Don Det, Mekong River, Vietnam

8 Apr

After a sleepy couple of days on Don Det, a fishing trip sounded like the perfect activity that didn’t require too much actual activity. We booked a trip for $6 each which departed at 3pm and returned after sunset. All gear included. Bargain. There was also the option to pay $5 extra and have a BBQ where they would cook you your catch. We decided that the chances of us actually catching anything worth eating were slim to none and we also knew the sort of standards that these trips held them selves to… i.e. none, so we stuck with the basics. After a bit of standing around, we were led down to our boat. It had a foot of water in the bottom, which, bearing in mind the boat is only about two feet deep anyway, is quite a lot. They had a go at getting it out with the electric pump but that turned out to be broken too. They ushered us in to the boat and off we went. Wet feet, wet bum, wet bag. Our boat men were brothers, the eldest about 16 and his brother can’t have been older than 14.  Knowing we were in the capable hands of two… children, we set off up the Mekong in the worlds most un-seaworthy long boat.

feet,toes,fishing,boat,Don Det, Mekong River, Vietnam

Wow, you sure mastered your technique! :)

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